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Get Stickering!

Posted by charliegrrl on August 29, 2006

Woman Hater

Porn Shelves in WHSmith

Don't Buy It!

Don't Buy It


18 Responses to “Get Stickering!”

  1. Don’t sex-positive lesbian feminists like looking at sexy naked women?

  2. I can only comment for myself…
    I actually don’t find these women attractive. I have questioned why, as I do like women… It’s because I don’t see the women in these magazines as ‘women’, I see them as digitally and surgically enhanced, groomed sex objects.

    I like looking at sexy naked women, but women who pose as sex objects devoid of womanhood, ie. no pubic hair nor erotic desire, aren’t sexy to me

  3. Laurelin said

    Great work, Charlie!!! I’ve not yet got up the nerve to do it.

    It’s great for people to recognise woman-hating when they see it. The more we can cut through this crap about porn being female sexual self-expression or whatever the misogynist’s justification is this evening, the better.

    I really hope that some young women see the stickers, so they’ll not feel so alone in that instinctive revulsion we get on seeing this hate literature.

    Pornstudent’s comment about ‘sexy naked women’ is quite telling. According to the (male) world this is what ‘sexy’ is- it is a naked woman, shown in the posture of subordination and submission, posed so that all men can see her. Women are sex to these jerks, and objects, not human beings.

  4. Corianin said

    I agree with Charliegrrl, I really don’t find these women attractive. Digital perfection is a great fantasy, but being attracted to a fantasy is never going to please me in reality.

    I think these types of magazines are simply compounding the objectification of women and stereotype women as sexual beings and nothing more.

  5. NO…women portrayed as sex objects make me angry. And “sex-positive” is a load of crock, as that must make me sex-neg which is a load of bollox. There is nothing negative about my sexuality.

  6. This is such a great idea! I almost feel inspired! I had been thinking about getting stickers printed but this looks so much simpler.

    It shows that it is not really a fancy sticker which is important but simply putting a label on what these mags are about. Your pictures show this quite clearly.

  7. jo said

    Hmm, I like women too, but when they’re being treated like novelty items – NIKKI! DANNI! JODI! – I get somewhat turned off.
    Charlie, are those stickers easy to peel off? I want to do some sticking myself but afraid of being done for criminal damage or some such.

  8. The stickers I bought I imagine are easy to peel off- test a sticker on a glossy magazine first if you like.

    There is a risk of being done by the shops, not sure what they would get you on though- if the stickers come off it probably won’t be criminal damage.
    Some shops have their mags and playboy stationary tucked away in a corner, which is easier.

    Or alternatively, you could wait until WHSmith or other shops close, and stick some stickers on their shop window, saying stuff like, ‘WHSmith sells Porn, WHSmith supports Misogyny’, ‘Get the Lads Mags on Topshelf’…

  9. witchy-woo said

    Great stuff Charliegrrl!

  10. Superb! Rather than getting sticky God only knows what over those disgusting publication parasites… get some feminist kick-arse slogan’d stickers!

    I’m gonna go out, buy a crazy, off-the-wall hat and take it off to you, Chaz! 🙂 What a great idea! I was disgusted to see copies of Nuts stacked above the likes of the Sun, Star, Mail, Mirror et. al yesterday in Asda… this idea has made me feel much better though!

  11. top fucking girl!!! x

  12. Michelle said

    Fantastic work, Charlie! I should really get ’round to doing some stickers and plucking up the nerve to do some of this myself. Cheers for the inspiration.

  13. Some lads mags which might encourage a few more people to join the stickering campaign.

  14. Heh Heh I off out this afternoon for a spot of…

  15. remind me to tell u how to make stickers for free

  16. I wrote PORN in large letters on the catalogue slips in Argos today and slipped them into the playboy pages in the argos display catalogues.

    I will have to get organised with stickers 🙂

  17. Grace said

    Wow fantastic!

    I’m so glad that it hasn’t escaped people’s notice that these acceptable lads mags are STILL porn! If I saw magazines with those sitckers on I would love it and laugh out loud and exclaim loudly about how right they are!

    “…Men don’t expect any help on a thursday because your self-respecting girlfriend will be busy leaving you…”

  18. Grace said

    Too bloody right. About time people recognised lads mags as porn.

    The idea that men who actually have partners still read (hmm…’look at’ might be more appropriate) that trash is shocking to me, even ones where the pornography is hidden behind cars or technology (‘Stuff’ ha) – there are plenty of tech mags that aren’t ladden with women in underwear seductively stroking electronics while straddling a chair. That whole ‘women! Don’t expect any help on a thursday!’ bull annoys me, it’s not exactly fair to suggest that women would just sigh when they can’t drill a hole in the wall (as if, it’s not difficult) and would look exasperatedly over at their boyfriends while they ogle naked women without surnames (I have NO idea who Keely is) – more like ‘men don’t expect any help on a thursday because you’ll be in the doghouse/dumped’!

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