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Metal Lapdancing Club

Posted by charliegrrl on March 18, 2007

In Manchester, the once student lapdancing club has now turned into a metal lapdancing club, so women giving lapdances and pole dances to metal music.

Part of the ‘entertainment’ on offer is women dancing in cages.

Minding my own business walking through Manchester city centre Saturday afternoon, I saw some little prick wearing a Caged Aslyum TShirt, handing out the above leaflets for the lapdancing club!

So I marched up to him pretending I wanted a leaflet, and confiscated the whole lot. He was a bit taken aback because I gave him a good telling off.

If I see any other little pricks handing out leaflets for this lapdancing club on an afternoon, I will egg them!

26 Responses to “Metal Lapdancing Club”

  1. rgm81 said

    Gross. There’s no shortage of misogyny in rock-n-roll, and metal is definitely no exception (as the top story at Brand New Feminist reminds us), and it’s just disheartening. I like a fair amount of metal music, but I really dislike a lot of metal fans because they have such vulgar caveman attitudes.

    There apparently seems to be some unwritten (or maybe it is written) rule that liking certain types of music and having respect for women as human beings are mutually exclusive concepts. I like Metallica a lot, but I cannot stand watching many of their videos and some of their fans are enormously disrespectful towards women. It angers me a lot that there are such negative connotations to the genre, many of which emanate from the bands themselves (see Crue, Motley).

  2. Yeah I agree, I used to listen to alot of metal. Metal is very male dominated- the mosh pits are scary and violent, and again male dominated. There’s the same sexual objectification in metal aswell- so women are near-naked but as goths.

  3. Women in cages – well aren’t all women animalistic!! That says it all how society perceives women – we are not human beings just exhibits. And we are told slavery has been abolished. But I forget women freely choose to appear in cages with men leering at them. What next, women wearing leashes with men holding the leads. Oh but I forget, that is already passe within porn circles. Excellent that one ‘little prick’ got a nasty surprise. Some women like many animals are not passive.

  4. Is there ANY kind of music whose fans AREN’T horrible misogynists? Aside from wimmin’s music, that is? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sian said

    Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love video springs to mind!

    I’ve also been heavily into metal in my time and I can tell you I’ve been punched incredibly hard by men when standing at the side of the dancefloor (I wasn’t even on the dancefloor!) just cos Nirvana came on (before it even started!)

    I was watching a prog counting down the top hard and heavy rock n rollers and Nikki Six was number one and the whole time he was being interviewed I don’t think he once referred to women as anything other than “pussy”, which he admittedly only fucked to get more drugs.


  6. I threw out a Led Zeppelin cd cos one of the lyrics in the songs was ‘I’ve got a school girl and she’s all mine’!!!

  7. Michelle said

    I could go on and on about the misogyny in rock music. I’m a feminist but I also love rock music, but the two don’t always go together v. well.

    I don’t listen to much heavy metal music, namely because it is so macho, meathead-esque where women are treated in the degrading ways described here.

    And all these men going to this lap-dancing event are probably going in there thinking they’re all alternative, cause it’s a metal club etc, but in actual fact are just like the mainstream majority of men when it comes to their attitudes/treatment of women.

  8. Yeah good point Michelle- there’s a theme in sub-cultures like metal, where people like to think they are ‘different’ from the ‘mainstream’- but the only difference here is they wear black and the lapdancers are goths!

  9. Rachel H-G said

    Caged go-go dancers – I thought they went out in the 80s.
    During the 90s, I seem to remember the metal/alternative scene being a lot more fem-friendly, but maybe I just got lucky with where I was at the time. I used to go to our local alternative club (now sadly closed) with a big group of female and male friends. There were no lapdancers then and moshpit-type violence was discouraged. At this point, 80s-style “cock rock” was deeply out of fashion and the attitudes that went with it were not relevant to us.
    It’s sad how times have changed.

  10. cock rock

    funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Linda said

    I would like to say Morrissey isn’t misogynist but when I saw him at G Mex his drummer was wearing a Playboy T shirt! Anyway there is one good thing about this, which is that it shows the student lapdancing club can’t have been successful….

    Somehow I can’t see this being that popular either!

  12. They offer NUS discount though. I reckon it will be popular with the alternative scene (who alot of will be students)- cos there isn’t many metal clubs in manchester.

  13. Ali said

    Yeah its a pity that a place playing decent rock music has to have the added ‘caged women’ bit.. rock music is no different from other types of music in being misogynistic.. sex sells at the end of the day! Listening to Ray Charles the other day i heard the lyric “we all know a woman’s place is in the home”… id like to think times have changed…hmmm

    and Morrissey is not at all misogynisic Linda.. although his drummer may be!

  14. Linda said

    Yeah they are trying to play into that whole ‘suicidegirls’ (necrophiliac shite) thing of having punky looking women with tattoos and flirting with oh so fashionable ‘bisexuality’. Well woman hating is woman hating and porn is porn whichever way you dress it. And any woman who supports this is a gender traitor.

  15. rgm81 said

    Amy’s Brain,
    Good question, though I fear we all know the answer. I remember seeing a Sugar Ray interview where Mark McGrath (now the host of ET-style show Extra) said that basically all the band’s “on the road” stipend “just goes to the titty bars.” I’m sure that many others here can put forth other examples of bands from a wide spectrum of the music biz that treat women as decidedly second-class with only a single purpose.

