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The Sport and Lads Mags Protest 27th June

Posted by charliegrrl on July 12, 2006

Rather belated account of the protest…
I couldn’t make it to the protest, but here are excerpts of various emails reporting upon the protest:

Charisa from Protest Now: “Went to the Object-organized demo- regarding regulating the display of lad’s mags- in Westminster today…there were about 16 of us raising banners (lots of traffic inc tour buses passing by, yay!). I had some opportunities to speak to passerbys and hand out leaflets which was good. No real negative reaction from the public BUT (this is pretty bad) – a group of erm men (swine? no, that’s an insult to animals) from ‘Front’ magazine showed up to uhhh defend their right to exploit and abuse women, showing up complete with a pair of said women (que lip and breast implants) to flaunt for the cameras. Very sad indeed. Also a photographer from The Sun showed up. CAN’T WAIT to see our pictures with boring “look at these dykes getting angry, hahaha” headlines in these publications…

And incase anyone reading this is thinking “what’s the fuss all about”, studies have shown that pornography users grow increasingly apathetic towards rape and are more likely to fantasize about or actually commit rape. “Lad’s mags” are porn, sugar coated and put at eye-level for men, women and children to grow desensitized to. This trash that they are defending promotes women as objects, which is (obviously) dangerous for all of us.”

Object: “Tues 27th June : Parliament voted overwhelming in support of Claire Curtis-Thomas’ Bill to seek improved regulation of material such as The Sport and Lads Mags.
Her Bill seeks :
A new regulator for sexually explicit material
That is independent with binding codes
That is socially responsible and not motivated by profit

A second, more in depth reading of the Bill is planned for Oct 20th. We are still awaiting a full debriefing from Claire Curtis-Thomas’s office.

THANK YOU to those who attended

Mary Helen Anna-Helga Mika Viveka Anne Rachel Emma Charisa Amanda Jen Helen Louisa Mari-elle Emily Astrida Deborah”

…also thanks to Sasha and Beatriz from Object

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