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Hustler: the right to be left alone?

Posted by charliegrrl on May 20, 2007

Hustling the Left have shown the true face of Larry Flynt, the man behind Hustler, to be the misogynist, racist, anti-semetic paedophile pornographer that he is. People still celebrate him has a hero of free speech. Hustling the Left have responded to the latest celebration of Flynt, described below, by creating posters and images available from the below websites 

These sites are for over 18s, the images are disturbing and contain images and cartoons of paedophilia, extreme hatred of women, racism, homophobia…so please don’t access these sites if you are under 18. Apologies to anyone offended by this image- the image is made available to make clear that Flynt is not a hero of free speech but an advocate of hate speech

On Friday the 13th in April 2007 this latest documentary on Flynt had its world premiere as the “center frame” film at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, sponsored by Duke University, The New York Times and HBO. Flynt was even invited as an honored guest, however his brother showed up instead because Flynt claimed he was ill.
There were over 2,000 films entered in the Full Frame Festival, and apparently the Flynt documentary was among only one of two films that escaped the critical review process in an otherwise scholarly environment. Full Frame appears to have given Larry Flynt special protection where it could be assured that his critics were kept silent in order to protect Flynt from criticism. Free Speech, anyone?
Full Frame’s motto is “How much reality can you handle?”, but the filmmakers have produced a manipulative and superficial examination of Flynt, one that uses propaganda tactics and takes their audience for a ride. It is indeed a very unreal portrayal of Flynt which includes even “very little nudity” and hypocritically did not mention any of the massive amounts of racist, homophobic and misogynist materials he produced.
For decades Hustler, his hate magazine, has been on sale in almost every convenience store in the country. During that time, with each new issue every month he has declared war on women, feminists, people of color, Jews, the disabled, children, and animal rights activists, as well as any other group or individual who disagreed with him. He also constantly targets animals, women in general and ethnic minorities who have not even done anything to provoke his rage. A full generation of males have now been raised on his contempt and he loves it.

On a personal note, the first time I looked at the Hustler cartoons via Hustling the Left website, I couldn’t sleep that night. The level of woman hatred, and glorification of paedophilia in Hustler completely surpassed how much I thought men could hate women and children. I suppose I was naive.


13 Responses to “Hustler: the right to be left alone?”

  1. No you weren’t naive you just didn’t know the reality of porn until you actually saw examples of the Hustler cartoons. So many individuals still believe porn is harmless because they refuse to see that porn routinely depicts women being sexually degraded, sexually tortured and dehumanised all in order that men can climax and believe they are superior to women. Instead they hang to their misconceptions that porn is just about explicit sexual acts or else it is a ‘little edgy.’ Porn is about the normalisation and acceptance of men sexually torturing women for men’s entertainment. Porn not only degrades women it also promotes racism. White male heterosexual supremacy rules in porn. Hatred of children is an offshoot of porn, after all in porn men are the ones with power and women, children and non-whites are depicted as serving male power. Gay and lesbian porn tells the same hateful story as heterosexual porn, it eroticises and depicts sexual violence, domination and control as normal. Cruelty and sadism towards another human being who is defined as not having so-called ‘non-masculine’ traits is portrayed as normal within the porn world. It took a very long time for slavery to be recognised for what it was – the dehumanisation of individuals who were seen as different. So it is with porn – there is a hierarchy and it is white heterosexual males who are depicted as the ones with the power, other groups are all subservient.

    Many women do not want to know or deny the reality that many men in fact either hate women or else hold them in contempt. In many men’s eyes women are dehumanised beings simply because they are not male. Sometimes the truth is too painful to accept, so that is why so many women refuse to face reality. Not all men hate women but a large number are contemptuous of women and so we have to ask ourselves why do so many men exhibit hatred and/or contempt for women. Could it be the influence of porn, together with myths concerning what is supposedly appropriate feminine and masculine behaviour?

