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Manchester City Council permit lapdance advertising

Posted by charliegrrl on June 26, 2007

A while ago, I posted about Caged Asylum, a metal lapdancing club in Manchester. The lad in this photo was handing out leaflets on a saturday afternoon in Manchester city centre, advertising the lapdancing club, so I confiscated the leaflets and told him to piss off.

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Recently, he has resorted not only to handing out leaflets but standing with a huge placard advertising the club.

This time, I walked over to him, grabbed his placard, broke it and ran off with it. Unfortunately he was less passive this time, and chased me so I had to run into H&M. I hung around thinking, he’ll go soon, so after a while I disposed of the placard and went to the exit. He was there waiting for me. As I tried to walk out, pretending like nothing had happened, he started pushing me around, not letting me leave the shop, as he said the police are coming for me. He punched me a few times, so I was pushing him back to try and get away, cos I didn’t want the police involved. I told him to stop being violent with me, he said he wasn’t being violent, he was just pushing me… A guy intervened to try to reason with him, asking him why he was beating up on me. He said that he is allowed to advertise the lapdancing club as he has permission from the council (showing us his pass) and that it is none of his business. By this time, a few men had come over to assist. The lad was still pushing me around, so they held him back while I ran off. I was lucky that time.

Now this has made me pissed off. How does the lapdancing club have the audacity to leaflet in the high street with a huge placard? They have lots of campaign material posted all around the city. A few of us have been ripping them down.

So I’m complaining to the council. They should not give the lapdancing club permission to advertise in the street. They are handing out leaflets with images of women in cages. It’s not right.

If anyone else has seen Caged Asylum advertising in Manchester and wishes to complain…or would like to pretend they live in Manchester and wish to complain…then here are the contact details…

Manchester City Council Licensing Unit


Manchester City Council
Regulatory & Enforcement Services
The Licensing Unit
Room 1012, Level 1
Town Hall Extension
M60 2LA


31 Responses to “Manchester City Council permit lapdance advertising”

  1. lonergrrrl said

    Hope you’re okay after that arsehole got violent- just shows the reality behind these images/promotions is as ugly and misogynist as you think.

    These men- the ones who think they are alternative cause they like metal music but are just as misogynistic as the rest- really piss me off.

    Definetly worth complaining to the council.

  2. Camryn said

    I’m totally disgusted by this guy’s behaviour, like Lonergrrrl says, he was just showing his true colours. As for the women in cages leaflets, when is this shit ever going to end?

    I’m all for pretending I live in Manchester and sending off an email.

  3. Whoa, Charlie hope you are okay after your brush with the metal misogynist little dickblister. Aww you broke his placard so that gives him the right to get physically aggressive with you? As for the “women in cages” Oh I see, the sex-slave / torture / animalistic / genre is now becoming utilised at local lap-dancing clubs. I don’t even like to see animals in a cage – but that says it all.

    Gawd Manchester is swiftly turning into the woman hating capital of the North

  4. rgm81 said

    Glad that you were able to escape from this asshole. How on earth can he possibly rationalize that shoving you around and punching you isn’t being violent? Have men like him raised the bar to a new height (low?) as to what constitutes violence against women now?

    Awesome work in destroying his garbage and his hate. Knowing the likes of him, he’ll be back next week with an even bigger sign. Smash it too.

  5. Anyway, all this talk of “vixens” “asylums” and “cages” is so inadequate as to be laughable. Makes them look like silly porn awed spotty youths trying to be cutting edge and all “dark and mysterious”


  6. hairylesbian said

    Well ‘asylum’ is probably accurate Sparkle-M as that is a place where insanity reigns. But doesn’t he realise beating people up is a criminal act? How would he explain that to the boys (and girls) in blue?

  7. ysbryd said

    Hi Charlie, I think you should consider reporting this guy to the police, its still assault even if you did take his stupid placard, and his actions will hopefully be on H&M’s CCTV? I really dont think he should get away with this. I hope you’re ok.

  8. Wow, Charliegrrl, I was cheering for you the whole time I read this! 🙂
    And that guy – what an asshole. If he made such a big deal about being endorsed by the city gov’t then why did he get all defensive? Oh, maybe because you’re trying to take away the PRECIOUS sexist stripping crap that he’s entitled too. Barf.
    (Not to mention that there’s no excuse for aggressive and assaultive behavior like that.)

    “Makes them look like silly porn awed spotty youths trying to be cutting edge and all ‘dark and mysterious'”
    Yes, because misogyny and violence against women and the subordination of women is so cutting edge and it’s never ever ever been done before, how novel it is! *rolls eyes*

  9. cellycel said

    I’m glad you got out of it alright.

    I don’t know what to say about that man, I’m sorry he was such a bastard.

  10. Serizy said

    Hello, long time no comment! I’m sorry to hear about that guy being violent with you. I hope that he didn’t hurt you. Just writing to let you know that I just tagged you on my blog. You’re under no obligation to play along whatsoever, but if you do want to then you have to give five reason why you blog. Thanks.

  11. Richie said

    Hope you weren’t too badly hurt. xx

  12. CrankyCrone said

    I am glad you are ok.
    Spotty little jerk.

