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EM Fems Demo Against Playboy

Posted by charliegrrl on December 13, 2006

On the 10th December, EM Fems leafleted against shops selling Playboy merchandise.


EM Fems Demo Against Playboy

For a report of the action, see EM Fems website

11 Responses to “EM Fems Demo Against Playboy”

  1. Michelle said

    Thanks, Charlie.

    Highlight of this “action” for me was a WHSmith shop assistant coming up to me, snatching a leaflet out of my hand and saying, “What is it we’re supposed to be selling?” I explained Playboy is a porn brand, you’re marketing it next to other children’s ranges etc, and after looking at the leaflet she said abruptly, “You do know you are absolutely out of your minds, don’t you?” and stormed back into the shop…

    Planning some more leafleting in Leicester this weekend.

  2. Hopefully WHSmith will be realizing that us feminists have a problem with them, and they’ll be getting worried!

    Good luck with the leafleting!

  3. Well done

    that’s all 🙂

  4. Grace said

    Well done EM Feminists! I visited the Leicester WHSmiths when I was there last week and their playboy range is even bigger than the one in Birmingham. I wanted to take a picture but there were two grumpy looking shop assistants standing exactly opposite the stand and I chickened out. I’m in the process of growing a spine for this kind of thing – hopefully when i’ve got some birmingham based fellow feminists we can do it together – posters going up in the library this week.

  5. Michelle said

    Yes, the Leicester store is one of the worst culprits, the Playboy bunny stuff located right next to Tracey Beaker stationary. I have given it some “adhesive attention” and on Sunday some of our leaflets somehow managed to find their way amongst the stationary too… Security were keeping an eye on us while we were leafleting, but if they want people to start “behaving” in and around their stores, they need to start realising that selling a porn brand to young girls is simply not on!

    PS: Grace, you’re always welcome to join in anything EM Fems do, and I can get to B’Ham v. easily if anything is going on there. x

  6. Suzannah said

    This is all great work, with the leafleting! I HATE Playboy, Children are walking around with the degrading symbol around their necks!
    Playboy is sexist and degrades women as sex objects rather than real people, its right for people to stand up to it and say that it is just plain wrong.

    That is all

  7. Suzannah said

    has anyone thought of handing out leaflets around Stirling?
    I do want to do it myself, but I’m only thirteen, I am afraid that children may try to do me some physical harm if I am rebelling against their favorite Fashion and jewelery emblem

  8. jc said

    i agree with everything you are saying. me [male] just looked at littlewoods website and they sell at least 140 different types of playboy guff on the net. i am wrting a peice on the selling of playboy for uni ….keep shouting

  9. Suzannah said

    I am thirteen and in High School and I’m having a bad time being grilled about being a Feminist, as if its a bad thing! For GODS sake it makes me SO SO SO Angry that these kids would rather claim that they go out and drink Vodka (Or as they call it “VODKUUUU”)every night than do something good,
    Feminism used to be HUGE Now I feel as if we’re the last of them on earth!

  10. Suzannah said

    I’ve just finished reading a Women section in G2, and it states that a way of Being against Pornography is getting good magazines like “Good Housekeeping” and putting them IN FRONT of the porn mags. I think its a great idea!
    I’ll do it next time I’m out on Saturday with my friends, you can also simply turn over the magazines or you can stick post-it notes on it, like
    “Real men Buy BOOKS” or “Despite my Come-hither expression I wouldn’t shag a Nuts Reader for a million pounds” these are all ideas from G2 in the Women’s section and I think they’re great!

  11. Suzannah said

    Porns just Wrong, but Banning the entire Concept of it would be classed as dictatorship, NOT Directorship.
    We Must Make people SEE That Pornography LOOKS Harmless and simply a bit of fun, has A hideously dark side that we MUST Stamp out

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