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Playboy Merchandise

Posted by charliegrrl on June 10, 2006

In this blog I will add photos of Playboy merchandise in high street shops…

WHSmith Kendal (02.06.06)
WHSmith seem to like promoting porn don’t they…

WHSmith Lancaster (12.06.06)

Please sign the petition forwarded by Anna (cheers!)

4 Responses to “Playboy Merchandise”

  1. anna said

    This is a online petition, for WHS to remove Playboy items from their shop. I don’t know what effect these petitions have, but it’s work a sign.

  2. Michelle said

    I have noticed that WH Smith have started to move this Playboy stationary away from the children’s stationary (and children’s books section as in my local store!) and putting them next to the more general stationary. I guess that petitioning and writing letters is having some effect.

    Great idea for a blog by the way, keep up the good work!

  3. Nella said

    Ick, i guess the one good thing about Nottingham’s big WHS closing is that the small branch has no room for this sort of thing.

  4. amanda said

    hi um i have never seen this store and could someone please tell me where it is nd yea they shouldnt sell playboy near childrens products they shud have it somewhere that kids wont see it

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