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Hide The Misogyny!

Posted by charliegrrl on December 19, 2006

It’s that time of year again, when I am forced to go shopping, to buy presents for my family.

Contrary to popular belief, not all women like shopping…

On my route, I spot Playboy merchandise everywhere. It’s as if the Playboy Bunny is taunting me. Playboy stationary, dressing gowns, clocks, keyrings, cuddly toys…

I spotted this in TK-Max

Playboy Nightwear

And grabbed the whole lot, and err…accidentally dropped them on the floor…and err…kicked them under the shelf.

Playboy Merchandise discarded

It’s a new game- Hide The Misogyny! So that shoppers can’t buy Playboy merchandise cos they won’t find it, and the shop assistants will have fun wondering where their merchandise has disappeared to, and trying to work out why it has ended up shoved in a box, or under a shelf.

This can be done with lads mags too…

In the Co-Op, the erm…ethical shop…I grabbed the whole pile of Nuts and FHM, and shoved them under a shelf.

It’s not shoplifting, not damaging property… It can be done inconspicuously.

So…lets play!

22 Responses to “Hide The Misogyny!”

  1. RGM said

    Fantastic idea. I’m equally sick of the sight of that bunny everywhere. In a lot of the shops & stands that have it at the malls here, it’s always in glass casing though. Maybe I just need to some large sheets of paper to cover it up.

  2. Yay! let’s play hide and seek with the (now dusty – oh dear!) fluffy misogyny bunny! Wot larks with the pink and insipid!

  3. Burrow said

    I’ll be playing from here on out too.

  4. hippie said

    I like this game! ‘Hide the Misogyny’ is surely an integral part of any future shopping trip!

    It’s pretty much a reflex to turn over the Daily Porn in my local shop so the last page is on show instead. I don’t see why the mags, playboy, vicious anti-women stuff should be any less hidden!

  5. stormcloud said

    Hide the bunny – fab game, must try it!

  6. Fanny Blood said

    not a laughing matter, charlie but still, you have me in hysterics.

    ever the inspiration.


  7. Fanny Blood said

    it’s fun aswell to see the look on the men’s faces when stickering on lads’ mags. they look so confused!!! bless ’em.

    i like this game too!!!!


  8. Aimée said

    Haha I used to do that with inappropriate dvds and games in HMV.
    I too have noticed Playboy stuff in TK Maxx, only yesterday in fact. I even saw a pile of shit in the street in the EXACT shapde of a playboy bunny. I was amused.

  9. RGM said

    I played a round of this game today at the calendar stand in the mall. Playboy cards? The SI Swimsuit Calendar? How about no!

  10. A pile of shit in the shape of a Playboy Bunny..? Now even animals are internalising misogyny (lame joke) 🙂

    I played the game today. I was shopping in Asda with my Dad for Xmas food- and I grabbed a pile of ZOO and Nuts and put them in a bin! And my Dad watched in amasement as I did this- he thought it was funny.

    Mind you- it won’t be so funny for the person who takes the bin to the checkout to purchase..? Eeek!

  11. Army of Me said

    Today, what with the xmas ever rush and all, I didn’t exactly hide the misogyny, more like ripped it up and stickered the rest.

    I had noted on Object’s site that Budgens has decided to sell lad’s mags – there is a budgens in my local area, and as I was shopping in ther today, decided to check it out – noted on the cover of nuts “Boobs out photo shoot” with aislene – opened it up to the topless pics (several pages) and just ripped them out. I stickered the front with a Stop Insulting Women sticker (which I have done in this shop before), replaced the mag, with cover facing inwards, and stickered another copy of nuts, and 2 of zoo, plus one maxim – I was in such a fury that I would’ve gone into a frenzy of ripping up but managed to restrain myself – but one day I really will just not be able to control it….. with all the shoppers self-absorbed in getting their last minute crap, I saw an opportunity, however, I was so fucked off I would have done it anyway – I will be banned from there soon when they finally suss who the pro-woman supporter is. Fuck em.

  12. Fab work Army! Keep it up, but hopefully you won’t get into trouble 😉

    I haven’t got to the stage of ripping out pages in lads mags!

    I’ve thought about taking a stanley knife into Argos, and cutting out the Playboy pages from the catalogues…

    I was doing my food shopping today in Booths, a northern supermarket known for it’s ‘good ethics’. I stood next to the lads mags section as I was taking photos, when I realised two men were standing next to me waiting for me to move so they could read them- so obviously I stayed put and pretended to be busy until they left. Then I hid them amongst the toilet paper.

    I know Bea has gone into shops, grabbed loads of lads mags and thrown them on the floor outside in rage!

    Well done Army x

  13. Army of Me said

    Well Charlie, it was spur of the moment – I remembered the bit about budgen’s taking the decision to stock lad’s mags, remembered I had some stickers in my bag, and then when I saw the inside of the mag and the cover – the rage just took over – I just seized the opportunity – I had even already paid for my shopping and went back – like I have said before – people in shops are in an alpha-state and just see thru you – they are focussed on other things – the danger is, that the management and staff will be aware now, which is why I lie low and wait for them to get complacent again until the next time – busy saturdays are good too.

    I would suggest the stanley knife operation – you can be subtle about it – a razor blade is good but you must be careful that the blade is protected when not in use.