    Perhaps be more stealthy and pre-think your exit route next time. Or perhaps get a Hairylesbian to make it two against one! 😀

  13. delphyne said

    Ha, ha you must have ruined that little jerk’s day. I wonder what he told them at the club when he went back minus his placard.

    Hope you are OK. No surprises that someone like that would think it was OK to resort to violence.

  14. Thanks everyone. I was a bit shook up after, but I’m alright. Part of me felt like I asked for it, cos I did wrestle with him over the placard and then broke it 🙂 but there was no need to be violent to me. I wasn’t physically violent towards him. I think he was pissed off because a woman had showed him up in the middle of the street and he wanted to exert his manhood.

  15. witchy-woo said

    I think he was pissed off because a woman had showed him up in the middle of the street and he wanted to exert his manhood.

    I think you’re right Charlie. After all, to his way of thinking, a woman’s place is half naked and caged up because she’s gagging for it. In challenging that you not only callenged his income potential but you might just have reminded him that women are people too.

    You are one fearless feminist and I take my hat off to you 😀

  16. Camryn said

    I think he was pissed off because a woman had showed him up in the middle of the street and he wanted to exert his manhood.

    I think you’re right. I agree with CC on the stealth in future. Proceed with caution and/or body guards.

    I emailed the Manchester City Council licensing and haven’t heard a thing. Has anyone else heard back?

  17. Tanya said

    You are amazing, but you should be careful. I heard through a friend he has got CCTV footage of you, and you could be done for attacking him. BE careful. Also some Asian guy on Church St has got CCTV footage of you wrecking his shop window and the police have been informed. Apparently they are wanting to speak to you. YOu should lie low for a bit, the police can be B*******s. Keep up the good work but please be careful !!!!

  18. Grace said

    My first reaction is “f**kin hell” but haven’t read the comments first i’ve calmed a little – I really hope you’re okay though, what a total self-important bastard! Just goes to show that you really can’t go on appearances because he looks like such a weed in the picture – he’s clearly one of those “alternative” geeks that put other geeks to shame by being obsessed with computers in their pornographic glory instead of all the actual interesting stuff.

    Even though it can’t have felt great to have men ‘step in’, at least bystander apathy hasn’t completely taken over, and i’m glad you weren’t left to deal with him on your own. Shame no women felt strong enough to intervene though.

    I agree with Ysbryd in that you should report him, or at least speak to a solicitor to see where you stand in terms of your ‘crime’ versus his. I mean assault, and probably affray as well given the attention that it drew, taking into account the way it made you feel, is something that he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with. Of course I can understand if you didn’t want to dwell on it as well though!

    Excellent action as usual!!

  19. Arantxa said

    Hi Charlie, sorry to hear about that man attacking you. I’ve been attacked twice under similar circumstances and, just like you, I was not violent. Hope you’re feeling OK. x

  20. Camryn said

    I got this today in response to the email I sent last week:

    Many thanks for your recent e.mail regarding Caged Asylum. I have been asked to investigate your comments and reply to you direct.

    Any Businesses, pubs or clubs and any organisation that hands out printed free material such as leaflets, flyers or papers in Manchester has to apply for consent from the council.

    I have contacted our Licensing department who have confirmed that Caged Asylum has not applied or been granted permission for such distribution. Any application is carefully considered for its content and explicit or offensive items would be dismissed.

    I have asked for a Licensing Officer to contact the clubs Manager and make them aware of their duty to apply and also ensure that any offensive materials are removed from the premises.

    Since the introduction of this legislation in December last year, more than 120 consents have been issued and there has been a compliance rate of 99% from businesses.

    A number of fixed penalty notices (£80) have been served to businesses for distributing free printed matter without consent with several investigations where companies have breached these conditions by failing to clear up flyers, is ongoing.


    Mike Ashman
    Departmental Complaints Coordinator
    & Liaison Officer
    Street Management & Parking
    Neighbourhood Services
    Manchester City Council
    Tel 0161 234 4122
    Town Hall Internal 800 4122

  21. Apologies, I haven’t had internet access in a while.

    Thanks ever so much for complaining Camryn. I was late in sending off my complaint so I haven’t heard from them yet, but your reply looks very promising. The lad showed me his ID granted from the council to hand out leaflets, so I’m wondering if the club has a fake ID or the Licensing Dept. granted permission without really knowing what the club is…
    I haven’t seen them advertising since so I hope the council contacting them will deter them in the future.

    Tanya, thanks for the warning. I’ll keep my head down. You’d think the police would have better things to do.

  22. hairylesbian said

    Maybe you should change the title of the post to Manchester City council DON’T permit lapdance advertising then Charliegrrl?

