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Take down sex adverts in phone boxes

Posted by charliegrrl on October 29, 2006

Now you see them…

Sex Adverts in Phone Boxes

Now you don’t…

6 Responses to “Take down sex adverts in phone boxes”

  1. waffler said

    you are the coolest.

  2. Reetta said

    you are the greatest.

  3. laura said

    I can’t see any of the photos on the blog 😦 Any ideas?

  4. I’m having problems with the photos, I thought I’d sorted it because I can see them now whereas previously I couldn’t. Some of the photos I haven’t sorted yet. Is it the photos on this post- the phone box photos- you can’t see..? Cos then I’m having trouble!

    If you view the site via Mozilla Firefox, it is better. I will try to sort this out- think I will need Stormy’s help!


  5. Sarah said

    Again brill work 🙂 Round my neck of the woods these ads aren’t a norm, but as soon as I ever go to London I see this smut in every single phonebox, why is this? Sexist piggery and oppression doesn’t just go on in London, so I wonder why these phonebox things only go down in certain areas.

  6. Jessica said

    I have been doing this too! Go us! 🙂

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