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Belated Blog for Choice Post

Posted by charliegrrl on January 23, 2007

Blog for Choice day was January 22nd, so apologies for being late!

As women we have a right to have an abortion.

We have a right to free and accessible abortion on demand.

Cos it’s our bodies, and we decide our fate.

I went to the Feminist Health Conference in Leeds over the weekend, and attended a workshop on abortion rights in Poland and Ireland.

Abortion is illegal in both these countries, and to point out abortion is also illegal in Northern Ireland.

I listened to two speakers talking about the decades-long struggle to acheive abortion rights in their countries. They gave us the warning- do not get complacent about your abortion rights in this country, as it can turn around so easily and before you know it, you will have a long battle on your hands to get them back. Our abortion rights are being attacked by the religious right wing. They take small steps to chip away at our choice- we can see this in the attempt to reduce the number of weeks a woman can have an abortion. We need to keep up the pressure and fight for our right to choose.

There will be an abortion rights march in London

March 3rd in the evening

ENS women are organising it (as reluctant as I am to link with this group, they are organising an important demonstration)

There will also be an abortion rights demo in Manchester 3rd March in the daytime

Please email me for more info

So please show your support by attending a demo, or organising one in your area.


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