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International Women’s Day- Northern Style

Posted by charliegrrl on March 8, 2007

March 8th, women in Manchester were celebrating International Women’s Day.

I thought I would start by reminding men who were reading porn mags in WHSmith, that today is International Women’s Day, and that they should not be reading pornography.

I then went on a marker pen rampage on porn merchandise in shops.

Linda and Rachel subvertised sexist club adverts. (Shout out to Amy Winehouse, get it..?)



They also targeted The Daily Star and stuck up placards outside the head office of The Daily Sport. Then they stickered a sex shop but the owner came running out after them , so that they had to peg it and hide- ooops!

The Star

Whilst telling men off in WHSmith, I heard 5 teenage girls running and shouting through the shopping centre

‘Women’s rights are being attacked, what do we do, stand up, fight back!’

They had just been marching alongside Manchester’s recently revived Reclaim the Night.

Stop violence against women

We marched throughout Piccadilly Gardens, the atmosphere was fantastic.

relcaim the night manchester

We congregated under the arch in Piccadilly, where a group of men began booing us. So we shouted and chanted louder.

piccadilly no to rape

We were going to have a few minutes silence, but instead we spent about 10 minutes cheering at the top of our voices. Our cheers of solidarity echoed thought the centre of Manchester. It was fantastic. Afterwards we went to the Basement social centre and sung, listened to poetry and ate cake.

More photos will be on the NW Fem blog soon

9 Responses to “International Women’s Day- Northern Style”

  1. Linda said

    When Rach and me weren’t stickering, or in the pub sinking a few pints and subverting the government’s sexist binge drinking campaign (truly everything is activism) we went to the Pankhurst Centre. We talked to an older feminist there who was telling us about the time she and some other women threw paint at the Daily Star building in Manchester. And she said -everyone says feminists have no sense of humour but feminism is fun! So I think our slogan should be:

    Feminism: a lot more fun than pole dancing.

  2. Michelle said

    The RTN sounded fab! Just a shame about those male hecklers, what possesses them? And lovin’ the Rehab poster makeover!

  3. Rachel H-G said

    It sounds great. I wish I could come!

  4. Crowfoot said

    Feminism: a lot more fun than pole dancing.

    HA! Love it!

    (long time lurker, from the Colonies, heh, posting to say this is a great site, and what great work you’re doing! I need to get me some stickers too 😀 )

  5. Perhaps those male hecklers were afraid of women marching and demonstrating their power. Odd how frightened some men become when women dare to speak out against male violence. On second thoughts no not odd because this is a direct challenge to those men who consider it their right to commit rape and other sexual violence against women and girls.

  6. Anonymous said

    Excellent poster amendature! Oh I think that’s a new word…

    Alan Carr did a p**s take of Amy Winehouse on the Friday Night Project…oh how he makes my blood boil!

    RTN looked fantastic! Silly hecklers, don’t they know that when they shout, all the marchers hear is “louder louder”!?

  7. Sounds great! Yeah-usual appearance of obligatory dick heads just reinforcing why we need these events. Remember the no hopers/brainers at the London RTN?

  8. Grace said

    oh weird, that Anonymous at number 6 was me. But I don’t know why I was anon!

  9. Andrew said

    Right on!

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