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ZOO’s idea of a legitimate protest…

Posted by charliegrrl on July 19, 2006

ZOO Issue 125 7-13th July (pages 10-11)

ZOO are protesting at The Lawn and Tennis Association’s decision to discourage tennis players from wearing unsuitable clothing whilst competing.
Because they are so used to viewing women as sex objects, when they watch a woman playing sport, this confuses them– a woman…clothed, showing strength, vigour, energy, skill..?

They need glimpses of her knickers and breasts to restore their sense of normality.

Their method of defiant protest is to have a double page spread of shots of female tennis players’ breasts and knickers, and a model to dress up as a tennis player giving them a cheeky peek of her breasts: ‘Tennis bosses ban skimpy outfits. ZOO bravely makes a stand. With Keeley. Who appears to be removing her skimpy outfit…’

So, to support the protest, ‘register your fury by filling in our petition’, with the cut out soft porn photo of Keeley dressed as a tennis player baring her breasts, and send it to the LTA President Stuart Smith…

Or alternatively, ‘call up and vent, politely, at his minions…’

This was in the same issue in which they mocked the feminist campaign to get lads mags put on top shelf…

Top Photo: Copyright 1995-2005 Electric Foundry LLC
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3 Responses to “ZOO’s idea of a legitimate protest…”

  1. Mmmm it does sound like there is an adolescence type backlash going on, fuelled maybe by the feminist campaign? 😉

  2. Anonymous said

    And every time they lash back, we know they are getting more scared, until the second reading in October, when their backlashes will be meaningless.

    The age of the newsraper and the lads’ gagazine is fast coming to an end.

  3. Get the likes of Henman and Murray to play Wimbledon in a thong and then they’ll feel exactly as low and exploited and on physical exbition as what the female tennis stars had to put up with this year!

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