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NUTS Babes on the Bed Tour

Posted by charliegrrl on February 27, 2007

I keep finding myself saying this- just when you think lads mags couldn’t do anything worse, they go and do this…

Well, this time, it’s The Babes on the Bed Tour

Please read

So, NUTS are staging live porn shoots in nightclubs, with local women, in front of a drunken audience of men. Or should I say, a couple of wannabe models needing publicity, and a dozen drunk local women who are persuaded into it. I’ll also point out, one of the events is at a university.

The women, semi-naked, will be doing sex postitions on a bed, with a crowd of men leering and jeering at them. I wonder how many of the women will appease the men’s cries and do a ‘lesbian’ photo shoot, or start having a romp for the glee of the wanking audience.


It’s kinda like a live-interactive porn show, with the masturbators verbally gangbanging a series of young women.

The women are judged on their performance on the bed. The woman who best presents herself as a willing sex toy for the voyeur audience, will win a modelling contract with Neon Management. NUTS will take photos of the women, and publish these photos in their magazine, for free, as usual.

NUTS seem determined to turn a generation of young women into porn stars. And some women seem so desperate to gain male approval… *shaking my head with dispair*

When I last went to a babe competition, some women obviously were frightened when it came to their turn to ‘perform’ for the men. No doubt, some of these women will feel the terror. When she gets up on stage, gets on the bed, and looks into the crowd of drunken men. Too late to back out.

25 Responses to “NUTS Babes on the Bed Tour”

  1. Linda said

    Nuts actually might find they’ve gone too far this time Charliegrrl – watch this space!

  2. jo22 said

    “busting some bed-type moves”. FFS.

    I think the women should decide beforehand, that each one who gets on the bed pretends to go to sleep and starts snoring. Don’t they realise that pissing off an entire crew of idiots would be more fun, and dare I say, empowering?

  3. Grace said

    A whole new low!

    “NUTS will take photos of the women, and publish these photos in their magazine, for free, as usual.

    This is something that people seem to miss isn’t it? All the people who say it’s not all that bad, always go for the argument that they’re doing it for the money, and they’re choosing to exploit mastebation-of-the-nation for their own financial gain! Obviously! Blah! But ney, indeed they are not being paid, but they get contracts which is like getting paid only with expectations and commands.

    I don’t know how many times i’ve pointed out the misguided notion that stripping is empowering and that male approval is the be all and end all, are much more likely to be the reasons than money. Not as many times as the more experienced and less timid readers out there obviously! I have printed out the wallet-sized porn-cheat guide from *one angry girl* so now it is with me wherever I go =)

  4. Sounds horrific. I had an e-mail about it – apparently it’s even going to universities šŸ˜¦

    What’s your opinion on Men & Motors?

    I’m thinking of going into performance poetry – and I’ve written a poem about it šŸ™‚

  5. Bea said

    Hi Charlie,

    Do you know the name of the University. I’d like to write to their equalities officer a.s.a.p.

  6. ysbryd said

    great, so lads mags are successfully dragging ‘girls gone wild’ culture over here.

  7. Linda said

    Hi everyone – the dates & locations of the tour are published on the NUTS website. They are all at nightclubs apart from one which is at Leicester De Montfort University on 24 March. The NUS has an official policy against Lads mags as well! You can get contact details for De Montfort SU officials from the De Montfort Website if you’d like to write to them and ask them to cancel it.

  8. Grace said

    Is it going on at Uni of East Anglia Robert? I actually know a couple of people who work in the Estates and Buildings department there, they take all the orders for safety checks etc for gigs and events…it would be worth me at least emailing them if it’s going to be there.

  9. tcupnewt said

    That must be a terrifying position for the women to be in. The drunken louts will be wanting them to raise (or is that lower) the bar more and more and it will become a case of coercion through fear and peer pressure. I know someone at De Montford. Might have to check out what I can do.

  10. Linda said

    Actually I’ve just been looking on the NUTS website and I think I may have to sue them for sexual discrimination. Not only is the ‘pub pool’ competition only open to men, but the ‘assess my breasts’ is only open to women. What about all these ‘man breasts’ we see so much about in the press these days? Why can Simon Cowell not enter?

