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Charliegrrl on Nuts Messageboard

Posted by charliegrrl on September 2, 2006

Check this out for a laugh
{edit 06.09.06 They’ve removed the link now so people can’t view it!}

Here’s a few highlights…

“I’m sorry your butch lesbian lover f****d you over for a hairy bloke, but get over it…….”
“When are women like this going to realise that most mens magazines come up with this woman hating ranting and raving? It doesn’t mean they mean it. Its light entertainment for fecks sake…”
So, Hello Nuts readers, who have come across this blog via perusing over degrading imagery of women…this one’s for you…

8 Responses to “Charliegrrl on Nuts Messageboard”

  1. witchy-woo said


    I so love subterfuge. Can I join in?

  2. Stormcloud said

    What sort of language were they using? Any resemblance to English was purely co-incidental.
    I think a troll invasion is imminent… (perhaps this is where ‘pornstudent’ came from?)

    I think they were pissed at your stickering photos and the date(?):
    “then look at the date she is claiming some ‘nobody’ took that pic…. the 2 don’t match!”
    What date? The date of the post? The date of the covers?

    For the precious xxEricaxx, vibrator is spelt this way. (Sorry hon’, that’s just my university education kicking in, which has more use in the long term, long after your ‘looks’ have faded and your Nuts buddies throw you away faster than a used masturbatory tissue. But comfort yourself knowing that the Nuts readers don’t like their ‘girls’ smart, they prefer them stupid; one assumes so that they (the readers) appear smarter.)

    At least one good thing has come out of this, we know we are not up against mental giants.

  3. Wow, I never knew dismissing accusations of sexism could be done so skillfully: by employing sexist insults.

  4. To be honest I’m not surprised by those quotes, a bunch of dickheads reading a dickheads’ magazine is just typical.

    I absolutely adore those mock-ups of the role reversal on the Zoo and Nuts issues, though! Oh my God – if we lived in a society like that… those men would soon change their stance on porn!

    The fact that men think that turning women against each other for hilarity is socially acceptable however is disturbing to say the least!

    Today I posted a poem on me blog about a model posing for a lads magazine, a bit of cross promotion, but with all this talk of lads mags at the moment it seems quite a nice tie-in.

  5. Those role reversal pics said so much more than about 20 pages of words.

  6. Yup i noticed the link change. The MF have done the same about the Jane Lonhurst case, which Leads me to think…maybe you know where? Spies in camp? I was going to blog about it today.


  7. Stormcloud said

    {edit 06.09.06 They’ve removed the link now so people can’t view it!}

    Gutless wonders!

  8. Grace said

    uh-huh and if their girlfriend ‘f****d [them] over for a butch lesbian’ as they put it, they’d gladly be told to ‘get over it’.

    Of course us uptight women don’t get it when their woman hating is a joke, but if we dare to say anything about their attitude or the way they look, or their inadequacies etc then it’s just over-sensitive retaliation. We’re not poking fun to have a laugh at them the way they do about women in their ‘light entertainment’, we’re just being bitchy because they got our backs up by ogling girls who are sexier than us. yeah….sure…

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