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Nuts event cancelled

Posted by charliegrrl on March 7, 2007

Nuts were planning to hold a live porn shoot event Babes on the Bed, at De Montfort University.

It has now been cancelled due to pressure from EM Fems, NW Fems and Object!

This is how it happened…

Jen from Em Fems contacted the University about the event, and a Women’s Studies Professor, urging them to cancel it. Linda emailed India Knight from the Times about the event, who thought it was so ‘grotesque’ that she took the story to the news desk, and they expressed interest on reporting on the event. Linda also complained to the Vice Chancellor, and after having The Times ringing them up, they were taking the event very seriously! The Women Studies Professor by this time had arranged an internal meeting and by the end of the day, the event had been cancelled.

Just goes to show that a few people can make a difference.

Thanks to all of you involved.

Here is a preview of the Babes on the Bed tour. (Apologies for the image here for those who don’t want to watch it)

It involves Lucy Pinder, a Nuts model, posing in lingerie on a bed. However, the preview is done in a studio…what would have been more realistic, is to have a preview in front of a huge audience of drunken men shouting- ‘get your tits out!’

Lucy will be making star appearances at the events, coaching the women along when they are posing on the bed.

Michelle from EM Fems researched into the other tour dates, to see if the events were being held on student nights in clubs…

And suprise suprise, yes some of them are

Nuts will be holding the Babes on the Bed tour at The City club in Edinburgh and the Fubar in Stirling, both on student nights. Also, the Nuts event in Southend at Mayhem, will be held on a night where women can drink free until 11pm. Just to make sure there are enough drunk women to participate.

Also, three of the tourdates are taking place at Wildcats, which is a chain of lapdancing clubs. As Michelle rightly comments… are these events being put on as some sort of foundation course for becoming a lapdancer?

29 Responses to “Nuts event cancelled”

  1. Linda said

    It probably won’t be long before you can do a degree in lapdancing studies!

  2. Nooooooo!

  3. Linda said

    Mind you if you gave me enough free drink I’d probably get on stage and make some very un-bedbusting moves. Has Lucy Pinder thought of changing her name to ‘Lucy Pimper’?

  4. alex said

    I don’t believe those evil Patriarchal bastards are handing out free drinks in order to further their vile plot to subjugate women. Just how low are they willing to stoop in their campaign of oppression? Oh the humanity.

  5. Linda said

    I just hope a load of women go to Mayhem, get completely bevvied, go on stage and collectively vomit – an appropriate comment on the whole sorry event!

  6. Sian said

    That was the most boring two minutes of my life! was that supposed to stimulate and titilate cos I nearly fell asleep! i’d be amazed if anyone bothered to turn up if that’s the advert for it – mind you they are trying to appeal to mindless perverts aren’t they – job done!

    hehe, Linda!!!

  7. Grace said

    Great work by EM Fems! I’m glad it has been cancelled at DMU, and hopefully that wont be the end of it! I already know that they are not going to do this promotion at Uni of Bham, although i’m not sure about the other West Mids uni’s as yet.

  8. What a boring video. I can almost hear the instructions called out to Pindar – ‘turn your head slightly more to the right, no hold that bored expression.’ Titilation – no – rubbish yes. Even better would be if women were to get up on stage and destroy the bed. Good to hear University of Birmingham won’t be holding this sexually degrading event.

  9. Camryn said

    You guys are awesome! Congrats on getting the uni night cancelled.

  10. Richie said

    Yes, excellent work! That’s two Nuts events derailed in as many weeks. Have they got the message yet? (No, because they’re very, very stupid)

    I also like how it’s “Nuts Presents Lucy Pinder’s Babes on the Bed”, as if she’d planned the thing entirely on her own time and well-known philanthropic organisation Nuts have generously agreed to sponsor it.

  11. Linda said

    No, it’s definitely not at any other Uni’s Grace, De Montfort must have been the only one with an Ents officer (who must now be feeling VERY foolish BTW) who went for it.

    The full list of dates is on if you fancy causing some ‘Mayhem’ at your local event (keeping it legal of course kids). I also notice that peculiarly, no-one has posted on the NUTS message boards since 20 February. Is this anything to do with the famous ‘Manchester feminist incident’, when the charming NUTS made threats of violence against NW fems and tried to bully a 16 year old? It didn’t work of course because she was a 16 year old feminist!