  11. Camryn said

    This is all very depressing. I can’t believe one of the events is even being held at a university. So much for higher education. One of the many things that really bothers me about this, and other scenarios like it, is that some local women will come and participate. I don’t understand why women don’t shun these events and any man who would take part in them. Why are some women so desperate for a scrap of male attention that they don’t care how they degrade themselves? I’m not saying anything new here, I know. The whole thing just boggles my mind. I’m starting to lose faith in men in general – and in women who won’t stand up against these events.

    I think you’re doing any awesome job with this site, Charlie. I’m curious, what do you guys all do to stop yourselves from losing faith?

  12. Linda said

    See the next post Camryn – we are on our way and nothing’s gonna stop us now (as Jefferson Airplane so sagely pointed out).

  13. Linda said

    Sorry meant Jefferson Starship of course….

  14. Burrow said

    I would love to see some women get in the bed and pretend to sleep. I fear for the safety of the women once they get off the bed. *shudder*

  15. What Joe22 said šŸ™‚
    And yup Burrow :-/

  16. Linda said

    I can sympathise with your frustration Camryn at ‘men in general and women who won’t stand up against these events’, but I think it’s probably important that we aim at the right target here. Yes women are choosing to take part in these events in the sense that no one is actually physically forcing them or holding a gun to their head. But if you read Charlie’s account of the ‘babe’ competition you’ll see that a lot of the women who ended up taking part had pressure applied to do it. Women (and of course men) do have a responsibility for their role in these events, but we should remember they’re organised by big companies who only care about their profit margins.

    Reminds me of the story of Dr John Snow and the Broad Street pump. In 1854 Dr Snow worked out that cholera was being spread by a particular water pump, but people didn’t believe him (the source of cholera was unknown at the time) and didn’t want to stop using the pump, so what did he do?

    He took the handle off the pump.

  17. Camryn said

    I know what you mean, Linda, but I think that when women take part it makes it easier for men to point at them and say, “Take it easy. Look, obviously it’s not bothering these girls.” Yes, the big companies put these events on but men and women are showing up of their own freewill. Maybe it’s my own failing but I have a hard time understanding why a woman would cave to the pressure. If you’re being bullied into taking part in the first place how can you conceive that you’d actually feel better after?

    See, I don’t know that it’s possible to take that handle off the pump while other women are still clinging on.

    I know we’re coming from the same place, in that we don’t want women to feel pressured to do these things, but I think we’ve reached a critical point where so much of the female population is swallowing this garbage about things like stripping being empowering (or at least acting like they are in agreement) that it puts those of us who want to fight objectification in an even worse position.

  18. I’ve been researching on commodification of women and discovered this theory. Question – why do women put up with sexual objectification – answer because it is part of the attraction of power and control implicity promised to women who meet the ideals. It is the illusory promise that if a woman becomes a sexual object she will be more highly valued no matter how fleeting or temporary. The implicit promise of affirmation and happiness is more illusory than real. Women who experience problems with body image etc is not due to failure of achieving the right look but rather the product of striving for the impossible. Currently dominant definitions of women’s sexualities all presume sexuality is derived from the appearance of their bodies. Physical appearance mediates how women are perceived and treated by others and it influences their own expectations of themselves. Women manipulate their bodies in order to meet societal expectations and since alternative images of women are extremely limited, together with penalites for women who do not conform to narrow male-defined ideas of sexuality and beauty. Society provides certain rewards and benefits to women who most closely approximate beauty ideals but at the same time women who do manipulate their bodies to achieve the sexual object are perceived as being more sexually available, immoral and less intelligent than women who do not conform. In essence being a female sexual commodity or sexual object will not guarantee women education, jobs, health care, justice within the legal system or personal safety. Nor will it guarantee women the right to their own home, economic security or political influence. What is needed is identifying what will guarantee women these benefits and then teaching women and girls to focus their attention on opportunities and behaviours which will actually give them real security and power.

