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Lads Mags and Child Protection

Posted by charliegrrl on June 23, 2006

UPDATE 30.06.06
Thank you Nuts for updating your message board, yesterday, so that you now clearly state that a person has to be over 18 before they post a partially nude photo of themselves. Also, thank you for adding the clause 6.4 to your terms and conditions which states that in order to upload a partially nude photo of yourself, you have to be over 18…
You may say you are ‘smarter’ than me…but you underestimate me…

I came across a photo of a young woman in Nuts, who appears to be about 15 years old (pg 37, 23-29th June 2006). This photo had been sent in allegedly from ‘Sam’ herself via Nuts online message board. (note, pornographic content)
Here they have a thread for women to upload half naked pictures of themselves in the hope of them being published in Nuts magazine.
What concerns me is that Nuts don’t seem to have a policy of checking proof of age of the young women who are uploading naked pictures of themselves. There is no age restriction on becoming a member and uploading pornographic photos. The website does not clearly state that the women posing naked must be over 18. The only rules stated for the message board are, you shouldn’t post copyright images, and you must not post anything obscene. Some of the young women posing on this message board look younger than 18. Surely to publish pornographic images of young women, they must have 100% proof that the woman is over 18..?

I have just registered two profiles on this message board: Lucy Lowry, female aged 15 and Lucy Lopez, female aged 8. There was no moderation in me as an eight year old becoming a member of this site; my registration was instant and I was instantly able to post messages and upload images. In the public profile of these two, it does not state their age, therefore many young women under 18 could be uploading naked photos of themselves with their age going unrecognised. These photos can potentially be published in Nuts magazine.
Furthermore, Nuts have features, in their magazine, where they invite women to send in half naked photos of themselves, either by post or email. They only state you must be over 18. They don’t ask for photo ID as well. But how would they know 100% that the young woman was over 18, if the photo is sent in via post/email and they don’t ask for ID with it..?
From this, it seems that Lads Mags are potentially publishing photos in their magazine and on their website of underage girls. They do not seem to have a clear policy in place for checking the age of the women in the photos, nor for becoming a member of a pornographic website. This is a clear child protection issue. This is very irresponsible and could be very serious.
I am contacting relevant agencies/MPs to see what can be done.

11 Responses to “Lads Mags and Child Protection”

  1. Anonymous said

    Aren’t you aware that this has happened?

  2. Above is an interesting article about Nuts publishing a topless photo of a 14 year old. Nuts state that they have checks in place to ensure the women they photo in clubs are over 18:
    they check photo ID of women who appear under 21, and they get them to sign a few forms. The police decided not to pursue the matter further as Nuts said they ID everyone they photo on nights out. The police said the 14 year old should think twice before flashing her breasts in the future.

    If the average man had a topless photo of a 14 year old, he would be prosecuted.

  3. Anonymous said

    My reading – which may be mistaken – is there are two different things going on which you’ve blurred together.

    (1) The girl getting access to the club. (Which is where they do spot checks on the photo IDs of women who appear under 21 – but didn’t check her).

    (2) The girl getting Nuts to photograph her (where she signed a consent form saying it was okay and she was 18+; nothing I read said they ID’d her).

    There are three potential problems:

    (1) The club has admitted a minor, breaching it’s license.
    (2) Nuts has photographed and published pictures of a child topless.
    (3) The girl fraudulently signed the consent form and possibly other things as well, such as underage drinking.

    The headmistress contacted the nightclub, the magazine editor, and the police (primarily worried about underage drinking!). The club said how hard their job was and blamed the girl, Nuts used the picture release as a defence and blamed the girl. The police talked to the licensee, and then NFA’d it as the club isn’t normally a problem. I don’t think they talked to Nuts. In fact I think Nuts got off scott free, while the club worried about their license being lost and everyone involved had a go at the poor girl.

  4. Oops sorry you are right, I’ve just looked at the article again and it does say Nuts didn’t check her ID, infact I mis-took the policy of the door staff to ID under age people, to be Nuts policy. (The door staff obviously didn’t do their job properly.) So this is further evidence that Nuts do not have an adequate policy on age-restriction.

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. It must have been a dreadful ordeal for the girl in question.

  5. witchy-woo said

    They’re on to you.

    I just clicked on your link and got:
    Something’s buggered up! It might be something simple like the URL you’ve mashed in being completely and utterly wrong or something more serious like a giant cockroach biting it’s way through a vital cable required to keep this here website running.
    If it’s the former, please re-assess the URL you’ve entered or click here to return to the Homepage.
    If it’s the later, please do us a favour and donate a rather potent can of bug spray.

    (And for the polically correct)
    An error has occured. click here to return to the Homepage.

  6. This post has been removed by the author.

  7. Ah yes, I noticed they had stopped me from logging in. Witchy-Woo is referring to the two underage profiles on the nuts message board, that they have subsequently blocked. I’m unsure if this is because they noticed they were underage, or cos they know I set them up. So, yesterday, I set up another one of a 14 year old girl, to see if it was still possible. I can still login on that one. There is still the issue that my two messages and images, posted as two underage girls, are still visible on the Nuts message board.

  8. Anonymous said

    Witchy, Charliegrrl left out a ‘s’. The URL’s:

  9. 29.06.06 4.15pm

    “Posting Of Images On The Nuts Forums

    Welcome to the Nuts Forums.

    When posting on these forums, you are accepting the Terms And Conditions of the site. Click on Terms And Conditions to read these.

    Please note that if you are going to post images of yourself partially or fully nude, you MUST be over the age of 18. If we suspect anyone who posts such images to be under the age of 18, we will ask for proof of age, just as we do in the magazine. If we can’t get adequate proof, the pictures will be taken down. Similarly, images of other people, posted by forums users over the age of 18, that may contain people under the age of 18, will be taken down.

    If you are under the age of 18, you’re in breach of the Terms and Conditions of the site, not to mention the law, if you post such material, and you’ll be banned from the site with immediate effect. Forums users under the age of 18 cannot post images either of themselves or other people, in which there is partial or full nudity.”

  10. Anonymous said

    When did they say they were smarter than you?

  11. I don’t want to say too much as Nuts may read this, but it was a message that came up on screen when I was doing some investigating on their messageboard.

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