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Nuts, get out of Womanchester!

Posted by charliegrrl on February 25, 2007

Nuts arranged to meet in Manchester Kro bar 24th Feb, for a social.

Nuts readers

So a few of us feminists went along to tell them and their misogyny to piss off.

A few days previous to this, an anti-feminist blog pest decided to stir things up with Nuts readers, by posting on the Nuts forum, how ‘the feminist rats’ are coming to spoil your gathering. Some of the Nuts readers made threats of violence against us on the forum, if we turned up. Nuts moderators took down all threads discussing the Nuts social. So, we were unsure if they would change their plans to avoid us…

Undeterred, we went along to the bar at the arranged time

We spotted a group of people who we recognised from the forum. We leafleted them and stood near them with our placards.

They laughed nervously and looked intimidated. The manager came to ask us what we were doing, to which we said we are protesting against the Nuts social…to which he said, ‘These people aren’t Nuts, they are the ju-jitsu club from around the corner, they meet here every week’


So we were left in an uncomfortable position. We were almost sure it was them, from their reactions and their faces…but we weren’t all 100%. So we left.

We are unsure if Nuts even met up at all, as we checked both Kro bars on that road, and they weren’t there (unless the Ju-Jitsu club was Nuts!). There is no indication on Nuts’ site to say they met up, no photos…which is great cos it means we disrupted their plans.

So, either Nuts didn’t meet up, they met up but elsewhere, or the group of people we targeted were Nuts, and we were fobbed off!

Either way, we disrupted their plans, cos all details of the social were deleted from the Nuts forum, and they most likely changed their plans or didn’t meet.

But we will find out and let you know!

(Message to anti-feminist blog pest: how does it feel that you may have inadvertantly disrupted the Nuts social..? Awww…is your penis shrivelling with humility..?)

Thanks to Joc for the cool Nuts reader image

13 Responses to “Nuts, get out of Womanchester!”

  1. I am glad, as always, to find evidence to disprove the vicious lie that radical feminists don’t have a sense of humor.

    EEEEK! indeed.

    My, but I admire your pluck.

  2. I looove you all x

  3. Linda said

    I wish Birmingham City Kev had turned up and attempted to carry out his threats to punch us, I could have wrongfooted him by whipping away his zimmer frame. NB you gave great amusement to the citizens of Mancunium BCK and they were very impressed by your good taste in jewellery. (thanks to Joc for the pic BTW)

  4. stormy said

    I see you’ve renamed the place then, “Womanchester”.
    Good work!
    Now to get all those pesky maps relabelled…

    (It probably was them, did they look like gutless little twerps?)

  5. Those two up there look ever so familiar. Who’d have know they’d still be about, what with 130 000 years having passed.

  6. linda said

    Well to be frank Stormy – if you’d been given the leaflet with the pair above on and you weren’t expecting to be picketed by feminists, you’d have gone what the f**k? But no-one did, so yes I reckon it was DEFINITELY them.

  7. Linda, I’ve had some Nuts people sending me messages saying they went elsewhere to avoid us!

  8. linda said

    Well either a)that’s true and they’re yellow bellied cowards who are scared of a few leaflets – come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough boys! or b)they’re LYING yellow bellied cowards.

    Either way RESULT!

  9. How about yellow bellied lying cowards who are scared of a few leaflets AND feminists…

  10. Dr Hermione Tweed said

    I and my fellow archaeologists at Manchester University were amazed when my distinguished colleague Dr Gerald Jumper managed to photograph (see above)’homo nuttius maximumus’ in his natural habitat. Following the recent discovery of remains in Ironbridge, it was thought these shy, retiring and frankly scared creatures were extinct. However we are now completely convinced that they are in fact the ‘missing link’ between ‘homo erectus penis minimus’ and ‘homo wankus’.

  11. pippa71 said

    Well done you lot! That’s hysterical, of course it was them, else why would the bar manager go to such lengths to explain who they really were?! Can I be annoying and ask about the picture of the two men in the Nuts shirts? Who are they? Where is picture from? Pippa x

  12. Dr Hermione Tweed said

    These rare examples of homo nuttius maximus (sorry for the spelling error above) were originally discovered in Tasmania where apparently they roam free Pippa, (what with Australian society being so backward and all) Well to spoil the joke (sorry folks), my Aussie mate who’s a graphic designer photoshopped them so they came all the way from the other side of the world. They originally came from google images. Which makes me laugh when some blog pest elsewhere said we were making fun of people who are ‘clearly retarded’. Mind you they are wearing NUTS T shirts.

  13. fannyblood said

    “Which makes me laugh when some blog pest elsewhere said we were making fun of people who are ‘clearly retarded'”

    ha ha ha … says it all doesn’t it?!?!?! SAY NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha!

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