    The topless pics were just pure porn – it’s available for all to see now, espeically young minds that are still being formed – I am going to keep doing this shit – it’s the anger that drives me and if I get arrested I don’t care – I’ll keep doing it and talking about it so hopefully other women will find their voice and maybe even find their inner activist to find the courage to do the same (or maybe not quite as extreme as me lol). If I’m damaging their property, they are damaging me and other women – I am saying too much here, don’t publish this if you think I will get you or myself into trouble.

    New year’s res – more porn desctruction and vandalism-ripping, razoring, slicing etc

  14. Army of Me said

    Oh and – hope you are all having porn and misogyny-free happy chilled out day!

    (oops, I was looking thru the mag rack and a load of lad’s mags fell on the floor – I accidentally trod on them with my boots, of which I just walked thru a load of mud and dog shite with- oh dear, shame, accidents will happen.)

  15. We are anonymous on this site, so we won’t be getting into trouble- but it is like you said- we damage magazines, they are damaging us. I’m not bothered if I get done for criminal damage- it will be an opportunity for me to tell the pigs why lads mags are misogynistic and it would give me a chance to shame the shops for selling them in the first place.

  16. Daisy Puke said

    Here;s another way to do some damage anon – get your shopping cart, put some lad’s mags in it, take it off nonchalantly like you’re going to do more shopping, put more things in the trolley, get out your blade, and slice it in another part of the store (in as subtle manner as poss obviously) , then just abandon the trolley and leave the store when you’re done – More work for the store to clean up – more money needed to pay someone to do it and a finger-up to them for selling the fucking mags in the first place. I am going to target stores that I dont normally go into so if caught (unlikely if I don’t overdo it and do it cleverly), and I am banned, it won’t matter so much – each time someone does something like this, note is taken – a seed is planted, a message gets thru – they have to pay attention to ripped up and defaced mags – the message is clear. We can throw their images back at them – attacking with words is good, but actions and altered images are better – after all, we keep having that tired old cliche’ about men being so “visual” rammed down our throats – well, they can see what we think for a change.

  17. Hmmm…will be doing that soon. Or alternatively you could ‘spill’ something on them so that they can’t be sold.

    You could get loads of lads mags in a trolley, stick a sticker on them, or leave a leaflet saying they are porn mags, are misogynistic, and they must stop selling them. They they will get the message that we are pissed off and why.

    I’m paranoid if I go into my local WHSmith’s to do a little subvertising, cos they must have looked at cctv to check out who keeps putting stickers on their mags. So, I wear disguises when I go in- sounds like I’m a secret agent! But yeah, I’d rahter not get caught so that I can carry on subvertising the magazines and Playboy stuff.

    I have a cool idea from some people I know. Buy some helium ballons and attach them to a banner that says something like ‘WHSmith sells Playboy to kids’, or ‘Stop selling lads mags’, and let it go in the shop, or if it is in a shopping mall, outside the actual shop. Then shoppers will walk past a huge banner criticising a shop, and they won’t be able to take it down for ages cos it will be to high for them to reach!

    I agree Daisy Puke- individual actions may seem insignificant, but everytime we do this, the shops take notice.

    Lots of cool ideas, keep them coming 🙂

  18. Army of Me said

    Love the word “subvertising” – who invented that? V good!

  19. I’m not sure who invented the word ‘subvertising’- I came across the word from the magazine Adbusters, who are into subverting advertisments.

    Check out this picture!

  20. Army Of Me said

    Ha ha that’s about right – that, or him looking down a woman’s cleavage.

    There is a new series starting on channel 4 that (I am assuming from the trailers they are showing) that is going to rip the piss out of the fashion industry – Ugly Betty – I hope it lives up to my expectations – it looks like it’s going to be quite funny and so true.

  21. Kim said

    I was so glad to find this page as I was beginning to think that none as such existed. I really admire what you are doing here as I live with my mum and twelve year-old sister who wears all the playboy merchandise and it makes me sick to see such young girls being targeted by such evil corporations that have made themselves through exploting women.
    I have been reading a book called, ‘Female Cheauvanist Pigs’, which talks about how the so called ‘feminist movement’ being seen as ’empowering’ because we’re entitled to wear Playboy and attend such derogitory places as lap-danging clubs alongside men, when it is actually disgusting and vile.
    It contains thsi disturbing quote from Hugh Hefner,
    ‘The bunny has a sexual meaning, it’s a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping, sexy… You feel like caressing it, playing with it. A girl resembles a bunny, joyful, joking… The type of girl we made popular, she is never sophisticated. Or a girl you cannot really have. She is a young healthy single girl.. We are not interested in the mysterious difficult women, the femme fatale who wears elegant underwear, with lace and she is sad… and somehow.. mentall filthy. The playboy girl has no lace… No underwear, She is naked, well washed with soap and water. She is happy.’
    The merchandise is now being worn by girls twelve and younger everywhere… Giving out the message that they’re this type of girl with not even properly understanding what this ‘type of girl’ is. The Playboy girl.
    Is it just me or does it sound like this sick, disgusting man is trying to create his own, ‘perfect race’ or women starting young?

  22. I like taking a thick black marker and putting an “X” over the bunny’s eye. Like he’s dead. I’ve done it on musician’s stickers on their gear, not on store merchandise. Perhaps I shall start.

    I’d like to have a sticker to put on the clothes rack that says “Do you want men to masturbate to your infant?”

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