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Sexist Ungaro Advert

Posted by charliegrrl on April 23, 2007

This advert is everywhere in Manchester city centre


12 Responses to “Sexist Ungaro Advert”

  1. Arantxa said

    ‘I only feel like a real man when I treat women like collectible possessions that I can flaunt.’

    ‘I need a steady supply of women who have no choice but to take money to pretend that they like me.’

    ‘I’m an arsehole but that doesn’t matter because I have entitlements.’

    ‘I’m an entitle arsehole.’

    ‘I get to wear clothes because I’m higher status.’

    ‘I’m only able to fuck people I have utter contempt for.’

    ‘I can’t think of women as human beings with feelings because it makes my penis flop.’

    ‘I know my days are numbered so I’m trying my darned hardest to keep up apperances.’

  2. tcupnewt said

    Seriously- we just watched the threesome from American psycho today in our film and censorship course… This image looks almost straight out of it.

    I love that tag- succinct, memorable, funny and effective.

  3. I’m one of the many, many men who believe women are here for one purpose only – to provide sexual servicing to men. That’s why I the one wearing clothes and those women aren’t because they must always be available for my ‘little pencil.’

  4. emma said

    Yup we get all the best ‘customised’ ads in Manchester! Don’t think I’ll be shopping there though, the outfits the women are wearing look a bit on the chilly side to me…

  5. Kate the Great said

    This made me laugh out loud.
    I love it.

  6. Jade said

    I once had to walk past two (!) of these posters (which were on both sides of this poster advertising thing (I’m sorry, I’m not too good with words)) every morning once, they were near the Sainsbury’s in Oldham. I only wish I was clever enough to have thought of doing something like you did.

  7. My sister and her girlfriend have taken both the twin beds so I’m going to sleep on the couch…


  8. Amy said

    I love what ya did there!

  9. Shilpa said

    lol, that is some funny stuff. Can you please give me your views on this ad here:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make a link. You have to copy and paste.

    Later Gals!

  10. Christ-I’ve not actually seen this ad-it’s unbelieveable. Well done, this kind of guerilla protest is fantastic-it makes damaging mass media into conceptual art with real meaning. If I find a poster like this in Leicester, I’ll be doing the same.


  11. polyestergirl said

    i think that the most unfortunate thing about this ad is that society looks upon it and finds it to be completely normal. sexist advertising can be seen everywhere in society, and as children are exposed to this everyday of their lives, they grow used to it and view at as normal. the adition made to this ad is totally true. but how about some of those lads mags ads?of even better, beer ads. i can never understand the sexism displayed in beer ads. women love beer too, why would they go out of their way to alienate potential custermers?who knows

  12. Jessica said

    God when I saw this I was disgusted the poor children in the world who are growing up around these sort of images thinking it’s the ‘norm’ when we’re lucky enough to be old enough to realise the damage it causes. I can’t believe they get away with putting these images up around the town and villages.

    I think someone really needs to open their eyes and put a stop to this. I mean they’re many woman and men who agree with us on this but we simply don’t hold enough power on our own – sure we can make a dent and a few changes but we need someone higher up who can stand up and say:

    “I have decided that enough is enough and that all pornography and everyone pornography related has now become illgal, no child should be brought into the world thinking that it’s right to treat or see woman as just a subject of the male gaze!”

    Vote for me as president! Lol.


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