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Walkabout Bikini Babe Competition 2006

Posted by charliegrrl on September 30, 2006

Walkabout bar are hosting a Bikini Babe competition, which is advertised in ZOO, sponsored by Front, WKD and, allegedly, Heat magazine. The competition involves parading around on a stage in a Front bikini in Walkabout bar, in order to win a holiday in Australia and a photo shoot with Front magazine.

Models in a row

They are holding regional competitions all over the UK…so I decided to check out the one in my local Walkabout…
At the beginning of the night, bar staff, and photographers kept approaching women to persuade them to take part in the Bikini competition because originally there were only two women willing to take part…
Questions the presenter asked the model

“Shave or wax..?”
“Are you a virgin..?”
“Have you ever had sex with a woman..?”
“What size are your breasts..?”
“Spit or Swallow..?”

Nob Presenter: “Do you take it up the arse?”
Woman: “No”
Crowd: “BOO!”
Nob Presenter: “Oh…she’s a good girl…”

I stickered the toilets.
I was chuffed to hear a woman in the next toilet reading a sticker out loud and agreeing…
“If Stripping is so Liberating, why aren’t Men doing it…?
Yeah, that’s why I’m not doing it, it’s not worth it…”

There were the usual hetero-sexist pigs leering and jeering at the women.

And I couldn’t resist…obviously too pre-occupied!

This guy was a complete nob. He kept constantly gesturing to the women behind me to get up on stage and take part. It was obvious that one woman he kept harassing felt uncomfortable and intimidated.

Overall, this was a painful and bemusing experience. It was clear that some of the women on stage felt awkward and embarassed. There were many women that night in Walkabout bar, but only eight of them took part, six of whom were persuaded. Lads Mags, in their coverage of such ‘babe’ competitions, make out that women are all for stripping near-naked in front of a crowd of jeering men. But this event indicated the opposite. They use such events as a means to promote their magazines to their intended audience, and gain free photos of women posing half-naked.

Being within such a sexist and laddish environment, in which women clearly are viewed as sex objects to leer at, was a stark reminder of how far we have to go to achieve equality.

Although I did manage to nick a Front bikini as a souvenir…which almost made it worth while…

Unfortunately, such competitions are becoming common and held in clubs and bars throughout the UK. If you would like information of ‘babe’ competitions in your area for possible action , then email me.

10 Responses to “Walkabout Bikini Babe Competition 2006”

  1. Seeing that I would only most probably come out with incoherent ramblings, I had best leave this one for a while. Let my anaesthesia kick in.

  2. Can I chase and bite those men please?

  3. stormcloud said

    Charlie, you are the feminist masked avenger superstar!

    Excellent stickering on the perv!

  4. stormcloud said

    Perhaps we may even see our inflatable Tony sporting the FRONT bikini?

  5. Mwezzi said

    Shouldn’t they be arrested for public indecency?

    The sexist pigs, I mean.

  6. Well done on the sticker-front, chick! How cheap is that competition?

    I’m glad to hear that there was a lot of resistence from women there though. Walkabout obviously don’t want to fork out to hire a dj, or any other form of entertainment, so they just think: lets persuade some of our customers to don bikinis to keep the lads happy.

    Equality looks far away after looking at these pictures. I just cannot believe how hungrily willing some of these young women are for the dribbly, drunken male gaze! At uni club nights I’ve seen many female students easily prompted to get their tits out on stage for the guys and they just shrug & say: “It’s what you do at uni, ain’t it?”

    These kind of things so shouldn’t be a social norm. You don’t see men on a Friday night being hounded by women, or people on mics to flop their knob out for the crowds do you?

  7. Grace said

    I think the fact that they were asked if they ‘spit or swallow’ and if they ‘take it up the arse’ is appauling and I have to say I feel quite nausiated by it! Why didn’t they just ask ‘are you happy to be a sex slave to a misogynist bastard?’

    If a woman wants to do those things in private with a partner then I have no say in that even if I disagree but the idea of the obvious boo-hiss for spitters and jeers of happiness for the swallowers and anal-sex-enthusiasts is sickening.

    I’m lost for the true words to describe how I feel about this one to be honest! And that woman who is sticking her arse into the barriers (to hold the animals at bay?) obviously thinks that all she has to offer the world is a ‘piece of ass’, I want to say poor her but then she didn’t HAVE to take part.

    Beautiful use of stickers Charlie!!

  8. Kate the Great said

    I love you and this glorious site. I’ve bookmarked it and shared it – the humor is excellent and I admire what you’re doing.
    I have often thought of slipping a little sassy card inside those magazines myself, and your blog has given me all the more reason to.

    My boyfriend actually encourages me to do this, and is eager to partake in the action. Proof that not all men are the way Nuts would have you think.

  9. Anonymous said

    Nob Presenter: “Do you take it up the arse?”
    Woman: “No”
    Crowd: “BOO!”
    Nob Presenter: “Oh…she’s a good girl…”

    Gosh, I wonder what those idiots would have said if she had answered that she liked pegging her male partners. And that she didn’t spit or swallow…she bites.

  10. Una said

    Good work there sister, really positive action on your part and you have inspired me. Men who behave like this deserve extreme public humiliation. Stickers are the way.
    Love your site, will visit again,

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