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Feminist anti-porn conference

Posted by charliegrrl on November 10, 2006

Pornography and Pop Culture: Reframing Theory, Re-thinking Activism

March 23-25 Wheelock College Boston

“The so-called “porn wars” that were fought over the feminist critique of contemporary mass-marketed pornography derailed important academic and activist work. It is time to move on by reframing our thinking on pornography, especially in light of the important changes that have occurred in both technology and pop culture over the past two decades.”

“In the world of the internet, cell phone porn, Howard Stern and “Girls Gone Wild,” the central insights of the critical feminist perspective are more important than ever. What was once called soft-core pornography has become the norm in mainstream pop culture, while hard-core porn has become increasingly accepted and increasingly misogynistic. What do such economic and cultural shifts mean for feminist theory and activism, and how can we rebuild a vibrant feminist movement that addresses the harms of misogynist images that help define our culture, our visual landscape and our sexuality?”

“These issues will be addressed at a national conference on March 23-25, 2007, at Wheelock College in Boston. Titled “Pornography and Pop Culture: Reframing Theory, Rethinking Activism,” this conference will

  • feature recent feminist theory and research on pornography, prostitution and pop culture, and
  • provide space for collaborative discussion on how we can prepare the ground for building a broad-based, energized and vibrant feminist movement that can address the harms of pornographic images in the context of a more general political and cultural crisis.”

For a full schedule and registration details, please go to

3 Responses to “Feminist anti-porn conference”

  1. witchy-woo said

    Damn. Why couldn’t that be Boston, Lincs instead of Boston MA. 😦

  2. Patrick said

    Porn is misogynistic ok ill accept that but could that be because Porn is designed for a mature normaly male sexually active audience that understands he/she is watching “FANTASY” and its not real… just because some idiot watch it and think they should treat women that way isnt the fault of the porn or the manufactures its the fault of the idiots parents for not teaching him/her to use there fucking brain. were not misogynistic just because we enjoy the form of the female body, i love my lady friends i think they should be treated with respect and kindness where ever they go, this includes the women who strips for a living and loves her job. you feminists need to understand most of the men in the world dont care about the right war between men and women we think your equal and were happy with it so stop trying to harm our fun and find the guy who beets on his wife and lecture to him

  3. Hey, Patrick go and get a life. Women are NOT just for your fun! Feminism is about equality and challenging patriarchal and misogynist beliefs such as yours. We want a world where women are HUMAN not bits of fun for you to masturbate to. Do some reading on feminist theory and what goes on in the world beyond your dick and then feel free to comment.

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