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Prank Call

Posted by charliegrrl on January 14, 2007

I got a prank call last night, from some young boys, who sounded like they were aged between 13 and 17…

It went like this…

Phone rings…

BOYS: Hello, I’m ringing from FHM, and we’re calling women in your area to see if they would like to become a model. Would you like to become an FHM model…?

CHARLIE: Ok, tell me more I’m going to write this down…

BOYS: [lots of giggling, then they put the phone down]

2nd call 5 seconds later…

BOYS: Hello, has someone called about FHM modelling, cos that is a fake competition. We are wanting to stop this competition.

CHARLIE: Why, because it is degrading to women?

[silence…they end the call, 5 seconds later they call again…]

BOYS: Would you like to become a Bollywood actress.

CHARLIE: Tell me more as I may be interested

BOYS: You would earn £25000 a month. But the thing is, you would have to have a breast enlargement, cos you’re breasts are too small. I can see them right now and they are too small.

CHARLIE: Well, if you can really see my breasts right now, then you would know that they are not small

BOYS: Oh yes they are, I can see them

CHARLIE: So, how would I go about getting bigger boobs?

BOYS: You would have to have plastic surgery. How old are you..?

CHARLIE: How old are you?

BOYS: Well we’re looking for girls 18-25, is that you..?

CHARLIE: Don’t know, I forget how old I am at times.

[they end the call, 5 seconds later…]

BOYS: Where do you live, what’s your address?

CHARLIE [getting sarcastic and pissed off]: Would you like me to stick my big fat cock up your arse..?

BOYS: No, but I’d like to stick my cock in your vagina

CHARLIE: Well, I’ve just taken a note of your phone number, so, if I ever want your cock in my vagina, I’ll give you call.

BOYS: How much do you charge..?

CHARLIE: Look boys, you have no idea who you are messing with, so if you don’t fuck off, I will bust your ass

[End call, 5 seconds later they call again]

CHARLIE [answers doing heavy breathing…]: Does that turn you on you little pricks..?

BOYS: Ummm…I’m sorry my brothers have been calling you, I will tell my Mum and they won’t do it again

[End of call]

Now this pissed me off. I wasn’t intimidated by them cos I knew they were young boys and I could hear them giggling. But their intention was to intimidate me, by suggesting they are watching me, and speaking to me in a pervy voice. What I thought was interesting, was that they were young boys, but they knew FHM… They started the call by asking me if I would like to become an FHM model… and then tried to intimidate me. This shows a clear connection between lads mags and sexual harrassment. They were clearly influenced by FHM, by initiating the call with a central theme in lads mags, which is recruiting women into becoming models. They also played on the growing desire amongst women, or should I say the desire that lads mags say women have, of becoming a model. They used this to try and elicit personal information from me, about my age and address. This was their intention, but because they were young, immature and they kept giggling, it was obviously a prank. However, I thought that if they were a bit older, some naive teenage girl could fall for this, and give them her address, and even arrange to meet up with them. Hopefully I’ve put them off from doing this again.

17 Responses to “Prank Call”

  1. stormy said

    (Although, isn’t it a bit co-incidental regarding your last few posts I wonder.)

    Shame that NO-ONE will believe us to say that LMs influence not only young boys, but the older boys as well (as far as attitudes towards women).

    The ‘proof*’ seems to be building day-by-day, but still WE are ignored. (anecdotal proof has always been of abundance, but is always dismissed)

  2. Of course the classic denial will be that this was an isolated incident. It doesn’t matter whether the evidence is annecdotal, clinical wherein research is carried out within a laboratory – they will all be denied as non-evidence. Strange that racism never needed such evidence nor did homophobia before these became criminal offences. Now I wonder why? It couldn’t by chance have anything to do with the fact men were negatively affected too could it?

  3. You know I don’t particularly like “lads’ mags” any more than you, but, speaking as a former call girl and a current erotic masseuse, I find it a little offensive that you say you don’t find pole dancing, lapdancing or working as a porn star (and presumably what I do for a living) “sexually empowering”. I should add that I am very much on the fence when it comes to the sexual empowerment/exploitation of women debate, so it’s not that I am condemning your views outright. However, I don’t like it when women who probably have no first-hand experience of the sex industry condemn other women for being involved in it. The sex industry is a very complicated, very grey area, and it’s different for every woman involved in it. Some women are definitely exploited, yes, but others use the money they earn to do worthwhile, edifying things. We’re not all drug-addled, fucked-up victims of the patriarchy.

