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Tony Blair is a loser

Posted by charliegrrl on March 16, 2007

Tony Blair is feeling a bit down.

He applied for both ZOO’s Search for a Virgin competition and Win a Boob Job competition months ago, and hasn’t heard anything back.

He’s searched and searched on their websites and bought every ZOO magazine since, but still no word of who won these competitions.

He feels duped. ‘Were these real competitions’, he asks himself..?

Or were they a gimmick, to get more readers..?

He feels used. He sent in topless photos of himself- but for what..? To increase ZOO’s profit..? Jeeesh!


4 Responses to “Tony Blair is a loser”

  1. Linda said

    Yup, bet he’s feeling seriously deflated (geddit?). Still he can comfort himself with all that money the Labour party got from pornsters.

  2. Richie said

    And don’t forget the international trade in arms and torture equipment. CHEER UP, TONY!

  3. Silly Tony boy – didn’t you realise you were the wrong gender! Only women and teenage girls are eligible for sexual commodification and exploitation. Your whiteness and male privilege protects you. Lucky boy!

  4. stormy said

    Last time I saw ‘Tony’, clinging to a pole, [outside] the Labour Party Conference, he didn’t look like he needed a boob job? Ah, but I guess they can never be too big then!

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