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East Midland Feminists

Posted by charliegrrl on October 28, 2006

I’d like to say well done!…to Jan, Jen, Michelle and Kimberley from East Midland Feminists, who recently demonstrated in Leicester city centre, calling for lads mags and The Daily Sport to be regulated and put on top shelf.

We handed out leaflets, collected signatures and spoke to quite a few people about what we were doing. It was a great success, we met a few people who were interested in future campaigns, it seems this is an issue people are interested in/concerned about, it just takes a few of us to actually get out there and encourage these people to join the campaign. (Michelle aka LonerGrrrl)

If you would like more information on East Midland Feminists, then you can email

One Response to “East Midland Feminists”

  1. stormcloud said

    Excellent result. Well done EMFs!

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