  2. polyestergirl said

    i dont know if we have hustler magazine in australia, but after viewing this sick site i will be sure to check every news agency i find and if they sell this filth will be sure to pressure them to dispose of think that there is a generation of men who abide to flint’s twisters ideaologies.and the quote accompanying a messege of violence towards women and homophobia reading:”one may not like larry flints magazine,hustler,but gain a wider appreciation for his ideas after viewing larry flint’s:the right to be left alone.” oh, please do detail exactly what flint’s “ideas” are.misogyny, homophobia,pedofilia,a complete disreguard for all human life!you know, i’m currently studying the holocaust at uni, and to tell the truth, flint’s ideas and visual presentations are not too dissimiliar to that of nazi germany.i have never seen anything more revolting that is considered to be socially acceptable!
    and if all flint wants is to be left alone, then the simple solution for him would be to take all of his smutty,sexist,homophobic,racist and pedophiliac views and crawl back down whatever hole he crawled out of…but then the real reason for this is to bring him more attention,isnt it, rather than to be left alone…
    ps,sorry, i rant,but this makes me so mad!and im only 18yrs!

  3. Richie said

    I’ve heard that there’s an Australian Hustler, but I’ve never actually seen a copy of it, so it may not have launched yet yet. There’s a Hustler Club opening in Melbourne this year, though.

  4. polyestergirl said

    Damn I dont live in Melbourne! Just the thought of that filth lurking amongst us is unnerving! And if Larry Flint ever shows his face in Sydney!…

  5. Richie said

    Update: There is an Australian Hustler; I just saw one when I was down the street ten minutes ago.

  6. polyestergirl said

    Oh my God you are joking! Not in Sydney I hope! Someoen is going to suffer! Now I am really mad!

  7. hairylesbian said

    ‘one may not like Hitler’s ideas, but will surely gain a wider appreciation of his right to commit mass genocide after viewing ‘Triumph of the will’. It’s bollocks isn’t it? Not a lot else you can say, apart from utter bollocks, absolute bollocks, etc etc

  8. Rebecca said

    I think that it is important that Feminists view the hate-speech of “Hustler”. To quote Larry Flint – “I’m not prejudiced – I hate everybody”. This is the mind-set of hard-core porn. It is important to be shocked by such sickening imagery and words. This stuff is the stuff of nightmares.

  9. Richie said

    I’d fully support a Larry Flynt documentary if he showed images that were genuinely representative of Hustler’s content. Only he doesn’t, and we’re supposed to believe that Hustler is just a lingerie catalogue without the lingerie. It’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that he *knows* Hustler is a misogynistic, homophobic, racist shitrag, and that very few people would support him if they saw what was actually in it. The fact he doesn’t even have the courage of his convictions and has to be so manipulative and dishonest about his work really, really makes him the absolute lowest of the low.

    Ahem. Australian Hustler (“The Magazine For The Australian Working Man”) is, I’m assuming, quite readily available, since it’s on sale at the place I buy most of my groceries, and the porn section there is relatively small. It’s wrapped in opaque plastic that blacks out most of the cover, and I never noticed it until I actually started looking for it. I feel like buying a copy to see if it’s as bad as the US version, but I’m not sure I want to (a) give Larry Flynt money and (b) be seen buying it.

  10. polyestergirl said

    I actually, very shamefully, got Zoo the other day…why are men so stupid!the sad thing is that they encourage their readers to think that those mags are normal, and get this:they have these horrible glamour model looking women that r supposed to be representing all women and give men advice about women, sex etc. one guy asked how he could convince his girlfriend to give him a blowjob as she does not want to.response?:some girls dont like to give head, i however think it is great. and if your girlfriend downright refuses to give you a blowjob then you have every right to get it from somewhere else!” that is what she said. she was encouraging these men to cheat on their girlfriends because they will not perform a specifc sexual act. and there are men out there who will think she is right… sigh,at least people like this are garenteed to die lonely, unfulfilled, shallow lives…just like Flint.

  11. I didn’t realise they sell ZOO in Australia, so I’ve just googled it and yes apparently its very popular- that’s so depressing!

    The example you give about sex advice is very common- if your girlfriend won’t do it, just keep on persuading her, if she still doesn’t want to then just go else where! Boys are told that it is ok to persuade your ‘frigid’ girlfriend into doing a sex act she isn’t comfortable with, as she’ll probably get used to it after a while, and if she doesn’t like it then there is something wrong with her. It’s a totally wrong message to keep telling boys, as they are not taught to communicate with their girlfriend about what is good for both of them, just what her body can do for him. So many young women are coerced into sexual acts they don’t want to do.

  12. Richie said

    I blogged about Australian Zoo a month or so back. Linky.

  13. Lucy said

    I’ve seen those cartoons too, just horrible. I don’t understand how they can hate us so much, what have we ever done to them??? We need to put a stop to this and soon, they can’t be allowed to get away with it.

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