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New Year, New Boobs, New Britain..?

Posted by charliegrrl on January 8, 2007

Tony Blair is wanting new boobs, cos he feels his baps are underpar. He looks at other breasts, then looks at his own, and just feels so inadequate. He feels his life is so empty and he feels like such a failure. What with the illegal war, mass poverty in Britain, housing crisis, struggling NHS… He feels having bigger breasts would help lift him out of his misery and give him the career boost he needs.

So he will be applying for ZOO’s Boob Job competition.

Tony Boobiliscous
“I’m entering the boob job competition, as I feel my boobs are just not big enough. I feel that having bigger boobs, will give me the confidence-boost I really need to lead Britain into a strong, successful and progressive 2007. Please vote for me!”

So lets hope that Tony wins, so that we can hope for an end to needless war, an end to poverty in Britain, homes for the homeless, money to the NHS , money to schools, funding for services who help the vulnerable and the abused and a Criminal Justice System that is actually effective at prosecuting violent men.

4 Responses to “New Year, New Boobs, New Britain..?”

  1. *chortle* I’ve just posted a vid of our tony – “should I stay or should I go”

  2. fannyblood said

    ha ha! like the point you’re making charlie. doesn’t it just put it all into perspective?!

    f x

  3. tcupnewt said

    *gigglesnort* Is it just me or do those demonic eyes look just as frightening as those amazingly… perky… breasts? But really charlie- don’t you know that politicians don’t have breasts? It’d interfere with their white male supremacy image.

  4. stormcloud said

    Ton’ might be out of the running for the next election, but lets hope he wins the beloved Zoo comp. His self-esteem may become deflated otherwise.

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