    Like I say boys ‘Come and have a go if you’re think you’re hard enough’ (*nuts readers run away terrified*).

  12. Fanny Blood said

    “I just hope a load of women go to Mayhem, get completely bevvied, go on stage and collectively vomit – an appropriate comment on the whole sorry event!”

    darn right, linda! well me and stormy at least!!!


  13. jar said

    This probably isn’t the right place to put this, as it is a general comment, but this is just a brief note to express my admiration and support for the views expressed in this blog and indeed, in your active protests. as a man in his early 20s, who has come through an adolescence of itinerant pornography usage (because, supposedly, this kind of curiosity at that life stage is acceptable)and struggled to rid my life of this curse (i suspect that there is no other word for it) to the extent that it has harmed relationships with people very close to to me, I can only say that your work is absolutely fundamental to ensuring that honest human relationships of mutual respect and support, rather than the undertow we frequently see now, whereby men are secret (or not so) misogynists, and women and forced into a position of crushing self-hatred and abuse, prevail.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Just so people know, Kat Stark, NUS women’s officer, is aware of lads mags events on campus and it will be included in the NUS women’s campaign.

  15. I’m suprised that more universities didn’t take up the offer of having Nuts on campus

  16. Hey, can I have my two minutes back please? Seriously, this is exciting to some men? WOW! Yeah great idea to get plastered then throw up all over the bed *spew*

    Well done on your work!

  17. Laura said

    Wow, congratulations on getting the event cancelled! This gives me some hope for humanity…:)

  18. Hannah said

    Congratulations on that achievement. I didn’t know this was set to take place but it’s, quite frankly, disgusting.

  19. Rachel H-G said

    Re: the video – so stretching awkwardly on a bed, using the posture and facial expression of someone in the throes of an IBS attack is sexy?
    Perhaps they’re planning to tour gastro wards in hospitals next.
    On a serious note, keep up the good work everyone!

  20. Ben Holmes said

    This decision is a shocker, retriction of freedom of movement and expression anyone?? no just me perhaps.
    I 2nd year Law student at Demontfort uni and i am gay, however i was planning on attending this event with my friends ( the majority of whom are female ) and the diea of a modelling contract appeals to the girls. So are you saying girls who choose to go into modelling are whores or just bad people?? Either way i dont think anybody in the world is in the postion to make such judgement about people. I should also point out that president and vice president of DMU who booke this event are both women, so to say tis an event by men for men is a flawwed arguement.

    If you dont like this sort of thing i accept that i really do, however i dont think anyone should be able so say what i can and cannot attend, this a pharse and i currently have a petition with 600 signature on which i will pas on to the vice chancellor of DMU voicing dissapproval at this terrible decision.

  21. Aimée said

    This really puts a smile on my face, it makes me feel like nothing is really out of our control! Well fucking done.

  22. Lina said

    What a dull video. How is that “titillating” again? Even drunk, who would want to do THAT?

  23. Ben
    Ok, so you’re gay- would you pose on a bed on stage in a nightclub in a thong, in front of a crowd of drunken men..? Is it your life aspiration to win a modelling contract? To appear in a sleazy mag with your arse on show to the world?

    600 signatures for your petition- wow that’s some effort- you obviously feel really strongly that your friends should have the opportunity to become porn stars. How about doing a petition against male violence against women..?

    Stop whining and realise there are more important issues in the world than your friends’ desire to feel pretty and get fame.

  24. Ben Holmes said

    You seem to miss the point of what i was trying to say. What i was trying to get at is this. My friends and all women should have the CHOICE as to whether they want to go on stage or not. I don’t believe it is of any benefit to anyone so have other people making decisions for you. Also nuts magazine is not porn, its glamour modelling, if you want to oppose porn magazines, go against Hustler or Playboy.
    Also on a point previously mentioned about you thoughts that girls have to be drunk to do it and free drnks for women encourage that. I disagree, you are interpreting the facts in a way to suit your arguement. In reality drinks are cheap in all student bars, and all nightclubs let women in for free before 11 yet not yet, do you complain about this? Also are you aying that the girls aren’t clever enough to decide if they want to go on stage or not? I thought your group encouraged female rights? If a girl wants to go on stage are you honestly going to say she’s a bad person for doing it. And if she wants a free drink she can choose whether she takes it or not.