  16. Sam said

    Ah Led Zeppelin, how I love and loathe thee. Sublime musicianship marred by wince-inducing misogyny.

  17. Grace said

    The concept is shocking, but then thinking about it really it’s only a music video come to life isn’t it? I thought of the Marilyn Manson video too, and there is also Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill, which had female musicians dressed scantily playing their instruments in a cage – that annoyed me particularly as one of the women was bassist Nadja Peulen and she was one of my idols at the time.

    A worry re the student discount is that if the uni(s) in Manchester have any kind of rock/metal/goth/fetish society (yeah there was a fetish soc at Birmingham, started by a woman on my course) they will probably do nights out to that place. I’m sure if there was one in B’ham it would get so much business as alternative clubs have dwindled massively over the last 10 years – the only real ones now are the club nights at the Birmingham Academy. Last time I was there for Subculture on a Saturday I stayed about a hour tops because I couldn’t stand seeing all these teenage girls wearing super low rise baggy jeans and vest tops that they’re rolled up to bra level, holding onto the railings on the stage around the DJ box dancing provocatively to metal and emo music – basically pole dancing really. I could just image all the pervy thoughts going through the DJ’s head…

    When I was 16/17 the true image of women in rock was someone like Tairie B – sexy because she was scary. Sexy was still about showing flesh but showing it through fishnet, or having strong words scrawled across your chest, and really being a force to be reckoned with…I had a My Ruin tshirt that said “please forgive me for not being pretty” – you just couldn’t wear that these days and expect people to understand the irony.

    Have you ever heard those e4 voice overs? I think they sound like what happened to women in rock music – for Supernatural the tag was “scary just got sexy” …but then a few months later when Ghost Whisperer came out it became something like “forget scary just got sexy. Scary just took off it’s bra and panties and jumped in your ruddy lap” (because they always say ‘ruddy’).

    Great job on the piece of mind giving Charlie!

  18. Grace said

    p.s. when I say words scrawled across your chest I mean the collar area shown above the body of a vest top not topless ’empowerment’.

  19. Garibaldi said

    I know people who work at that club – punters are encouraged to douse the girls with drink to ‘cool them down.’

  20. Yeah I reckon that with student discount, rock societies at universities would have socials there.

    I used to live with a metal guy who collected porn. He even had an external hard drive (or whatever the technical lingo is) cos he didn’t have enough room on his computer for all his porn. One day he was feeling down and almost admitted to me he enjoyed porn that was illegal- I managed to deduce that this wasn’t child porn, so it must have been rape, aspyxiation, necrophilia or something like that. I could tell he was disturbed when he was disclosing this to me, like he knew it was wrong and felt uncomfortable liking it. He said he was going for counselling cos of it.

    I used to hang about with a metal crowd- and the women tended to be ‘bisexual’, but the men not- hmmmmm. Alot of them were into sadistic sex- like sub/dom and cutting the partner making them bleed.

    Obviously this isn’t representative of all metal fans

  21. Joshua said

    This is another terrible attempt to reach out to the public in the vain of Suicide Girls to a new generation of misogynists. I’m a regular visitor to your blog and often speak out against the objectification of women and against misconceptions surrounding this music that has been apart of my life for so long.

    The Heavy Metal I listen to is nothing like this and I do not consider Motley Crue, Kiss, G&R, Metallica, Slipknot or anything else in relation Heavy Metal. This is adolescent cock rock nonsense. Heavy Metal to those who exploit it, is a means to push the envelope of debauchery (Mainstream Metal: Cannibal Corpse, Man O’ War, Etc). There are always people that try to poison the rest of it for everyone else and if you look at the surface of this genre, it is a horrible thing.

    I’m just as mad about the ad as any of you because it is exploiting and disgusting to both aspects of things I consider myself deeply involved in.

    Need proof, then the white ribbon tattoo on my arm should be cement enough.

    BTW I consider mosh pits to be idiotic and juvenile.

    Heavy Metal is meant to be uplifting, passionate, technical, inspiring and most of all enjoyable to listen too. The gore-obsessed, misogynistic, sexist, part is utter bollocks. Sub-Genres that are for a more cultured crowd are Progressive, Power, Speed, Technical Death and Folk Metal. There are quite a few females members in these genres and most topics deal with psychological/philosophical themes and joined effort for a better world.

  22. Thanks Joshua for that insight

  23. What do the guys do in these clubs? Do they just stand around with their mouths hanging open or do they openly masturbate?

  24. Zanda said

    “So I… confiscated the whole lot. He was a bit taken aback because I gave him a good telling off.”

  25. stormy said

    [pardon, but being a bit thick here]
    “student lap dancing club” differs from “metal lap dancing club”
    how exactly?

    Seems to me, tis just young women doing exactly the same thing, perhaps to different music????????? Different outfits???? Different weather balloons in the sky????


    Sorry, not exactly buying/following it.

  26. Jessica said

    Good on you on the flyers stunt I did something simular the other week I went into a mobile store and saw a load of lapdance leaflets on the counter where a load of kids where standing… I grabbed them all, stormed out of the store and threw them in the trash.


    Also I love metal and rock and roll I know a lot of people think of such genre and they think of SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL – but since when does it really apply. For the last couple of years I have stopped watching the music channels as you see so many girls dancing/moshing around in barely any clothing.

    Kids can easily take in these generalizations of the rock and roll culture but they should be educated to know different, with this being shoved in their faces how are they to know different?

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