    But still the illusion of power holds sway. Likewise men too are influenced by definitions of what represents a ‘real man.’ Sexuality is still perceived as being innate, fixed and rigid therefore it is ‘natural’ and not affected by ideas of power, privilege, gender and status.

  19. Linda said

    I totally agree Camryn in terms of women like Lucy Pinder who is (according to Nuts publicity) the chief force behind the babes on the bed tour. She’s making a lot of money from exploiting other women and makes me feel very angry.

    I discussed this with someone a couple of weeks ago who talked about looking at why women were doing this and reaching out to them, which I think is a good idea but would be hard to do unless you’re going to provide vast swathes of the population with intensive psychotherapy – and they’d have to want it of course.

    Maybe we need to look though at why women are swallowing the garbage – It’s very hard for me to understand because I’m in my 40’s and don’t want relationships with men and am generally a bit of an arsey character. But talking to younger (straight) women (but it’s hitting the lesbian ‘scene’ now) they’re actually completely surrounded – it may be accurate to say submerged – by the porn culture which tells them that this kind of stuff is empowering. It’s a very clever argument and one that is repeated endlessly in the mainstream media, a really subtle form of brainwashing.

    If I walk down the road where I work, which is the main ‘student’ road in Manchester I can see posters reading ‘everybody loves Porn’ (ad for music night), student night with references to ‘vodka pussy’ (what?)endless posters for club nights featuring half naked women, etc, etc – a flood of woman hating imagery. I was on a train the other day and ‘FHM 50 high street honeys’ was on the bottom shelf in the buffet car where toddlers could see it! It’s very hard for most women to fight the mainstream culture, you have to be very strong minded.

    It does make fighting objectification very hard when Lucy Pinder goes on ‘Richard and Judy’ saying that she enjoys her job and finds it empowering. That’s why we need to fight back even harder but it can be done – more and more women are starting to say no, and the more women that do it, the easier it will be for all women to do it. We just need to try to keep getting the message out there. In terms of NUTS we need to protest directly and as vocally as possible against ‘Babes on the Bed’ as we can. So why not go to your local night and make your voice heard!

  20. stormy said

    At a local venue where this will be held, it seems they are doing free drinks for women before 11pm (and cheap ones for the men before midnight?).

    So, plenty of alcohol is the strategy to get more women involved than otherwise would when sober.

  21. Jennifer, I thought that was a brilliant analysis.
    I get asked this question all the time- why do women go along with sexual objectification..? And yeah I usually state that women are attracted to the momentary power of luring the male gaze. It’s an illusion of power. A woman at the anti-porn conference said something that stuck in my mind- ‘women are always taught to gain power through their image’. Even in women’s magazines, women are only ‘successful’ and ‘in control’ if they look young, are pretty and are slim, aswell as having a good career etc.

    It is also to do with social approval- as they are being rewarded by men for being a sex object. I imagine many women may feel ‘power’ if they are conventionally beautiful and they manage to turn male heads in a crowd. And I suppose there is a capitalist angle too, as women’s bodies have ‘worth’ value and women compete amongst one another and feel ‘successful’ if they have a body of ‘great worth’.

    Also, women are sold the aspiration of making a career through being a sex object, whether that be a glamour model or a ‘shut-up-and-look-pretty’ tv hostess, and this for many women is seen as more glamourous than being a waitress etc.

    Might have to quote you on that piece šŸ˜‰

  22. Thanks Charlie. Yes, the illusion of power is very seductive. The media deliberately portrays sexual commodification of women as being glamourous. Knowing that a woman’s body has caused a man’s eyes to almost pop out of his head does give the transitory impression of power. However, nothing changes, the man continues about his business knowing that his rights and entitlements have not changed, whereas the woman’s actions are defined as what all women supposedly are either dirty sluts or madonnas. Yes definitely a capitalist angle too since the beauty and media industry have made enormous profits out of telling women the only way a woman can succeed is by radically changing her physical appearance. Unfortunately it all too often works in the short term, but long-term well once a woman reaches the age of 35 her shelf life is over and it is time for a younger version to take over.

