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Grrlcott WHSmith

Posted by charliegrrl on July 11, 2006

WHSmith are taking the piss. WHSmith deal on Porn

They are not only going against their word and the NFRN guidelines, by stocking porn below top shelf and at eye-level, but they have an offer on at the moment: Buy a Newspaper, Get ZOO Half Price!

This is shameless promotion of a pornographic and misogynistic magazine.

This is a photo of a promotion table at the entrance to a WHSmith store, with ZOO strewn all over.

Porn Display in WHSmith
This is an excerpt from the response from WHSmith when I complained: “From time to time the covers of these titles can cause offence and, therefore, we display these titles in a higher position – on the top shelf and the shelf beneath this. In addition, we do not promote these titles at heights that are inconsistent with these guidelines. ”
Excuse me..?!?
If you would like to complain to WHSmith, email

WHSmith Manchester Train Station (09.07.06)

2 Responses to “Grrlcott WHSmith”

  1. Hypocrites! I bet a Mister Smith runs that operation.

    Totally disgraceful, although I am one of those who is also anti-page three cos’ that is blatant pornographic lewdness and promotes the exploitation of women as sex objects also.And that can be purchased by a person of any age,and is Britain’s bestest-selling newspaper constantly placed on prominant display on a daily basis.Oh,the shame!

    I hate bloody Zoo. Although I have no idea myself how The Daily Sport is still running as well: it’s a disgrace to British journalism to have a newspaper that deems photographs of up women’s knickers as a front-page scoop!

    OINK! I hear the mutterings of a sexist pig or two around…

  2. Layla said

    This is awful. I made two complaints to WH Smiths last year about a similar thing-there was a magazine (I forget which one, but in my view they’re all as bad as each other!) picturing two topless girls posing in a sexually provocative way towards each other. Now…where were these magazines? On the BOTTOM SHELF! I saw a little boy point the magazine out to his mother, who simply pulled him away from the magazines. I made a complaint to the shop manager who told me that publishers of these magazines pay a “premium” so that they can have their magazines displayed in the places where customers are most likely to see them. Excuse me!? Surely these are precisely the magazines which should be placed where people are LEAST likely to see them! Particularly when children are seeing them and then being brought up to believe that this is fine.

    Good on you girls, let’s keep this movement going. I don’t know how society has come to this, but it’s high time for change.

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