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Flash You Breasts For Women’s Rights!

Posted by charliegrrl on September 11, 2006

In the name of Women’s Rights, Nuts took to the streets of London in a topless double-decker bus, with four topless women holding signs declaring: ‘Women of Britain: Free Your Boobs!’

NUTS: “…championing equal rights, every week…
At Nuts, we believe in equality for all. Like men, women should enjoy decent standards of pay…and like men, women should be allowed to whip off their tops during a heatwave…when it comes to women’s rights, Nuts leads the way!” (Nuts 4-10th Aug pg 6)

What a joke…
Flash your breasts for male titillation! Cos, it’s liberating for women…to be viewed as sex objects for men to gawp at…

Women’s liberation does not involve flashing your breasts for the lads mags, giving your boyfriend a lap dance, or swinging half-naked round a pole.

True women’s liberation involves the following:

  • free and accessible abortion and contraception
  • free and accessible child care
  • equal pay and equal rights in the workplace
  • equal educational and training opportunities
  • an end to discrimination for all women
  • freedom from the objectification and commodification of the female body
  • freedom from male and state-sanctioned physical and sexual violence, abuse and harrassment
  • freedom from fear of men

We won’t acheive this as sex objects.

5 Responses to “Flash You Breasts For Women’s Rights!”

  1. Oh dear! We seriously are been taken over by adolescence morons. Actually, I am struggling for words, and to remain upright.

    In regards to my lack of words, I am off out this afternoon with a very good friend of mine; I am going to use actions instead of words.

  2. jo said

    …and like men, women should be allowed to whip off their tops during a heatwave…

    …and like men, women should feel comfortable with hairy legs & shorts…

    Oh wait, they didn’t say that did they?

  3. Stormcloud said

    “…and like men, women should feel comfortable with hairy legs & shorts…”

    …and bellies, and hairy armpits, and spend no more than five minutes getting ready in the morning, and walk around without the fear of being raped…

    Championing equal rights? One would have to be Nuts to believe that pack of misogynists!

  4. Shell said

    Sing it, sister!

  5. Well said, Charl. You made a really valid point about this: men use feminism when it suits them and slip the ‘supporting women’s rights’ facade on and off more than their tatty, old wank sock.

    Feminism is fine for the likes of Nuts… when they want to rip the piss out of us, use us as a joke and spread misconceptions about the feminist sector.

    Feminism is fine for the likes of Nuts when it is being used as an excuse to get more women revealing their tits.


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