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Nuts Wet T-Shirt Competition and more

Posted by charliegrrl on June 13, 2006

Nuts 9-15th June 2006

Nuts Miss Wet T-Shirt 2006!

Nuts are holding wet t-shirt competitions in clubs around the UK and the grand final will be in London. This edition shows photos of the regional competitions in Norwich and Ipswich. Information of venues and dates will be available from although I will update when I know when and where.
I think we should organise a demo against this…what do you reckon..?

Boobs of the Week!

‘Upload your lady’s boobs at
With her permission, obviously..’ (pg. 11)
Here they have four photos of ladies’ breasts and the men have to ‘assess’ them…
Assess them on what exactly, how apt they seem at feeding babies with milk..?

Nuts Bikini Babe Contest 2006!

Nuts will be present at this years Rip Curl Boardmasters event in Newquay 31st July – 6th August.
Women are encouraged to send their bikini poses to Nuts, with a chance to be selected to appear at the final contest in Newquay. To the left is a pic from the 2004 competition (from BBC Cornwall Surfing Stories)

Nuts Club Strip Challenge!

Coming to a club near you…
This week they were in Liquid in Mansfield. They take pictures, step-by-step, of a woman willing to strip down to her undies and ask questions such as ‘Ever had a lesbian experience..?’

Gosh they get around these guys don’t they..?

3 Responses to “Nuts Wet T-Shirt Competition and more”

  1. Hi, I’m from protestnow (also a blogger though!). Your blog is great, I hope that it raises more awareness. It’s also great for keeping up to date with the awful misogyny in lads magazines and the way in which they promote objectification and violence against women. Keep it up, I’ll keep coming back! šŸ™‚


  2. Anna said

    I was really saddened to read this “wet t-shirt” shite! I realy believed that we had made some progress in this area. I thought this sort of stuff had “had it’s day” about 20yrs ago. Shit it’s like some poisonious creeper that just comes back to haunt us, or a permanant 18 to 30’s holiday for the lads! Some serious work needs to be done…

  3. katie said

    hi i stumbled across your site and saw that assessmybreasts nuts thing. Thanks for the link! I went over and submitted a pic of my boobs and now its on the top 10! Woohoo!

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