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Protests against Tarantino

Posted by charliegrrl on September 15, 2007

This week feminists in Glasgow and Liverpool demonstrated against Tarantino.

Before protesting the film screening of Death Proof, SWAP picketed Tarantino doing a signing at Virgin, at which he reacted angrily to SWAP’s cries of ‘Shame on you!’. This was caught on film so hopefully we will have it to show on the blog.

Feminists in Liverpool also held a succesful demo outside the film screening a few days later, and managed to get people in the Question and Answer with Tarantino, probing him about the ethics of his film and the rapist doll.

The protests got good media coverage too

Sunday Herald

Liverpool Echo

BBC Liverpool

These protests must have been a slap in the face for Tarantino, as he is usually acclaimed for making films that empower women. But this goes to show the male version of women’s empowerment is bullshit. We can firmly say us women are not impressed and that Tarantino is a prick. Lets hope he hangs his head in shame knowing his face is that of Rapist No1.

Thanks to all those who organised and attended the demos. 


7 Responses to “Protests against Tarantino”

  1. Debs said

    Great stuff, I’m so pleased the demos went well.

    “the male version of women’s empowerment is bullshit.”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  2. polly styrene said

    Well upsetting ‘the great man’ as the FACT website insisted on calling him was a bit of a brucie bonus really – and credit must largely go to SWAP for that. But he was really hurt apparently that people exist who don’t think he is greater than Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Aung San Suu Kyi all rolled into one – all together now -aaw! This is possibly of course because he is normally surrounded by publicists or people who want be in his films….who I think are the people who acclaim him for ‘making films that empower women’, I still prefer the Ian Hislop theory that he is the new Michael Winner.

    QT’s suggested new years resolution: “I must learn to accept criticism”

  3. polly styrene said

    Oh and (in the interests of equal ops) – as you can see from the pics lots of men turned up for the Liverpool demo which was great ‘cos it showed men think he’s full of shit as well.

  4. polly styrene said

    Sorry doing it again (serial posting) – talk about spitting his dummy out!

    And – pointed questions!

    Remember Quentin “I must learn to accept criticism” D’ya think 100 lines might work?

  5. I love this quote- what a nobhead!
    And what about the man himself? Arriving slightly late, having spent the afternoon signing autographs for hundreds of fans, Tarantino seemed daunted by the sight of the protests. “There’s no shame on my movie,” he insisted. “It’s not me who should be ashamed. It’s them.

  6. Just proves how huge Tarantino’s ego is. Don’t worry Tarantinto speaking for SWAP your comments are just more of the same tired pornographers’ excuses and justifications.

    No Tarantinto you will never be in the same class as Aung San Suu Kyi because unlike this exceptional woman you do not work for women’s rights but work instead to make men’s sexual and physical violence against women acceptable entertainment. Poor Tarantino he couldn’t keep his temper when he was confronted by a joint peaceful demonstration from SWAP and SCASE. Says a lot about this man’s arrogance. Is he on another planet I ask myself?

  7. Debs said

    It is testament to his towering ego that he was so shocked at there being a protest about his objectionable film. He obviously believes that everybody loves him and thinks he’s ‘cool’ and ‘great’, so that when he comes across some people who think he’s just another over-hyped sexist film-maker he doesn’t know what to do!

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