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Nuts and readers meet in Manchester

Posted by charliegrrl on February 16, 2007

Nuts’ readers will soon be meeting up in a central bar in Manchester…to meet up with like-minded men, who are also obsessed with breasts.

Nuts Party

Lots of the women who strip in Nuts will be attending aswell…

It’s kinda like- “Nuts readers! Come and try pull wannabe porn stars whose topless photos you’ve been perving over!”

So…I’ll be going along too!

Armed with a few feminists, leaflets and placards, to make them and their misogyny unwelcome in Manchester.

And also to reach out to the women who strip in Nuts- to highlight how misogynistic Nuts is, and how as women they are worth so much more!

Anyone fancy coming..? Let me know…

24th February 4pm

Kro Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester

28 Responses to “Nuts and readers meet in Manchester”

  1. stormy said

    It will be a night of many boobs – and I’m not talking about the slang for breasts either. LOSERS !
    Just ewwwww.

  2. Sonia Barlow said

    Hi i would like to come to the nuts meet to protest against this, i think its disgusting can you mail me more details please, and will you already have leafletts or can we make our own?

  3. fannyblood said

    the most ironic thing about porn etc. is just how unsexy it is?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jo said

    You are a very brave woman. Good Luck!

  5. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be there! Sadly Im in London that day 😦 I am going armed with my “Nuts about women? Then treat them with respect” stickers though!

    Nuts should be re-named, I have some ideas:

    “Men who can’t see past their… Nuts”

    “Brains in your Nuts?”

    “For men with tiny…Nuts!”


    “Misogynistic perverted sad twats who make us sick to our stomachs and their annoying sack of female followers desperate to please!”

    I don’t think that one is very catchy though!

    Can you imagine if that boob job competition were reversed into a balls enlargement comp? We should re-write it: –

    “Got no balls? Do ladies think you are pathetic and worthless? Well so do we, but we can fix that with two melon sized implants! Not only will you look like your bursting with sperm but you will never worry again about finding a lump in your testicles because with our prize you won’t be able to feel lumps – cancerous or otherwise! It will hurt like hell, you will look and feel ridiculous and probably feel much much worse about yourself afterwards – but that’s better than having no balls eh men?! Remember, you are nothing without them!”

    We could offer up a competition – find the biggest misogynist in the country and the winner receives…. a castration!

    Ahem – Im feeling moody tonight – dunno where all that came from but it feels better off my chest!!!

  6. He He! Funny!
    Men who can’t see past their…Nuts
    I like it!

    Also- Nuts…about exploitation
    Nuts…about misogyny
    Nuts…about their penis

    Will have to get these ideas onto placards…

  7. On second thoughts I DO know where it came from! Im sick of walking into shops and seeing naked women and porn slapping me in the face and making me feel like its me with the problem for not wanting to take part in a culture that has NO respect for women whatsoever!

    I don’t see respect anywhere except on the internet with the feminist blogs I read! Even women and men who don’t buy lads mags and porns are sucked into women plastering make-up on their faces, shaving and behaving like faux-lesbians with their mates to make men think they are sexy.

    Everywhere I look I see raunch – I see women either trying to please men or trying to be like them – nowhere do i see women celebrating being women – real women – with all the creativity, passion, intelligence, soul and general wonderment that comes with being a female!

    And it makes me ache, literally!

  8. Here’s another one…

    “would you like me to cut off your… Nuts”

  9. Sonia I’ll email you- you can bring your own leaflets and placard. We’ll be making leaflets and placards aswell.

  10. fannyblood said

    “the most ironic thing about porn etc. is just how unsexy it is?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    this comment was meant to be under the stalker video thread!!!! bless me!!! ha ha!


  11. Yes bless you Fanny 🙂

    Heh! go Charlie! and good luck – not that you need it of course

  12. Laura said

    Wow, you’re brave! Good luck.

