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WHSmith sells Playboy to Kids

Posted by charliegrrl on November 1, 2006

WHSmith sells Playboy to Kids

Playboy is Porn

On this floor...Porn!

Can you see these photos..?

Some people are having trouble seeing photos, and I’m trying to sort it out.

19 Responses to “WHSmith sells Playboy to Kids”

  1. Liz said

    Hi, yep I can see this photo – great work by the way! Still can’t see the ones below this post though 😦

    Hope you recieved my email 🙂

  2. Thanks Liz. Hopefully now you can see the photos below! I’ve been having problems with hosting my photos on the net, but I’ve found a solution- but it means lots of hard work going through my blog!
    If people are still having probs then please let me know.

    Yep, I got your email- you are now a ReSister, Yay!

    Charlie x

  3. natasha said

    Great work.
    I couldn’t see the photos on the post below, either. But these come up great. Important stuff.


  4. stormcloud said

    I can see the photos now – and the previous ones that refused to show themselves!

  5. I can see it all loud and clear – over and out. Great work charlie, I know it’s serious but your brass neck makes me laugh! Good stuff 😉

  6. Sian said

    Brilliant! I can see all photos now and I love them! Making me want to run out and plant stickers everywhere!

  7. Sarah said

    I can c em!
    Read u loud & clear!
    That is superb stuff and loving this new layout, btw!

  8. Aimée said

    My god you are a genius.

  9. laura said

    Yay I can see them now. You’re fantastic 🙂

  10. reeny said

    I just want to say that you absolutely rock. Your journal is really doing something for the world. Congratulations on your efforts of eliminating porn in society. I can’t stand all those Playboy symbols everywhere either.

  11. Susannaaaa said

    Oh, fantastic. I’ve not been buying anything from WHSmith, but this is even better. I plan to emulate you forthwith!

  12. Tom said

    I dont understand. Its a line of stationary…

  13. Tom said

    I would also like to point out that less than half of Playboy Inc’s revenue comes from the sale of the Playboy magazine (which, incidentally, WHSmith do not stock), Nor does WHSmith sell any sexually explicit magazine to children. WHSmith won’t even sell you a Daily Mail if it includes an age restricted dvd inside and you dont have proof of age with you.

  14. Anonymous said

    you think your really clever don’t you, defacing WHSmith property like this. Its called vandalism and is against the law. I think your actions are dispicable.

  15. Anonymous said

    Did you ever stop to think about the staff working in this shops? I assume you have used a permanent marker there. As an employee of WHSmith I can tell you that finding usable shelves is very hard indeed. Its not as simple as picking up the phone and asking for a new one. If you want to complain write to head office. Don’t take out your fustrations on us. We (the staff) don’t control what we stock in-store.

  16. Chris said

    Its stationary. If its so offensive why do parents and grandparents buy it for there children? PLus most kids who buy it dont even know what playboy really is. Its just a cool logo to them. Also vandalising a shop isnt cool!

  17. Karl said

    I work in WH Smiths store, it is extremely hard to get new shelves so the fact that you have defaced one is disgraceful, as for the signs which say what is on what floor, they don’t even make those anymore which means that the ‘cards and giftwrap’ sign is now useless for Manchesters store.
    For a start they are pens, folders, pencil cases and other stationary objects which happen to have a bunny on them resembling the playboy bunny. The items themselves are not explicit or offensive to anybody, also we don’t even stock the playboy magazine for a start. And the most offensive magazine we do sell is zoo and nuts, which arent even that bad anyway. You are a criminal!!

  18. Mrs Smith said

    Thanks for deleting my last reply.. You female terrorists are out for an ASBO!! Think about the problems you create with your mischief. And don’t teach your kids what porn is! ..well not yet anyway 😉

  19. Anonymous said

    Flat shelving is hard to come by and costs alot of money to buy in. Therefore vandalising it with permanent marker is disgracefull as one of us (WHSmith staff) have to then scrub hard with alot of cleaning fluid, paint over it or simply not use it which is a waste. I hope your satisfied with your actions. As for defacing that sign, that is even worse as the “Cards and Giftwrap” section will now have to be removed making it harder for customers to navigate the store and it makes the whole sign look unpresentable. WHSmith is simply meeting the ever growing demands of the customer who want to buy this stationery, simply becuase its fashionable, hence why its in the fashion stationery section. The fact its playboy is irelevant, people buy it for the logos and the colours and because they like it. Stop your stupid vendetta against WHSmith and its products. Find something better to do with you life, other than commiting blaitent offences and breaking the law.

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