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Action against Sex Shops

Posted by charliegrrl on February 1, 2007

Porn Detective has been busy taking action against sex shops


Porn Detective

Here’s a sex shop in the centre of Manchester

Woman Hater Shop

She stickered the shop windows and shop fronts, as stickers are harder to remove… Sex Shop StickersSlogans like ‘You’ve just been caught buying Porn!’ can make men who walk in feel paranoid. Especially when someone is taking their photo.

She criticised the men who go in to buy porn. Some were bemused that a woman was challenging them buying porn, as if they had never considered porn to be bad; and some were very embarassed. She noted that even the presence of a woman outside a sex shop, doing nothing suspicious, is enough to put men off walking in.

[Please be careful if you repeat such actions, as the men and shop owners can become hostile]


14 Responses to “Action against Sex Shops”

  1. fannyblood said

    ha ha ha ha ha! you rock my wooooooooorld! X

  2. stormy said

    I think it was that big purple stick that frightened them!

  3. Porn detective you are amazingly brave to even take photos of the misogynsts buying their daily dose of women-hatred. I’m sure Porn detective is taking steps to ensure her safety but she needs to be very careful. It appears then that although the two men agreed a woman having two penises rammed up her anus is not pleasurable, they still went inside. Perhaps the only way they could connect is by asking them would they like two penises or two dildoes shoved up their anuses and then told ‘you like it don’t you?’ Men don’t like being challenged on their supposed sexual rights over women’s bodies do they?

  4. Rachel H-G said

    You are very brave – not-nice people hang around those places.

  5. Johanna said

    Porn Detective = Awesome. You are doing what I wish I could. But don’t you get into dangerous situations, how do you handle it?

  6. Porn Detective said

    I do get scared doing actions against sex shops, cos I am facing misogynists. It’s interesting, before I did actions against sex shops, I walked passed them so scared. They seemed no-go areas and threatening, as you couldn’t see inside them. Once I walked into one and came face to face with a sex shop owner, that barrier of fear broke down. I don’t fear the particular sex shops anymore, as I have been inside them and know what the owners look like. Although I abhor what they sell. So, in a way, walking into such shops has been a reclaiming experience for me. I feel confident to do actions against them. My safety is paramount to me when doing stuff like this. I never walk into a sex shop if I feel I could be trapped in there, or after taking a photo, would be hard to run out of. I also avoid sex shops in back alleys, where there is few people around. There is one particular sex shop, that my friend advised me not to go into as he is violent- so I didn’t, but I did take his photo of him from afar outside his shop.

    When I walked into some of these shops, I thought I don’t know how some of them are surviving? Because some didn’t have much stock. I felt such places would be easy to target to shut down.

  7. Fanny Blood said

    that look on porn detectives face never fails to make me laugh!!! X

  8. tcupnewt said

    The Newt would like to ask the Porn Detective where the snazzy hat came from. It is rather fantabulous.

    I so don’t have the guts to do that. Men can get so violent when people threaten their penis-given “right to women’s bodies”… I hope that the Porn Detective is careful… Much kudos.

  9. Sam said

    “When I walked into some of these shops, I thought I don’t know how some of them are surviving? Because some didn’t have much stock.”

    They are likely prostitution and drug dealing hook-up fronts.

    There are a few places like that in my city, one in particular I’m thinking of has dusty pornography magazines and books from the 1980s. Men know they can get cheap sex there, cheaper than the escort and strip club prostitution that abounds nearby. Women know they can pick up tricks there. When I first saw the place I thought it was a used bookstore that had gone out of business a long time ago.

  10. Porn Detective said

    That’s interesting cos one of the shops had advertised ‘Contacts!’
    Another one sells a directory for the local sex industry. A few look like they have rooms upstairs.
    Hmmm…this makes alot of sense.

  11. stormy said

    Sam said: “They are likely prostitution and drug dealing hook-up fronts.”

    Exactly what I was thinking – it’s a cover, a front for something else, the most likely being both drugs and prostitution.

  12. Rachel H-G said

    If you find any evidence of this, they can be shut down, especially if trafficked women are involved.

  13. Grace said

    There seems to be a chain, that i’ve seen in the midlands anyway, of ‘private shop’ with the same font and arch of letters on the windows. I walked past the one in Walsall and 2 teenage girls were walking out of there giggling. The obviously didn’t realise what they were seeing. The one in Birmingham is on a side street although it’s not an alley. I’ve only seen one person going in there and the most I could do is tut loudly.

    PD – I was distressed by the number of specifically anti-feminism blogs that are linked on your site! Not distressed that you linked them of course, because it’s better to know, but distressed at their existence – especially as the irish man against feminism has a link on his blog to a WOMAN against feminism who says that feminism was a stupid idea in the first place and that we need to stop the anti-male western culture before it’s too late! I get the impression she is in the US as she was talking about women-only private colleges, while there are none for just men. Is she just over looking that ALL colleges were basically men-only for many many years and now perhaps women just want a space to learn and excel academically without self-important male students looking over them thinking they’ll always be better, or maybe they want to go to a college without fear of assault that has been suffered by so many young women at university! Men don’t need a college to get away from women who are constantly subjugating them and threatening them! ANTI-MALE WESTERN CULTURE – RIGHT! OK!

    Sorry, not really related to the post Charlie, off my soap box now! Excellent inspiring work from the PD!

  14. Great action. There’s a PD over here somewhere that’s done similar actions… could be scary, but made her quite high too!

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