  4. kaci said

    Even my 7 year old nephew nos about lads mags, especially zoo and nuts – mainly because he sees the adverts on the telly. They are very influential! I was looking through one last night after reading about it all and Gemma Atkinson gives sex advice, one bloke wrote in saying his gf was too loud and gemma suggested gagging her! Or take it as a compliment – never mind how his gf feels about it!
    At the moment they are doing a competition where by you can win a boob job – to do so women must send in a naked picture of themselves asking for help.

    If you look at films for children e.g. a film called JACK and in part of the film the group of lads get one of the lads who looks older, to go and buy lads mags from a shop and then they reel off a list of the named mags. These lads in this film are about 11.

    Lads mags are now being asociated with maturity and manliness by the younger lads. There should be a restriction.

    go to and read the “call to move explicit lads mags” article

  5. Grace said

    Funny how an isolated incident of this kind can’t be proof! But as Jennifer Drew said: Strange that racism never needed such evidence nor did homophobia before these became criminal offences. And it’s not like we would wish to dismiss the importance of anti-discrimatory practices in dealing with activities of hate towards minority ethnic groups or homophobic acts of hate – we just want hate towards women to be taken as much notice of!

    Well handled Charlie!

    I have often thought about that film when reading about ladsmags and pornography, Kaci. At the opposite end of the (age)scale is the grandad in Little Miss Sunshine asking his daughter-in-law’s gay brother to get him some porn from the petrol station. I can’t remember the exact words but it’s something like “get me something really smutty” and then tells him to get a “fag rag” for himself. Of course there’s no point thinking ‘he should know better’ or ‘he’s too old for all that’ because it’s clearly now something that is so implicit in male socialisation that it is life long. dirty old man…dirty young men…men…

    (yes yes trolls – not all men are like that, i know, but they’re a minority and you know it. What I find funny about the trolls is that they always present themselves as the men that ARE like that anyway!)

  6. stormy said

    Kaci, many of us were there, protesting outside parliament, when the 10-minute rule bill was introduced. Don’t think it will get a second reading, even though it was voted for.

  7. cheeky little fucking creeps.

  8. Aimée said

    I remember that part Kaci, in the move Jack. I was really angered that they showed such young kids acting like penthouse was such an amazing thing.

    I CANNOT believe what they are saying in this article. They seem to use the “co-operation” of the women in the magazines and saying that “only being topless isn’t degrading to women” as an excuse not to discuss what is really being addressed here!! They’re trying to address whether or not it is right for CHILDREN to be able to buy these images. Of course pictures of naked bodies and breasts are not degrading, UNLESS their intent is purely for seedy young men to wank over, alongside articles talking like blonde vs. brunette and SELLING VIRGINS and GVIEAWAY BREAST IMPLANT COMPETITIONS.

    It’s amazing that the people who run this place are such fucking morons.

  9. Severine, I have no intention of condemning women who work in the sex industry, it is the sex industry itself that I condemn. I don’t have experience of the sex industry, but I listen to my friends who have, and I read your blog (which I found really interesting), and to me the nature of the sex industry is exploitative. But still I don’t criticise the women involved, it is the industry and the men who support it I criticise.

  10. fannyblood said

    severine, i’ve just read a small part of your blog and you say that a very famous musician comes to you slaggin off his wife and admits that he doesn’t want to have sex with her because she’s ‘let herself go’ and become ‘overweight’. what a fucking vile arsehole this man/misogynist/pile of crap sounds like?

    can you see why the sex industry disgusts us? can you see why these men make our skin crawl?

  11. Aimée said

    I think that women who choose to work in the sex industry should take some of the blame, not just the men who are behind it. Without the women, the men wouldn’t have a job and vice versa. Sorry that you find it offensive that we don’t see sexwork as “empowering”, but I find it offensive that people like you think it’s just fine to give men the opportunity to commit aldultery on their wives, or people like you that think it’s fine to write about themselves on their blog “I’m beautiful, melancholy, and an erotic masseuse. Now, seriously, what else could you ask for?”

