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ZOO eroticising sexual harrassment

Posted by charliegrrl on February 14, 2007

Here is a video on ZOO’s website…

A man enters a woman’s home, after she returns from a night out, he secretly films her around the home…then she does a striptease in her bedroom, with the man secretly filming her.

[Contains sexual imagery you most likely will find offensive, so don’t watch if it may upset you]

This video eroticises sexual harrassment of women. The scenario of a man entering a woman’s home and secretly filming her, is one which women would find very frightening. But ZOO enact the scenario as if it is a turn on. Having the woman giving a striptease serves to misconstrue such an act of harrassment, as an act of harrassment desired by women. Obviously men do find this a turn on, which says alot…

19 Responses to “ZOO eroticising sexual harrassment”

  1. The fact many men find this sexual assault sexually arousing says a great deal about men’s belief in their entitlement to sexually assault and rape women. Zoo is not only condoning sexual harassment and sexual stalking it is also promoting the crime of male sexual voyeurism. Under the Sexual Offences Act, 2003 voyeurism is now a sexual crime, but of course I forget this young woman ‘consented’ according to Zoo’s interpretation. And we wonder why male sexual assaults and rapes against women and girls is ever increasing NOT decreasing.

    When will gender-hatred be made a criminal offence? Homophobia and racism are now crimes of hatred directed at a particular group – well women are a group and like homosexuals and non-whites women are not all the same. Yet still, we hear the claim that since women are not a ‘group’ there cannot be the crime of gender-hatred or women-hatred. Misogyny is very devious as we know and Zoo is only one of many magazines promoting contempt and hatred towards women and girls.

  2. Sorry – not much to say, except that creeped me out big style!
    That video is promoting sexual stalking – it is saying it’s okay to invade a woman’s personal space – Oh well what’s changed?
    I have a personal beef with this one, and I am fucking furious.
    Yeah, what Jennifer said also…Gah!

  3. jo22 said

    I didn’t watch the video but I read the comments. Quite a few guys are saying “you need to show more skin/play with yourself” etc. The sense of entitlement doesn’t show at all does it?

  4. Well I watched the video and apart from the serious undertones I found it utterly ridiculous! I thought she looked ridiculous, I thought the idea of it was ridiculous.

    Men who watch that probably think we all come home and prance around like strippers and lapdancers with our curtains open, desperate for some pervert to be watching us ready to take us at any time! I dunno what goes through a woman’s mind to want to make that video – isn’t she worried that some Nuts perv will see her in the street and do it for real??!!!

  5. Rachel H-G said

    Didn’t watch the video but read the responses – did you notice “Davecarr” second from bottom, pointing out how creepy and nasty the video is?
    Shame the rock ape below him felt the need to shout him down in flames.

  6. Grace said

    Jo22 said “Quite a few guys are saying “you need to show more skin/play with yourself” etc”

    hmmm almost sounds like they’re giving her tips huh? *you’re not turning me on quite enough luv with your unknowingly public strip tease!!* – i.e. it sounds like they don’t really want to admit to themselves that it was filmed in secret, like they want to believe that the women did the striptease FOR the readers of Zoo for all their wanking pleasure. Because if they admitted that the violation of privacy part of it was a turn on then they would have to think about the fact that they are, in reality, sick f**ks. Simple as, IMO.

  7. I also found it creepy being able to faintly hear the camera man’s deep breathing…
    And the clip ends by the guy walking towards the bathroom, after she closes the door, which implies he is going in after her.
    Just sick, how they twist a scene of sexual harrassment into porn for their pleasure, and also how the woman, who was complicit in making this clip, has such a warped idea about what is sexually arousing. Sexual objectification and eroticised powerlessness are deeply ingrained in so many women.

  8. stormy said

    Explain to me again how all this stuff is meant to be *empowering* to women? Complicit in their own demise, to become victims of sexual assaults and stalking, and to become disposable sex objects.

    The ‘enthusiastic’ pervs on the zoo board creep me out big time.

    They really do belong in one, a zoo that is. *shudder*

  9. fannyblood said

    unearthling they are my sentiments exactly about how much porn just isn’t sexy. as you say despite the serious undertones i actually laughed my head off at her act. why do women not see what they’re doing as degrading?!?! it’s just NOT SEXY!

  10. I feel like that Fanny too- I want to laugh at such women who are prancing around on their bed wobbling their breasts around and pouting for lads mags, cos they look daft- but I also feel sad for them- as Dworkin would say- ‘the colonized mind’. The things women have to do to get male approval…

    How do we reach out to such women, that’s a huge problem..?

