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Are You the Man to ‘Pop this Girl’s Cherry’..?

Posted by charliegrrl on September 22, 2006

The winner of the Kerrang! radio and ZOO’s ‘Hunt for a Virgin’ competition, has decided she wants to lose her virginity…
Virgin Winner: “I was going to wait until I was married, but since I’ve been in ZOO I’ve been thinking- what the hell…”
ZOO: “To help her out, we’ve joined forces with Kerrang! DJ Tim Shaw to find a willing volunteer. To be in with a “shot”, send us a photo, plus 100 words on why you should be the lucky man. Be successful, and Kerrang! radio will put you both up in accommodation for up to three months

I wonder how much they are paying her to take part in this prostitution…oops, I mean competition..

Here is the email by which to apply for this ‘competition’. Please email them with your disgust.

Send Tim Shaw a message too.

ZOO 15-21st Sep, Issue 135, pg 14-15

10 Responses to “Are You the Man to ‘Pop this Girl’s Cherry’..?”

  1. Stormcloud said

    Which one is the pimp (Kerrang! or Zoo)…
    …oh that’s right – THEY BOTH ARE!

    (BTW Charlie, was it ‘prostition’ or ‘competution’ the word you were looking for?)

  2. Hideous!

  3. This is absolutely absurd. This woman is so misguided and her parents must be so proud…

    I just cannot believe that features like this exist: What ideas do they throw away in their board meetings?!

  4. Grace said

    Clearly ZOO are on the look out for ‘fresh meat’ for their fron page as they’re obviously hoping since they managed to persuade this impressionable person away from her personal morals they’ll also manage to make her their next…bunny (or Zoo equilivant – surprised they don’t have their own animal to liken women to).

    I’d be interested to know what the (few) girlfriends/partners/wives of Zoo staff think about their involvement in pimping out this person to the ‘lucky man’ (thanks to my boyfriend for actually highlighting this point to me!)

  5. Laura said

    Hmmm, do you think this could be a set up, that it’s all just a big act and she’s being paid by Zoo and Kerrang for this charade? Surely not! Fucking entitled misogynistic bastards either way.

  6. what can we do about this?! how do they get away with such FILTH?!

  7. One thing we can do is to complain to complain to the Press Complaints commission

    and to also email and ring ZOO and email Kerrang to complain. I rang ZOO to complain and I got through to a female PR person. Aslong as you press 147 before you dial out on a home phone…

    But I feel fustrated as I’d like ot demonstrate outside ZOO head office but it’s in London (too far for me)

    Any suggestions as to how we can spread the word of this competition..?

  8. Grace said

    Seems basic but what about the old ’email everyone you know and get them to email everyone they know’? I’ve already been telling people about it. If enough people know SOME of them will contact Zoo and Kerrang – hence making the voice louder. My comment to Tim Shaw was quite long – Kerrang is based in Birmingham where I live, and it hit a nerve because I love this city and it’s diversity and it’s equality and he went against that.

  9. can’t email any more my keyboard is gummed up with vomit.
    beyond satire…

  10. polyestergirl said

    omg i get kerrang magazine, i had no idea. i must have missed this. that is disgusting.

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