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Front: Get Your Girlfriend to Dress Up As a Prostitute

Posted by charliegrrl on July 19, 2006

Front August 2006 Issue 98

Front have an ‘agony aunt’ section where readers can send in for advice on their sex queries…

Spencer from Belfast: “Dear Anna
I really love having sex with prostitutes- my girlfriend doesn’t know this. What I’d really like is to get my missus to join in, maybe we could see a prostitute together. How do I ask her, and do you think she’ll freak out?”

Anna: “Well Spence, you could be a bit devious and hire a hooker without informing your girlfriend. Organise for her to ‘bump’ into the two of you in a bar, indulge in some flirtatious and suggestive behaviour, and then finally proposition you both…An alternative to actually sleeping with prostitutes would be to get your girlfriend to dress up like one and hang out on a street corner. Tell her she has to do everything you say for the night. This kind of harmless roleplay can be so much fun (in moderation)…” (pg38 own emphasis)

Charliegrrl: Well, Spencer… Alternatively, you could make love with your girlfriend…and learn to respect her.

I would also take a long hard look into your soul and question why you so love having sex with prostitutes. Are you afraid of making love with women..? Do you have an inferiority complex..? Are you paranoid about your performance in bed, and thus enjoy having sex with women who won’t openly tell you you are shit, cos they are only having sex with you for your money..? Do you enjoy exploiting women as it makes you feel like a man..? These are all things to consider and I hope your girlfriend finds out and dumps you.

6 Responses to “Front: Get Your Girlfriend to Dress Up As a Prostitute”

  1. Well said, Agony Aunt Charliegrrl.
    I’ve got a sneeky suspicion that Anna may really be alan, or adrian or Arron or Anus or….

  2. Was the letter written in by a Mr Wayne Rooney, or did that dullard actually use his brain and adopt a pseudonym?

    You can’t fool me, Spencer… I mean Wayne.

  3. Anonymous said

    Interesting news about Front being toned down – reported by people on the other side of the fence to you.

  4. Laura said

    Methinks ‘Aunt’ Anna may well be an Uncle…

    They make me sick.

  5. Brilliant advice Charliegrrl! 😉 Yeppers, I’m sure the aunt is actually an uncle, eww. Unless its some unhappy woman completely duped by the patriarchy.

    I also hate ‘agony aunt’ pages in women’s magazines. I have, in the past, amused myself by thinking up more go-getting powerful answers to people’s problems. So your husband uses porn? Set fire to his collection and leave him. Lol.

  6. Well, I’d like to think ‘Anna’ giving the advice is a guy, but considering she was posing topless in a thong I have to think otherwise… To give her credit, she did finish the advice by suggesting he should seek help for his obsession, but this was after she suggested some ‘harmless’ role play- dress up as a prostitute…

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