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Sexist Varsity Advert

Posted by charliegrrl on June 3, 2007

16 Responses to “Sexist Varsity Advert”

  1. CrankyCrone said

    Grrr, I must take a closer look at my local one (positioned above a nightclub that hosts LM events — pornie central).

    I just checked out their website, starting with the homepage animation that has a rather dopey looking male flanked on either side by women who are clearly out of his league. There is a caption added “you coming?”. Classy.

    On the Bars page: “nice pair” and “meat and two veg”. Subtle.

  2. Yeah Varsity is a typical student bar. They’ve got quite a few sexist adverts. Most of them inlcude women as sex objects with crude captions like ‘nice pair’.
    This particular advert has a much worse version- the above one has deatils of drinks promotions inside her mouth, but a flyer version is much cruder…
    Fill Me Up

  3. Dave said

    Ref;Fill me up.
    Yes it is crude,seems incredible that these posters/flyers are in student bars!
    The female students should complain.
    This is a good example of women being reduced to no more than three holed sex toys for the gratification of men!
    I like your sticker,i don’t swallow,i Bite.OUCH!!!

  4. This advertisement says it all. Women are just holes to be filled by men’s penises. But of course such advertisements are ‘humorous’ and ‘ironic.’ Of course there is no causal link to the fact male sexual violence against women and girls continues to increase and NOT DECREASE. One young woman committed suicide because she (rightly) believed no one would believe she had been either sexually assaulted or raped by a male. No need to ask why advertisements such as these portray women as sexual commodities. Link is Yet another woman has been murdered after having gone on a ‘date.’ Doubtless many will presume the woman was partially responsible because she did not take enough safety precautions.

  5. CrankyCrone said

    ZMOG, that “Fill me up” one is worthy of a complaint, surely? What did the one above say before modification?

    Jenn, that first BBC link seems to have moved to:

    In the story of Sara Clark, it shows how critical it is for the Police to do what they say they are going to do — as well as counselling. It seems that more and more teenagers are becoming rape victims — surely nothing to do with the popularity of the “hot teen sluts” and “real rape” porn? Perhaps just a co-incidence, like Anscombe being on CCTV at the scene(s) as well as the other evidence and witness identification — merely a co-incidence. How many of these ‘co-incidences’ does it take before cause and effect dawns upon the pornified world? It kind of fucks the ‘safety valve’ defence of porn.

  6. The one in the blog originally said JUICY in big letters, then stuff about drinks promotions.

    How much worse can it get?

  7. CrankyCrone said

    How much worse can it get?

    Don’t ask! The stuff we were complaining about 10 years ago is downright tame by today’s standards. It keeps getting worse by the minute.

    We are always in the no-win situation. If we complain when things are mildly offensive, then we are “over reacting”. If we wait until things get obviously bad, then it’s “no one complained before” or “but everything else is like that” etc.

    Nuking the entire planet is about the only way to rid it of the pornification.

  8. Amy said

    Reminds me of a sloganised badge from the second wave feminist movement which said: “Don’t Suck. Bite.”

  9. 🙂

  10. fannyblood said

    Most club/bar promotional flyers display images of women in bikinis or in some other various sexual pose etc. I pick them up and throw them away.

    Maybe we should start a website documenting this? I never see men in the same poses?

    Coco Cuba is a famously gay themed night but still, the flyers/posters are ALWAYS of women in a bikini or what not behaving in a sexual manner. One of the more recent ones was was of a lady in a bikini with a hot-dog between her breasts, i mean … WHAT!?!?!?!? and the latest is of 2 women spanking each other – one is Courtney Love. Not sure if they’ve super-imposed her head. Doesn’t matter, yet again, women as the sexual beings.

    I write to the clubs saying “if I come, am I going to see girls in bikinis?!?!”



  11. CrankyCrone said

    Actually Amy, with so much forced fellatio going on (I have no figures, but it seems about as common as forced vaginal penetration) — women and girls should be taught to ‘pretend to go along with it’ and then BITE DOWN HARD. It is excellent self defence.

    I have no idea if it would sever the penis, but it would certainly cause enough pain in order to make your escape if possible.

  12. Rachel H-G said

    It would cause acute pain and probably tear something.
    I remember a dubious self-defence tip given to me many years ago, for if I ever found myself in a rape or near-rape situation: grab the penis and yank it upwards, bending it in the middle. This is apparently enough to immobilise any attacker.

  13. Sukie said

    One my way to work today, I saw a billboard in which, incredibly, RIBENA have managed to make a sexist advert involving the sexual subjugation of women and gratuitous use of female underwear to titillate. Ridiculous.

  14. Amy said

    You’re referring the one with the female behind looming large in the frame, and there’s a male hand on her hip, right? And she has a blackcurrant stain on her behind and the top of her underwear is visible over her skirt?

  15. cellycel said

    Fannyblood, I like the idea of a website or blog deisgned specifically to tackle images of sexualized women, comparing them to men. I need to get myself a scanner.

    The name for the website or blog would be something like “Why does he get to wear clothes?” It’d have pictures like this one: (sadly, I just needed to type the word ‘magician’ in google image search, and grab something from the first page of results. I didn’t even need to go looking.)

    I’d show pictures of posters of men in bands and women in bands, and compare them, see which gender is features for their sex, and which gender is featured for their power (gee I wonder.)

    When I get a camera, or a scanner, it’s something I plan on doing. We’ll see how it turns out.

  16. cellycel:
    “see which gender is features for their sex, and which gender is featured for their power (gee I wonder.)”
    I found a timely example right here.
    Here’s another really good site with lots of images:

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