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Deconstructing Larry Flynt’s Corporate Sexxxism

Posted by charliegrrl on June 21, 2007

Please visit Manufactured Contempt, a new blog set up to challenge a new film about Larry Flynt- The Right to be Left Alone- in which Flynt, the child abusing pornographer, is glorified as a martyr for free speech. Included are disturbing images from Hustler and accounts of Flynt’s hate speech and abuse towards his daughter.

The film is concerned with Flynt’s ‘right’ to be left alone from ‘censors’. In a trailer for the film Flynt makes criticism of Bush, the Iraq war and freedom of expression being undermined by the religious right. This may sound like Flynt has something interesting and intellectual to say about civil liberties. What isn’t clear is that in his defense for freedom of speech comes the right to express his hate though material that is misogynist, racist, homophobic, anti-semetic, and material normalising child abuse. The man who drew the child abuse cartoons for Flynt, ‘Chester the Molster’, were drawn by a man who was imprisoned for sexually abusing his daughter. It is one thing to express an opinion, it’s another to express and incite hate and abuse.


5 Responses to “Deconstructing Larry Flynt’s Corporate Sexxxism”

  1. Sam said

    I love the title Manufactured Contempt.

    Sam, Chomsky fan

  2. Yes, I’ve aready visited the new website manufacturing contempt. Excellent title and this site shows Larry Flint is a very dangerous and powerful man. ‘Freedom of speech’ – well what about my right of freedom of speech – why shouldn’t I be allowed too, to make women-hating, racist and homophobic comments. Only problem is I do not belong to the white male supremacist group unlike Flint and other pornographers. Freedom of speech is a term used to excuse and justify systematic hatred and sexual degradation of groups who do not have equal power as white male supremacists.

  3. Dave said

    Larry Flint uses ‘freedom of speech’to justify his publications.
    Anyone who has seen his ‘work’ will know that he physically & verbally degrades the women working for him.
    In his publications he calls ALL women sluts,whores & slags.
    He also promotes underage sex with his magazines & dvd’s,called Barely Legal,where the women are made to look like 13>15 yr old schoolgirls.
    Unfortunately there are worse pornographers,Max Hardcore has been selling titles called Hardcore Schoolgirls & Extreme Schoolgirls for years & is still getting away with it.
    His porn is probably the most degrading of all.
    He enjoys abusing the women working for him,he openly boasts that ALL women enjoy being degraded & being subjected to painfull & humiliating sex acts.
    He’s been to court many times,his premises have been raided,BUT EVERY TIME he gets away with it,citing his right to free speech.
    Pornographers seem to produce what they want,when challenged,up pop’s my right to free speech!!!
    Porn will self destruct if it gets any worse,even governments raking in vast revenues from porn,will have to do something about it.

  4. Dave said

    And I haven’t even got onto the work of the likes of Rob Black, whose work includes faked kidnappings before sex scenes, which again he can get away with because of the freedom of speech argument. All this stuff is out there, unchallenged.

  5. Rachel said

    How dare anyone say that Larry Flynt has the “right to be left alone”. He is an evil greedy fuck, who is capitalizing off womens suffering and pain. The only thing Larry Flynt has the right to is euthanasia!

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