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Update on the Rapist Doll

Posted by charliegrrl on May 14, 2007

Last weekend, a few online companies stopped selling the Rapist Doll.

This included, You Buy Now and Forbidden Planet. still sell the doll online, but they have changed the title of the doll to Action Figure Planet Terror.

Thank you for taking the time to contact

After reviewing your feedback we have renamed the item in question
to “Action Figure from Planet Terror”. Thank you for informing us of
this offensive title.

The title of all our items form the website are provided to us
directly from the manufacturer, it is impossible for us to check all
the titles of our items since we have millions of items on sale.

Once again, thank you for informing us of this.

However, Forbidden Planet still sell it in their shops. Below are photos of the doll in store- Tarantino is charcterised as Rapist No 1 on the packaging.

Even though they have renamed the doll on their websites, the packaging clearly glorifies the action figure as a Rapist.

We are pleased that certain companies withdrew selling the Rapist Doll, although disappointed that Amazon UK and Forbidden Planet are still selling it.

We would like such companies to exercise social responsibility over profit, and refuse to sell products that trivialise and glorify rape.

4 Responses to “Update on the Rapist Doll”

  1. Dave said

    Well done for what you’ve acheived so far,just goes to show that continued pressure can change things.
    Companies profiting from selling items[dolls]glorifying rape are completely irresponsible,your outrage at this product is 100% justified.

  2. emma said

    I e-mailed Amazon about this on Saturday, saying that I didn’t think their actions were adequate – particularly as the ‘Toy’ is still the first item that comes up if you put the word rapist into their search engine- and as you point out the packaging clearly says rapist No 1. I also pointed out that I haven’t bought anything with Amazon since this item went on sale and cancelled my outstanding orders with them, but they seem to prefer the (surely very small) profit they must be making with this marketplace item, to acting ethically and more to the point, they are also losing a lot of customers like me who used to shop with them regularly. Still other online shops are available and a lot of them are much more worthwhile than Amazon. I’ve since discovered that you can get music/film downloads and books via the oxfam website – maybe we should all thank Amazon for forcing us to investigate more ethical alternative retailers!

  3. Sukie said

    Death Proof has been scheduled for release on September 21st. This means that there will almost certainly be a premiere (premieres usually happen in Leicester Square, and it is VERY easy to get close to the attendant celebrities) on Wednesday September 19th. A possible date for the diaries there.

  4. witchy-woo said

    I no longer patronise Amazon as a result of their wishy-washy response to the justifiable outrage about the marketing of this doll.

    I delete all their promotional emails without reading them and I’ve found some fab alternative websites for stuff that I’d normally go straight to Amazon for.

    So they can add me to their list of lost customers. They might not notice that yet but I usually spend shedloads with them at Christmas.

    Not any more.

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