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Protest Against Opening of Playboy Store

Posted by charliegrrl on September 4, 2007

Playboy are opening a shop on Oxford Street, London in September.

The shop will sell the usual Playboy merchandise and will have a room where they will show Playboy archive footage…

The London branch of Anti-Porn UK have launched a campaign against the opening of the Playboy store- Bin the Bunny

Anti-Porn UK are opposed to the continuing expansion of Playboy as the acceptable face of porn, its increasing cross-over into everyday culture under the guise of ‘cute’ products; often targeted to appeal to young girls, and the continuing attempt to promote the message to girls and young women that being a playboy ‘bunny’ is to be desirable and successful.

Bin the Bunny campaign will begin with a protest at the opening of the Playboy store. There will be monthly protests thereafter- the next being planned on October 27th.


Write to Westminister City Council stating you object to the opening of the Playboy store and request they reject applications from similar shops in the future

Write to your MP to complain about the expansion of Playboy and the sexualisation of girls.

Hand out the leaflets from This Is Playboy or leave leaflets next to Playboy merchandise in shops.Sticker Playboy merchandise

Download Pervboy sticker

9 Responses to “Protest Against Opening of Playboy Store”

  1. Hugh Hefner said

    Do you mind if you don’t do all this stuff? Only I want to build another swimming pool in the Mansion grounds. It’s going to be shaped like an inflatable doll.

  2. Fanny Blood said

    Pervboy is a good one. We have to keep reminding the public that not only is the man a pervert but he is a paedophile too.

  3. polly styrene said

    And he’s got dodgy attitudes towards wildlife FB – He chose the ‘The rabbit, the bunny” because apparently it ‘in America has a sexual meaning, and I chose it because it’s a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping, sexy’.

    NB – that Tsunami which has just occurred off the west coast of the USA was caused by all the bunnies within a 100 mile radius of the playboy mansion simultaneously fleeing…..

  4. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Edward Bulwer-Lytton

    Here’s how to disempower the notorious pimp Hugh Hefner and his stable of prostitutes.

    1. Take the ‘L’ out of pLayboy and pLaymate and call the guys payboys and the girls paymates. This makes it quite clear that the boys are paying the girls.

    2. Stop allowing Brunettes with bleached hair to assume the good name Blonde. Call them Bleached Brunettes and this will have a huge impact on the marketability and cash value of prostitution/porn in general. All of the porn/entertainment icons are Bleached Brunettes as are 70% of all prostitutes. Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith are all Bleached Brunettes who make millions as Blondes-who-pull-down-their-pants-for-the-camera.

  5. Polyestergirl said


    I totally agree. I mean, there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to dye her hair blonde, but it does get frustrating when people always say “she’s a hot blonde”, or “blondes are sexier” when the majority of the women they refer to are brunettes in disguise.

    It’s not a very good image that’s being created for women who are naturally blonde.

  6. Thanks for agreeing, Polyestergirl.

    From now on call them Bleached Brunettes. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who wants to be a Bleached Brunette but there is plenty wrong with a woman who wants to call that Blonde.

  7. HedeHodo said

    As a guy I fully support Anti-Porn UK. Watching porn only should be in high schools for educational purposes.

    Porn kills the love. It makes you an animal. As a former/ex porn watcher I realized that. And women should not be considered as sex objects, they are humans too. We should respect or women and stop supporting porn.

    Yours Sincerely Hede

  8. Kudos to you all, and Anti-Porn UK, for standing up to this guy, who is old enough to be his girlfriends’ grandfather…old enough to know better….You would think someone his age, would have grown up a long time ago…sad representation of America, and we apologize that this is the “export” we deliver to you all. On behalf of GAP, we applaud you all for what you are doing to Bin the Bunny, and we are posting this link on our website-front page, so that worldwide anti-porn counterparts & pro family organizations can help our British friends too! The nerve that they have hitting Oxford Street…American friends are with you guys! Keep protesting! Pink Magazine did a front cover spread of Christie Hefner earlier this year, making her look like a “rolemodel” for young & professional women. Write to Pink Magazine and let them know of your objection-we did. This type of behavior supporting porn pushers must be stopped.

    Bin the Bunny!
    Girls Against Porn

  9. MissPrincess said

    Well I think anyone who supports this “anti porn” are sad and narrow minded! Playboy is NOT porn for one thing and I see no problem with girls showing off their bodies, afterall they choose to do so!!!
    All I can say is that I love sex, nudity and sexy things so well done playboy!!! haha!

    Hef rules!

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