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ZOO’s Virgin is choosing a cherry popper

Posted by charliegrrl on November 6, 2006

Z<p>OO's Virgin 15-21 Sep 06 pg 15In case you have forgotten, ZOO are holding a competition whereby men can apply to take the virginity of a glamour model. ZOO state they have had over 4500 applicants. Sad bastards. Just in case you are questioning if she is a genuine virgin, ZOO can confirm that her hymen is ‘undamaged’: “the NHS has examined this 19-year-old’s lulu and confirms everything is totally unbroken down there” (ZOO 20-26 Oct 06 pg 14)

Here are some quotes of the men who have applied:

I’m very familiar with the female anatomy and can guarantee an orgasm. I am well endowed but not so big that I would hurt you. (ZOO 29 Sep-5th Oct 06 pg 30)

I’m up for the job of popping your cherry. Someone’s got to do it…I’ve got..some high quality Viagra, so I’ll be able to give you the best two minutes of your life. Maybe more if the Viagra kicks in. (ZOO 27th Oct-2 Nov 06 pg15)

Oh, and suprise suprise, women can apply too.

Out of these applicants, she is in the process of choosing the man who she wants to take her virginity. They will then be put up in a hotel, paid for by Kerrang! Radio, where he can carry out the deed.

The commercial commodification of the woman’s body has sunk to new depths.

I wonder if she realises that once a ZOO reader has taken her virginity, they will just call her a dirty slut.

Or maybe she’ll realise last minute that she’s really a lesbian!

So then she and ZOO can prolong this morally dubious, but yet money-making feature, to further her career as a glamour model..?

28 Responses to “ZOO’s Virgin is choosing a cherry popper”

  1. Rachel H-G said

    Ugh, makes my skin crawl.
    It’s a nasty cross between prostitution, an auction and the weirdest kind of male geek fantasy. It shouldn’t be encouraged.

  2. delphyne said

    There was an article in this week’s Nuts magazine, I think it was – “How I lost my Virginity to a Porn Star” with pictures of this guy having sex with a young woman who was allegedly a porn star, and an article describing step by step what happened. On sale of course in WH Smut for any passing adolescent boy to buy.

    It has to be one of the vilest things I’ve ever seen.

  3. Liz said

    Ditto what rachel said. It makes you wonder what awful thing they are going to do next. Doesn’t anyone realise they are actually doing something illegal seeing as participating in selling a woman’s body is meant to be illegal in the UK? And I feel awful for the woman as she is probably going to regret it for the rest of her life and have her sexuality irrevocably messed up (as have many women in the patriarchy).

    I wonder what the female readers of kerrang! have to say. I used to read kerrang! but they didn’t cover enough strong female bands and slipped into misogyny.

  4. Liz said

    I meant the female listeners of kerrang! radio, my mistake! I bet they covered it in the magazine as well tho.

  5. Reetta said

    She has a sad look in her eyes.I can’t believe that whole thing.How can this actually happen?How can anyone enjoy about such arranged sex??

  6. jo22 said

    If I were in her position I’d be frightened. Would they let her back out if she changed her mind I wonder?

  7. No Joe22 apparently they are whooshing through some law to say that once you say ‘yes’ you cannot back out. As people may have, realised men just make up laws pertaining to sex as they go along. (Sarcasm drip drip) I also find it very distasteful and ethically incorrect for a health professional to perform a ‘virginity test’ that also is probably a load of male fantasia.

  8. Sian said

    What a sad, sad, sick way to start your sexual life. I keep thinking it must be a joke, I can’t believe this is actually happening and noone is saying anything about it (except us!!!) – it feels like a sick nightmare…

    its like a porn version of those reality tv shows where people audition to marry someone (eg, average joe, the bachelor etc)

  9. natasha said

    I agree with everybody here – and feel so bad that this young lass is in this situation.

    I think the UK law actually can protect her if she changes her mind at any stage (the ‘once you say yes that’s consent’ thing only applies to the U.S. and only to the actual act of sex as it begins, as far as I can fathom). Sparklematrix, that’s a really good point about the virginity test – how true! What kind of certification is our NHS offering? And on what basis? Bonkers, if you ask me.

  10. stormcloud said

    I personally wouldn’t trust ZOO. In knowing what the media like to get up to, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going to film or photograph ‘the event’ in some way, with or without her knowledge. I’ll bet that there is at least some coverage of the night in question.

    It would drive those misogynistic wankers mad to know that ‘her cherry’ was being ‘taken’, and they couldn’t see the ‘action’.

  11. Grace said

    What kind of doctor goes along with this bullshit? Oh right yes i’ll just check that you’re still a virgin for the purposes of a depraved game.