    I find the latter offensive because it’s like you are saying that being beautiiful and having sex (or “erotic” messages) is all anyone should want or ask for. I’ll tell you this – I could ask for a LOT more. Perhaps that line on your blog is just your “marketing ploy” for the kind of “work” you do, but to perpetuate such nonsense onto the world really isn’t what I like to see people doing.

    I read part of your blog entry on not wanting to be a male seuxal fantasy and perhaps the guy told you he would never want to pay you for jacking him off is because people who pay for it don’t want to hear any form of fun-making or irony about the industry. You say you haven;t made up your mind about whether or not it doesn’t matter and if you are still being exploited by the industry. Well the simple answer is – you are. You’re also exploiting yourself.

  12. Fanny Blood said

    i have to agree in some respects, aimee. as a whole the sex industry is a dangerous and exploitative industry for the majority of women who are there through no ‘real choice’ of their own but there is a minority of women who appear, or at least say they like it/enjoy it and yes, when pathetic/vile johns come to them saying those horrid things about their own wives, (while she’s at home putting the kids to bed or cooking his dinner, blissfully unaware, or worrying herself sick because our patriarchal society has made her feel and think that she is a piece of shit because she’s put on a few pounds or whatever) women are letting these men get away with it and that is equally upsetting.

  13. I’ve read how Severine got involved in the sex industry, and it seems to be not out of choice- well it’s a choice between a poorly paid job washing dishes and an erotic masseuse- because she hasn’t got a visa to work in Britain. I don’t think Severine is one of these sex workers who publically support the sex industry to criticise feminists…she acknowledges the harm. I find her blog interesting.

  14. Rachel H-G said

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend a while back. She is a professional masseur and is fed up of everyone thinking she is a sex worker when she isn’t – she gives back rubs at health spas!
    I read a bit of Sévérine’s blog and I appreciate the insight, but the life she describes doesn’t seem all that “empowered” to me. I do appreciate her honesty though.

  15. You know, I really think that people need to let go of the idea that all “johns” are vile, disrespectful and misogynist. I would concede that the vast majority of them are probably weak and misguided, but that doesn’t make them out-and-out bad people. Johns come from all walks of life, just like sex workers.

    And of course I’m not exactly thrilled that married men come to see me but very few of these men are happily married. Some of them say they are, but would they really be there if they were? Many of these men are living in sexless marriages and only stay because of the kids. Personally, I think it would be better for the kids and for the men themselves if they just got divorced but that’s their choice. And even if the men do have a loving, attentive wife at home and they are indeed misogynist bastards, I’m not the one who “allows” them to commit adultery. Even if there were no prostitutes, this kind of man would find some other way to cheat on his wife and continue to be emotionally stunted.

  16. Livy said

    Why don’t the women get a choice in this apparently unhappy marriage? Also, just because the married men who visit you *might* be able to cheat on their wives without you specifically doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of their decision. They are exploiting you, even if you can’t see it. We are all a part of a society that allows this exploitation, and it’s great that there are people willing to do something about it. Incidentally, accoding to the book Female Chauvinist Pigs (I think that is the source anyway), there is a much higher rate of women who have been sexually abused in the porn industry than in the general public, which definitely suggests that working against this industry is important.

  17. polyestergirl said

    in response to severine serizy:you are very right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with female exhibitionism.however, there is something very wrong with the belief that it will somehow empower women,when the only power women can ever recieve from it is a man’s reaction to her ,if he finds her attractive. exhibitionisn, in its ultimate force, is and always will be controlled by men, not women.well. there are the pussy cat dolls who do express control in their industry, however that is not enough to really convince anyone that it is empowering. it is there to sexually apeal to and fulfill another person’s desires. what is empowering about that. it is about time exhibitionism reveals itself for what it really is. why would you want our daughters growing up with the belief that exhibitionism is all female sexuality has to offer? in the words of ariel levy, sexuality is a very limited form of power ,exhibtionism is a very limited form of female sexuality.
    lets get it rihgt people!

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