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Liverpool Demo against Pimps and Hoes Night

Posted by charliegrrl on April 15, 2007

Feminists in Liverpool demonstrated Easter Sunday against a regular club night called Pimps and Hoes, whereby women are encouraged to dress up as ‘Hoes’.

A protest was held on Easter Sunday outside a ‘Playboy Pimps and Hoes’ Easter Ball at the Ice bar on Whitechapel in Liverpool City Centre. The protest highlighted the trivialisation of prostitution (party-goers’ were asked to dress as ‘pimps and hoes’) and called for an end to using women as sex objects. Protesters held placards displaying sexist comments and cartoons printed in ‘Playboy’ and handed out leaflets. The cartoons printed in ‘Playboy’ trivialise and make a joke out of rape and sexual harassment (the ones on the thisisplayboy site) . Although the protest was small and peaceful, protesters were intimidated by some security personnel and threatened with arrest over apparent ‘littering offences’. The so-called ‘officer’ who threatened arrest claimed to be a British Transport Policeman stationed at Manchester Piccadilly. However, when protesters contacted British Transport Police to make a complaint at their treatment, there was no record of the name and badge number of the officer. However when Protesters returned to the Ice Bar for clarification of the Constable’s badge number they were met with intimidation from doormen and staff at the ‘Privilige’ strip-club next door. None of the staff and doormen seemed to know anything about the mysterious ‘police officer’, despite one of them looking identical to the elusive Constable (except he had changed his clothes!). This man may be guilty of impersonating of a police officer and also of suppressing free-speech.
Anyone intrested in joining further protests please contact me- Becky 05008300@HOPE.AC.UK


4 Responses to “Liverpool Demo against Pimps and Hoes Night”

  1. Linda said

    Congratulations on all those who attended this protest on their refusal to be intimidated. If faced with a similar situation in the future maybe you should call the real police yourselves! There is a right to peaceful protest in this country no matter what they tried to tell you – there is good guidance on the liberty website on your rights to protest.

  2. rebecca said

    Hi Linda, thanks. I did call the real police but I was told nothing could be done!! I argued for ages with the ‘real’ policeman but he was useless. I kept having a go at me for illegally distributing leaflets! And holding up placards with offensive cartoons and comments on them! (all of them published in Playboy!)I was sort of trying to make a point by using them!! but he didnt get it. I am still so annoyed! x

  3. stormy said

    Well done on the protest to all that attended.
    These events are becoming very commonplace at nightclub venues.

  4. Grace said

    In case this isn’t already known the central number for contacting police stations is 08451135000, I think they can actually tell you which station an officer works at if you give their name and badge number, just FYI.

    Well done to everyone on the protest, it doesn’t surprise me that the police officer didn’t get it Rebecca – he probably thought you fabricated the information out of no where, because there is obviously no way a magazine like Playboy could show those images, and then he’d probably go ‘oh but putting them on a placard for the world to see is different because people can choose to look at those magazines or to not look at them” …err no.

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