    However, when a woman or girl is subjected to male sexual harassment or other forms of male violence what happens – she was asking for it of course. Simple isn’t it and once again men can claim ‘she led me on etc.’ For centuries the only way women could gain a midgin of power was via being sexually available to men. Have matters really changed I ask myself.

    I have to be honest and say credit must also go to feminist writers and activists Cheryl Travis and her colleagues.

  23. Hi,

    I just wanted to say i actually modelled for nuts at the babes on the bed heats at gants hill, essex and all the contestents were actually picked weeks before the competition from pictures that had been sent into the mag. I know how it might look to some people but it was not porn it was just a bit of fun and my husband was actually there to keep me safe. A lot of the other girls had there boyfriends there and if alone they were so many bouncers and security making sure no one got near the girls. I think if girls want to get into this type of modelling and are over the age of 18 its there choice and nuts are doung nothing that the girls don’t want. I personally am very gratefull to nuts for giving me the chance to be noticed and am now in talks with many agents and magazines as a result.

    Much Love
    Kerry Ciurariu

  24. It doesn’t suprise me that they had picked local women from the photos they had already sent in. This would explain their lack of avertising.

    Kerry, please think about these two questions… Who is your husband keeping you safe from..? And why does he need to keep you safe in that environment..?

    This is my point exactly- Nuts use such events to recruit glamour models. It wouldn’t suprise me if Nuts are subsidised by modelling agencies.

    Even though you may feel happy that you took part in this event, and you now are potentially signing a modelling contract, I would rather see you and other women, not being viewed as tits and ass in pretty lingerie- which is how men will see you when they look at your photos. I would rather you were not put in situations where your husband needs to protect you from other men.

  25. Anonymous said

    Hi all,
    After reading all of your comments on here about this topic I feel I have to add something to all of this!!
    I am currently at university studying hard for a degree, after attending a well respected grammar school. Yet, I am also signed to an agency in London who deal with all of the lads mags and I do photoshoots for them all regularly. I am also a beauty queen and am going to Miss England this year for the chance to represent my home country at Miss World.
    I love what I do. I enjoy what I do. And I certainly don’t feel like this bedroom babes tour has “gone too far”. Your comments are made on the assumption that these “poor girls” don’t know what they’re doing and they’re stupid and have no common sense. I have brains, and I certainly have a lot of common sense, as I’m exploiting the world we live in. I’m making money from the state of society we live in. Yes, a lot of the girls don’t get paid for their appearances in these magazines, but it’s what they want to do. For a lot of girls, appearing in a magazine is a confidence boost. It doesn’t harm anyone, so what’s the problem?
    I think that Kerry is referring to the fact that her husband was there to protect her like he would be any other night – on any ordinary night out often I would like a husband to protect me, but that’s just the society we live in nowadays. Men are sex crazed and it’s not always safe out, regardless of who you are or what situation you’re in. Being in a public place like this with the security of all of the other people there is surely a safer situation than being a shady pub with dirty old men.
    My sister is just hitting her forties, and she, like you guys, has a problem with what I choose to do – I think it’s called a mid-life crisis. If she could turn the tables back, she most probably would go back to being 21 and making the most of her fantastic body. Instead, she sits at home looking after her 2 children bitching about ‘the little sluts’ in the magazines to her husband. God forbid if he was to ever even think about buying one.
    I agree many of these events encourage girls to behave in ways that are inapproprate in public, but these girls are the girls that would be having sex in a dark corner of a night club if they weren’t showing off their sex moves on a bed in a nightclub. Not everyone’s like that. You shouldn’t tar us all with the same brush šŸ™‚
    I hope I haven’t offended anyone, or upset anyone, I just wanted to put another side of the story up there! šŸ™‚
    ps. if it makes the girls happy to do this then you shouldn’t feel the need to stop it – they don’t decide to protest at you wearing baggy jeans and messy hair, do they? That’s your choice, and your right – just as it is theirs

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