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An Account of Ipswich Reclaim The Night

Posted by charliegrrl on January 14, 2007

I received a comment from a woman who went to Reclaim The Night Ipswich

I was very shocked when I read this and I feel it needs highlighting:

I attended the Reclaim the Night in Ipswich, despite having reservations about it being a mixed march, and I vowed afterwards that I would never go on a mixed march again. The speaker from the ECP was terrible. She said it was good that men were getting involved because we needed men to help defend us! LOL! Also, as soon as the first speaker started, some bloke in the crowd started heckling.
Before the march we went into a nearby pub, where we were told aggressively by some men that Ipswich didn’t need any more “whores” and we should just go home, and then during the march some women started a chant about revolution, and this guy in front of us went ballistic about how he’d been waiting for the nutters to start.
Reclaim the night should remain women only, and the ECP should not be given a platform at these events

This is exactly why we need women-only spaces in feminism, so that we can express ourselves without reprisal from men, who think they have a right to be part of our movement.

Thanks MsWoman for sharing this.


One Response to “An Account of Ipswich Reclaim The Night”

  1. A Guy said

    I am willing to say I feel that having women only is a good thing, as well as a bad thing. If a male wants to really get into this, fight for equality then I say go for it. Who is to say that they cant? Why have only women fighting that makes no sense when its everyones problem. The fact is that there are too many men who do not wish things to change the way they are now and are not willing to actually make the effort to stop the inequalities.

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