    Tanya – I find your post a bit strange, why do you have a friend who knows this guy? Are you connected with the lapdancing club? Also the CCTV footage in Manchester City Centre is, I happen to know, done by a private company which is nothing to do with the lapdancing club, so why would the caged asylum guy have it? And most of all I find it hard to believe the Greater Manchester Police want to interview Charliegrrl with all the serious crime that’s going on in Manchester! I know of plenty of people who’ve done far worse and got away with it…

  23. I don’t have regular access to the internet at the moment. Having returned to my blog today, it seems many Caged Aslyum regulars have been a bit pissed off with me, and informing me what I did was wrong etc etc… They did have one useful thing to say though, which is that Caged Asylum is a night at the club called Ruby Lounge, so if they have permission from the council to leaflet, it would be under the name of Ruby Lounge.

    Verte and the Informed Consent crew have been having a winge too.

  24. hairylesbian said

    Well they’re probably upset that their poster boy Graham Coutts got found guilty of murdering Jane Longhurst for the second time again C!

  25. Arantxa said

    The preoccupation of some BDSM ‘activists’ with blogs such as yours is quite telling; the amount of time, effort and resources these persons spend on undermining feminist activism is an indication of just how threatened they feel by feminism.

  26. Tilly Bush said

    I have never posted on here before but I’ve recently been made aware of it and I wanted to say… You don’t seem to be posting as much at the moment and I just hope that bastards like the ones at Informed Consent aren’t getting you down so much that you’re losing hope. Because you give so much hope to people like me. Never stop. Never give up.

  27. emma said

    Ah don’t worry Tilly Bush, it’d take more than a load of people with too much time on their hands (cos you must have to have S&M as a hobby people) to scare off ‘high profile blogger’ (according to the Guardian women’s page, no less) Charliegrrl. She’s just limited internet access at the mo, but will no doubt be back to normal service soon.

  28. Verte, the author of an S&M blog…for some reason…wrote to Caged Asylum, and received the below response, with the Club owner denying that the lad punched me and pushed me around. But then again…the lad did tell me at the time he wasn’t being physically violent with me…just holding me until the police come…


    Sorry, I have not responded to this earlier, I have been away. Thankyou for contacting us.The otherside of the story is : Basically we had a worker who stands in Manchester Centre promoting our Rock club, and at this point the promotion that was displayed had No Reference what so ever to lap dancing, as we didnt want to upset anybody and obviously are mature enough not to be putting this infront of minors. On the day in question, it was the worker who was approached with some force. However he was not physically attacked himself, but the girl in question made a lurch for the advertising board he was holding, and they began to wrestle over it(tug of war). In his disbelief he let the board go out of his hands, and the girl ran into H&M and hid the board. She then came out of H&M and ran off down Market st. She was no way attacked or even pushed. Our worker infact was slightly shocked but more embarrassed about the situation that he’d been setupon, infront of the busy shopping area.He is a very peaceful young lad who was merely stood there minding is own business with his Ipod on. All our promotion that is conducted in public refers to our club as a Rock venue which it is primarily. The Lap dancing is available and it is really important to point out here that we have an even split of Males and females who attend. Within the Rock community 30% of the females who attend have lap dances from the girls, some of the customers attend are Bi sexual, some lesbians, how does this fit with our said friends views. Surely it is up to the girls who decide to work and also the girls who choose to have dances from the girls. Nobody is forced. I am all for a well reasoned lively debate and think peoples opinions are extremely important and should be respected, whether they be feminist activists, the lap dancers or female or male club owners. What I cant understand is the way she conducts herself, as I am a pacifist and would rather use my brain. I am fully aware that all feminists do not conduct themselves in this manner and understand she muddies the water somewhat. I could go on a real rant about her, but honestly dont feel she is worth the time as I wouldn’t expect to get a well reasoned response for her behaviour. What I will say is, I feel she is slightly displaced within herself and is obviously craving some attention to be seen as some kind of martyr. I am always available for a converstaion and to answer any questions or concerns you may have, I would also like to extend an invitation to come and visit our establishment and would welcome you to speak to the girls who work with us and see how they feel about the job they do.

    I received a response from the council stating that Ruby Lounge, the actual name of the club, do in fact have permission to leaflet. So bascially Manchester City Council aren’t bothered. I still argue that a lapdancing event should not have permission to advertise. The club states that there is no reference to lapdancing- which is rubbish because the leaflet clearly states lapdances are on offer as can be seen in this copy.

  29. When is feminism not feminism…?
    When a so called feminist refuses to believe that a woman was punched and sides with the man who punched her.

  30. Laurelin said

    Hmmm… apparently we ‘need to get laid’, they have referred to Charliegrrl as ‘stupid cow’, ‘silly cow’ and ‘twat’. One particularly charming misogynist refers to us as ‘a pack of man-hating bitches that needs a good fuck’.

    How very feminist. And yet they reckon they should be allowed to comment here! Talk about privilege!

    This is my particular favourite: ‘feminism with out sexual desire must be a poor and pale world to live in’. If the only form of sexual desire they can imagine is BDSM, they’ve got problems. Most BDSM practitioners would recognise that there are other forms of sexual desire…

  31. Arantxa said

    Laurelin, I have seen, on several occasions, comments similar to ‘needs a good fuck’ being made about feminists. The message of such comments, basically, is: ‘I hope she gets raped’. It’s very sad to see women say to/about another woman: ‘shut up and lay down’.

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