    What is that quote on the page about? I’d say a lot of men are taking it seriously, they’re chomping at the bit to get some ‘hot virgin action’ and 15minutes of fame from their esteemed guide to misogyny.

    If she changes her mind and says no half way through, say because it hurts too much, are they going to make her carry on? And then will she suffer in silence while ZOO glam it up and celebritise their homemade slut? How would the Criminal Justic System deal with that?

  12. G.S. said

    i don’t understand.i was under the impression that prostitution was illegal in the this not being classified as prostitution because the young woman ‘chooses’ the john?what in the fuck is the difference here?she’s being advertised as an untainted piece of meat for fuck’s sakes.or are authorities simply not aware?

    if this IS legal,however,i don’t understand what those sad wankers find so alluring about doing a virgin anyway, probably too embarrassed to have an experienced woman laugh at them.i do feel awful for the lass.

    god this is reminds of the girl children sold as brides to old men in Afghanistan.for some reason.

  13. Sarah said

    This is the ultimate dehuminsation of women, we are like cars that these men can ‘try out’ and it’s dusgusting! As for the term used to describe pussy – a lulu!! Wasn’t that a Teletubby?

  14. I have worked as an RN in the NHS for (blah blah) years including Gynae and I do not believe that any health professional would certify a virginity test. The medical profession has ethical standards to behold to, and even if they would agree to such a degrading ‘certification’, their seniors would not be happy. The Royal College of Nurse and Midwives for a start.

  15. Aimée said

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    I really don’t know whether to feel incredibly angry (which I do, my blood is boiling) or just try not to think about it. Because what the hell CAN anyone do about this shit?? I feel like we can do nothing.

    However, I think today I will go into WHSmut and place some issues of zoo beside the playboy stationery. If anyone gets angry at me for it, I’ll just tell them that when I emailed them regarding the playboy issue, they said it wasn’t next to other children’s stationery therefore wasn’t directed at kids. So obviously the kids won’t see the lovely open issues of zoo next to it!

  16. Aimée said

    Does anyone know the price of zoo? I’m making a sign that says “come and the see LADY ZOO, only £__, now selling virgins!”

  17. jo22 said

    Delphyne, were the pictures of a guy having sex with a “porn” star in Nuts explicit? If so, it’s hardcore pornography.

  18. Yay Aimee!

    I’d be interested to see the sign you are making- if you are doing it on the computer you could email it to me, or making it you could photograph it..?

    The price of ZOO is usually £1.30 but I think it has gone up to £1.40- the latest issue is £1.40.

    Jo, lads mags often show photos of people having sex, but usually they show edited versions, so just the top half of the woman…

  19. Johanna said

    That photo of the poor girl reminds me of photos of concentration camp victims – no belly, ribs showing, no body hair, sad face, pressed against a wall.

  20. […] Charliegrrl reports that a 19-year-old “glamour model” in Britain is auctioning off her virginity in a contest sponsored by some godawful lad mag. […]

  21. delphyne said

    No you couldn’t see their genitals, Jo, but it was quite clear that they were having sex. It’s completely unbelievable that there isn’t an age limit on these magazines.

  22. Faith said

    I think I’m going to be sick…

    Doesn’t anyone realize that Hymen reconstruction is a very real and thriving industry? Just because she has a hymen doesn’t mean she’s a virgin; any woman with enough money can be “re-virginized”…


  23. Amy said

    That has got to be one of the most vile things I have ever seen. That poor poor girl.

    I used to work at WH Smiths, It was always jolly uncomfortable when guys, kids younger than me, or older guys bought those kinds of magazines, especially the cheaper end of the market ( I really dont know why…) A voice in my mind kept going “pervert, sicko” and I had to smile and take thier money, the sick people. It just goes to show how much we still have to do really.

    That poor poor girl.

  24. sarah giraffe said

    this is really one of the most disturbing things ive read for a while.i cant believe that the magazing is actually getting away with this.i mean has no-one thought about the psychological ramifications this will have on the girl in question?how whenever anyone asks her how she lost her virginity,it will be viewed as a publicity stunt rather than an act of passion?

  25. elana said

    Um…ew. Sorry I can’t think of anything more articulate to say, but I’m just amazed that they can get away with this. I mean, I know that the EU is supposedly more liberal about some things, but media-sponsored sex? That’s just wrong.

  26. Laura said

    How is this not illegal? Soliciting sex like this is banned in the UK I thought? Poor woman, what must be going on her mind to have lead her to this?

  27. anonymous said

    sounds like prostitution….i thought it was illegal in most countries…..

  28. Jessica said

    Jeezzzz! This is horrible!
    I used to love listening to Kerrang radio after reading this I don’t think I’ll ever tune in again!


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