    There is no evidence that glamour modelling promotes violence against women ( which I am fully against men that hit women are scum and should rot in hell), if you are going to present an arguement, make it based on facts, rather than assumptions you make. You should accept that some women enjoy modelling and it is their choice to do so just as it their choice to attend these events, their choice as to whether that take a free drink or not, their choice as to whether or not to go on stage or not. I just disagree with a group making decisions for other people based on your views alone. I repeat if you disagree with these events i respect that i really do, but you should leave the choice to others as to whether they go or not, i dont believe your group should make that decision.

    For the record I should also point out i have done many things worse than pose on a bed in my time at university, the videos are on youtube, the photos are on myspace to prove it.

  25. Choice, Choice, Choice…

    You sound like Tony Blair

    But as with Tony Blair- choice is always an illusion…

    So your friends have made a choice to enter this competition. Why isn’t the choice available to men..? Why isn’t the choice offered to men to pose half-naked on a bed on stage in nightclubs throughout the UK..? Oh yeah, cos men don’t like degrading themselves as sex objects. The choice is there for your friends, because there is male demand to see women’s bodies presented as nothing more than willing tits and ass.

    Think about this- women in the UK choose to diet, starve and do excessive exercise regimes all in the endeavour of being thin. No one is forcing them. However, social pressure to be thin is so insidious that women partake in such regimes…in order for social approval. Not being thin, not being pretty is hard in this image obsessed culture. So not really a true choice. This is the same with women posing half-naked for men- women do it, and they may say they love it, (enjoying the praise of conforming to a glamour model image), but there is so much social pressure for women to present their bodies as sex objects for men, and the main way for women to get praise for their bodies in this female body-hating culture is through sexual obejctification, it is hard to call this a genuine choice.

    And even so, so what if your friends are making the choice? What gives your friends the right to choose to perpetuate the sexual objectification of women, encouraging men to view all women as sex objects and women to hate their bodies as they’ll never live up to the glamour model image, just so they can get money, fame and male approval..?

    The only difference between Nuts and Playboy- is that in Playboy they show their vaginas, in Nuts they cover it with one hand.

    And FACT…
    The sexual objectification of women encourages and is implicit with violence against women- men viewing women’s bodies as objects they can perv over, grope and can control at the whim of their fantasies, translates to the way men treat women in everyday life. If a man respected women not to be violent towards them, he would not treat women’s bodies as commodities to be bought and masturbated over.

    You think men respect glamour models..? Give me a break…

  26. Susannaaaa said

    Hear hear Charliegrrrl. So glad to hear that they lost at least one of their venues. I’m up for protesting outside the Edinburgh venue if I can find anyone willing to come along…

  27. stormy said

    Hi Charlie, long time no visit (but you know why!)

    I see you picked up a troll? But you have kicked him back under his bridge quite nicely. 😉

    He is gay? How come he is protesting with the vigour of a heterosexual Nuts neanderthal reader? How come his female friends who are all salivating over the prospect of becoming porn models *glamour models* can’t speak for themselves? Why do they need a man to speak for them?
    [rhetorical questions btw] *sniff, sniff* I’m smelling a rodent!

    The Mayhem nightclub is not a student one, and only offers the free drinks until 11pm (to women only) on their theme of “Filthy Gorgeous” Thursdays [aka: liquor-up la ladies till ‘levenses]. Thursdays are when the (several) Lads’ Mags events are scheduled. The pretext is obvious.

    Only on a Monday night do they offer cut priced drinks to both males and females. No other (advertised) nights are free/cheap drinks offered.

    The dress code for Thursdays is: “stylish and sexy – smart jeans and trainers ok”
    I will of course be opting for the smart jeans and trainers, whilst simultaneously expecting the males to be attired in a bustier and suspenders.
    Was I a silly feminist? Did I *somehow* get that backwards? *Noooh?!*

  28. stormy said

    PS: I could not claim the full two minutes refund — I only managed just over the minute mark.

    “OK Lucy: *pout* *doggy* *push up bra* *look sultry*”

    Yeah, she so looked like she was into it — and she is getting paid ffs! Can men really be that stupid?

  29. Annika said

    I think you said it all, Charlie, but I just wanted to point something out for Ben.

    Ahem. Ben, your friends are over 16, so please refer to them as women, and not “girls”.

    Thank you.

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