  13. stormy said

    “I go NUTS every time I see a bunch of neanderthal misogynists”

    “I go NUTS at the exploitation of young women”

    “I go NUTS about misogyny”

    or my completely inane:
    “Dudes who read NUTS are complete and utter losers”

    [I liked “For men with tiny…Nuts!” above, esp in conjunction with the brain-testicle reference]

  14. Those misognystic Nutters will receive an unpleasant surprise when they arrive hoping to get up close and personal to semi-naked women. Women supporters of Nutters will also receive an unpleasnt surprise!! Heh Heh!! Nuts…about their penises!! Very sad men!

  15. Franchesca Fingers said

    The guy in the front with the diamante t-shirt looks like a right chauvenistic tit-obsessed sleaze-bag doesn’t he!

  16. linda said

    Erm – I see from their message board that the charming Nuts readers have got wind of our fun antics and are threatening physical violence. Quote from ‘Birmingham City Kev’ ‘They’d all get the back of my Sovs’ Well boys (or old man in the case of Birmingham City Kev) – I think threats of that kind are illegal – sure the Greater Manchester Police will be interested. Anyway it just proves that these anti feminists have NO SENSE OF HUMOUR!

  17. HE HE!

    This is going to be fun!

    And who is the 16 year old feminist giving them shit..? I think I know 😉

  18. Nesta said

    What freaks.

    I never actually bothered looking at websites or mags like zoo and nuts as i knew enough of what they were by their covers, to object to them. Looking at the website though, i’ve come to the conclusion that instead of demonstrating we should set up a fund for mentally ill people, for people who find women’s bodies repulsive.

    The women’s bodies have absolutely no resemblance to women’s bodies! The women with breast implants look deformed and all of them look in need of a good meal. It’s surely a mentally ill person who finds starvation and deformities a turn on. And they have no hair, where’s their hair?! Weird.

  19. linda said

    PS – I see that that noted intellectual ‘feminist scum’ (he’s only 22, bless him – I presume he was dumped when he was 15 and has never got over it) thinks he has ‘ruined our plans’, erm in what way would that be? Does he think we don’t realise einsteins like him read this blog? Does he think it wouldn’t have been posted her if we didn’t WANT nuts readers to know what was going on. I despair honestly…. You’ll never get a job in MI5 Feministscum (crazy name, crazy guy).

  20. emma said

    Oh and he has a DIGITAL CAMERA! How amazing! Does he not realise that us ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (sorry couldn’t resist) have also used the money we earn from our independent women loony feminist type jobs to purchase these widely available and relatively inexpensive items.

    Shoes on my feet I bought em! (and this computer, and my house, read it and weep feminist scum, bet you live with your mum and dad).

  21. fannyblood said

    “Quote from ‘Birmingham City Kev’ ‘They’d all get the back of my Sovs’”

    and there’s me thinking they loved women?!!!!!

  22. Amy said

    Just came across your blog by accident and think its excellent. I whole-heartedly support your cause and would love to get involved. Please e-mail me some details. keep up the good work girl! Amy

  23. They’ve deleted the thread on the messageboard.

    They obviously don’t want us to spoil their party…

  24. linda said

    Actually C I think the Nuts moderators might have panicked at the idea of being prosecuted for inciting criminal offences, which was certainly a possibility, the way things were going. Oh dear poor. poor FS – so deficient in social skills even Nuts don’t want anything to do with him – still I’m sure your mum loves you, isn’t that her in the cellar? (You don’t mind me calling you FS do you, feminist scum is just soooo formal I find….)NB I printed the thread out of course! My workmates nearly gave themselves a hernia laughing.

  25. Hilmi said

    Hey everyone,

    Have been directed to this fantastic blog and thought I’d post and pledge my support for this action. Woo! Keep up the good work.

    And visit the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society’s (WASS) forum, if you want. I’m the events organiser of WASS. Our forum’s being overrun by anti-feminists 😦 and needs to be reclaimed!

  26. linda said

    Thanks for the good wishes Hilmi. I hope that we can get together with some members of WASS and some other student activists to take action at De Montford University when the ‘babes in the bed’ tour visits on 24 March.

    Today is going to be a blast if the NUTS aren’t so frightened by the idea of a few placards & leaflets they run away!

  27. Kath said

    Can anyone fill me in, what happened?

  28. hippie said

    How did it go?? This feminist needs to know!

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