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Front promotes sex tourism

Posted by charliegrrl on October 23, 2006

FRONT have written an article promoting sex tourism. 

They interview two men, who went to Germany for the World Cup and whilst there, visited the country’s biggest brothel, or in their words, ‘biggest whorehouse’:

“It would be cool if there was a large crowd to hopefully watch Germany get fucked, then we can go and do the same to their women” (pg 80)

“There’s something simple and pure about going with a prostitute” (pg 80)

They refer to a website- The International Sex Guide, which is a ‘guide’ to sex tourism, where men can rate the cheapest brothels and compare experiences and share photos.

Here are some quotes from The International Sex Guide Forum:


“Had tremendous service from a Nica at Musas, 11,000. No documentation. Short cute face not a spinner.
Also Zona Blue is rocking.
Had a double with Cyndi & Lisa. Cyndi was really good , Lisa so-so.Brenda and Pamela are very special girls.Picked a couple of college girls from Limon at Blue Marlin. Paid $100 for total noche. Tried one night and one the next. Both lacked experience, but tight.”

“I got a 23 year old chica in Guatemala to fuck me for free four times over the course of a week after she knew that had I stolen her cell phone from her in the club. All in good fun, of course.
She loved to punch me in the arm and tell me I could never borrow her cell phone ever again. When they hit you it tells you that you are really making progress!

But I’m not cheap, either. After our last night I gave her a enough to return to her country and see her family, along with a boxful of presents for herself and her baby who she had not seen in eight months.”

FRONT call this an ‘online support system’ that has ‘emboldened men who previously might have been reluctant’ (pg 80).

FRONT raise the issue of underage girls being involved in sex work, but then dismiss the responsibility of the men…because he may have drunk too much…and he may not be able to tell how old she is as 15 year olds can look 20… They also raise the issue of exploitation:

“For unskilled females, especially in poor countries, prostitution is often one of the only ways of avoiding total poverty…If it’s the only way for girls to get a better life, am I exploiting them?” (pg 81)

FRONT refer to sex tourism as “the perfect example of our global economy, with modern transportation and the Internet, matching itself to man’s most primitive needs” (pg81). 

A primitive need..? More like an excuse to exploit and rape women and underage girls because they know they can get away with it. FRONT glamourises sex tourism and normalises paying for sex. Can these men not see past their penis to acknowledge the exploitation of paying a woman for sex..? And what’s worse is this imperialist mission to travel to a poor country to take advantage of their poverty and inadequate criminal justice system, just so they can have sex with women. In such distant countries, they can leave behind their responsiblities and do what ever they please to the sex workers, because they know they will get away with it. Why else would they bother travelling abroad to have sex..?

Front Oct 2006 Issue 101

7 Responses to “Front promotes sex tourism”

  1. Reetta said


  2. Sian said

    Excuse me whilst I finish projectile vomiting!

    Do I laugh or cry at the fact there are men out there who believe they are “helping” women by paying them for sex?

    And how sick I am of society talking about “men’s needs” primitive or otherwise – how many women I’ve heard excusing male infidelity by saying that men have needs so its “not their fault” because they “have” to have sex!

    And surely the point of a civilised society is that we can override our “primitive” needs and behave like civilised evolved human beings, otherwise we would live in caves, hunt deer and think it was perfectly normal to get clubbed over the heads and raped by our husbands!

    As for that “tight” comment – back to the projectile vomiting!

  3. Sian said

    p.s and what about women’s “needs” – respect, equality, the right to be treated as more than a “tight hole” worth £50 an hour???

  4. Grace said

    Next there’ll be a Which? magazine for this kind of appauling custom *shakes head in despair*…with a little grid for mileage and value for money over time…it’s shocking.

    That last guy – he used a woman to have sex (lovely how he put it though wasn’t it?) and thought it was brilliant that she had given it him for free…maybe she just wanted to have sex with him for HER enjoyment…maybe he only ever has sex if he pays for it so this ‘free’ sex is like a new product for him – and then he goes and makes himself feel validated and all good about himself because he gave her money to travel home and see her small child!!!

    I’m feeling angry in a ranting way so i’ll stop before I become incoherent – how can men who partake in these things get away with being members of what is supposed to be a civilised society??

  5. Rachel H-G said

    How very sick-making.
    Sian, you are so right about us needing to be a civilised society and control our urges. I’m sick of hearing about how male sexuality is this huge, inevitable thing that we should just give in to. It’s not true.

  6. karen said

    I have a vision of thousands of angry feminists invading these comment blogs where the men are rating brothels and telling them all off for the rest of the blog lurkers to see, causing such a nusiance that the blog has to shut down or move. Our comments would be an education to some men, despite the reaction the comments would get. They’d start to think about it maybe, at least a few?

    I also have a vision of sit-ins at lapdance clubs and sex shops. Verbal sparring and ideology hasn’t seemed to work. I say back to 70s activism!

  7. Sit-ins in Lapdancing clubs!!! What an ace idea- I never thought of that…

    I’ve been on the fringe of anti-war, environmental and animal rights activism, so the methods of direct action used in these movements have inspired me to apply them to feminist direct action. But I hadn’t thought of this one 🙂

    If we did a sit-in in a lapdancing club, that would mean it would be hard to get into the building again to do some sabotage…as they would recognise us…. Pros and cons…but a good idea.

    Sit-ins in the reception of The Daily Sport…
    Hmmm…got me thinking now!

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