  11. BB wrote a thoughtful post a while back.

  12. fannyblood said

    exactly, charlie that’s key here isn’t it … ? why women feel this DESPERATE need to seek male approval?! that the only way they feel valid is to go to this extreme? we all pretty much want to feel attractive at some point but to make being sexy to men your whole raison d’etre is just fucked up.

    the way we reach out to them is to carry on with what we’re doing and hopefully, eventually, though education and knowledge one day women will find self-worth on their own and see that these men are just taking the piss out of them. also, the implications of what their actions are doing on a larger scale however, charlie … some women just don’t care. some women are purely motivated by money and that is the another huge obstacle. like the men who don’t care what woman is on his arm, as long as she is a pretty trophy, you have women who don’t care who their man is – as long as he’s loaded, and that’s a huge problem.

  13. Rachel H-G said

    We need a video of a man doing it to highlight the inherent daftness maybe?

  14. jo22 said

    Of course there are women who don’t care that they’re being taken the piss out of by men: their attitude is that they are ALSO taking the piss by gaining money from them. (Been there myself.)

    Perhaps an angle might be to point out that if they were targeted for assault/rape they would have even less chance than the average woman of seeing justice. They may also be targeted for that very reason.

    Then who’s taking the piss?

    They may then still say that it’s ok, they kind of knew it was part of the deal, it’s not that bad, they’re still making money – but they are going to be branded as a slut and a liar and will find it difficult to get any other work.

    Then who’s taking the piss? We live in a male-dominated society for god’s sake. This won’t change by redefining the word “slut”. WE HAVE TO MAKE THAT CLEAR. Somehow.

    All women need to see that this whole “empowerment” thing is a sham in real terms. We are not living in an equal society. Would they really sell their autonomy if they knew that’s what it was they were selling?

  15. I’ve just watched it again and yes it is ridiculous the way she is stripteasing in her bedroom- the way she moves her body posturing her arse like it is a hole to be penetrated by the male voyeur gaze. And what immediately struck me is how pathetic men are to want to watch this stuff, and how she is pandering to this pathetic male obsession with ogling women’s naked bodies. What also struck me was the power that men would feel watching this, imagining that the woman doesn’t know anyone is watching her- in other words, male control over the female body. And also the amalgamation between porn, sexual harrassment and the sex industry, and these being normalised- in this clip we have a scene of sexual harrassment depicted as porn with the woman performing her body as a stripper, and herself a wannabe model making the film for a lads mag and publishing it within their interactive online porn-lover community!

    So yeah it is ridiculous, but has serious undertones

  16. jo22 said

    I did watch the video eventually – my computer makes these things difficult to load – and I thought the only creepy thing about it was the beginning. A standard stripshow (with no tits!) is not exactly what they wanted, but the stalker aspect….

    The sex/power thing is quite clear. As there was no nudity, the only turn-on in this “film” was the camera following her into her room, then the prospect of following her into her shower. All without her explicit consent.

    Not saying nowt else. Is obvious.

  17. fannyblood said

    “Perhaps an angle might be to point out that if they were targeted for assault/rape they would have even less chance than the average woman of seeing justice. They may also be targeted for that very reason.

    Then who’s taking the piss?”

    exactly jo. i always say the same about glamour models and rape convictions. i ask them (on myspace mainly) that if the average female can’t get her rapist convicted then where does the glamour model stand?! the glamour model offering sex to the entire male population?

    just a thought.

    “All women need to see that this whole “empowerment” thing is a sham in real terms. We are not living in an equal society. Would they really sell their autonomy if they knew that’s what it was they were selling?”

    reminds me of something i read on yesterday …

    “What is it about sex and women that lowers a woman’s perceived cultural value if she has sex even without money or forcibly as in cases of rape? Changing the cultural connection that makes women engaging in sex (paid for, raped, or consensual) worth-less, low class sluts needs to be changed before legalization can be honestly considered.”

    how can women be empowered selling sex in a society that ultimately sees these women as ‘filthy’ SLUTS?! the menz are laughing their heads off!!!

  18. linda said

    I just found this in the Telegraph

    (sorry you’ll probably have to cut and paste that link) which is a story about how one in five women experience stalking at some time in their lives. The woman in the story experienced a work colleague photographing her secretly, making harassing telephone calls, following her to her house and generally harassing her constantly and nearly killed herself as a result. Of course men like this will see this and it convinces them that their actions are ok because this is what women secretly want.

  19. Usayd said

    Don’t you think that using phrases such as “Obviously men do…” (as opposed to “some men” or “readers of shit mags”, etc) reenforces the stereotype that all Feminists are Men-hating nutjobs who’d rather castrate men rather than promote positive rights for women?

    I sincerely doubt that the sexual preferences of Osama Bin laden, Gerry from Big Brother, Myself, Mahatma Ghandi and John Major can be so neatly tied together! I, for one, do not find this “a turn on”, and I’d say I’m in the vast majority. Kindly refrain from making blanket statements about men based on assumptions made from reading pathetic “lads mags”. Likewise, I’ll refrain, as I always have, from believing women are the narcissistic, vain, ego-maniac, weight obssesed nymphomaniacs portrayed in Vogue!

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