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Sexist Breast Enlargement Advert

Posted by charliegrrl on November 29, 2007

Linda came across the below advert in a pub, advertising breast enlargements…and thought she’d make an amendment.

“It’s a great first step to achieving the looks you are after”

Yeah whatever… Nice one Linda!

22 Responses to “Sexist Breast Enlargement Advert”

  1. polly styrene said

    Interesting point Humanist. Why do you think women think fake breasts will make them more appealing? Maybe because they see pictures of women with fake breasts all over the place? In Zoo for instance – the mag that ran the ‘win your girlfriend a boob job’ competition? Do you know that in 2005 5,646 breast implants were carried out – a 51.4% rise on the previous year?

    Oh and competing for males? Last time I noticed there were an awful lot of them about……

    Dan Factor – do you think Denise Hendry who nearly died and now has horrendous health problems after having liposuction so she could have a ‘perfect body’ felt happy after her cosmetic surgery?

  2. Well done Linda for stickering this latest misognystic poster. This poster has everything to do with men because it is designed to make women feel even more inferior because they supposedly do not measure-up (pun intended) to male sexist fantasies. Shock – horror – we must not challenge sexism and misogny by demonstrating what it feels like when men are reduced to a sexualised object by referring to their penis size.

    It is acceptable for women to be sexual commodities but men is a no no! Sexual double standards again.

    Strange how both women’s and men’s magazines promote the same misogny – namely that women exist solely for men. Men however, are autonomous beings in their own right.

  3. I deleted Humanist’s and Dan Factor’s comment. If there’s a nob head who has slipped through my filter, its best just to ignore them, cos I’ll then delete them…then we can just forget about them! 🙂

  4. Polyestergirl said

    OH, but their stupidity is ever so entertaining!

  5. polly styrene said

    Thanks for deleting the trolls Charlie! I think it’s good to read what the nob heads have to say occasionally though, because it shows their arguments are crap as they’re easily demolished.

    PS Dan Factor said we were obviously outraged to see a woman happy after having breast implants. Which is why it’s interesting that women having breast implants actually have a 3 times higher suicide rate than women who don’t. Do you think plastic surgeons give a toss about ethics boys? You decide:

  6. ScaredOfDebate said

    You know full well your arguements and facts don’t stand up to scrutiny. You know your position is unjustifiable and only borne of your hatred of your own personal inadequacies. You do not speak for even the tiniest minority of women.

    Few people have ever had the misfortune of meeting any female as scorneful, unlikeable and just plain rude as you lot. Your only purpose is to pat each other on the head and pretend that if you ran things, everybody would be happy.

    They would not. They would be as miserable as you lot are now.

    Luckily it is clear that the authorities take you as seriously as you deserve, that is, not even a little bit. This way you will hopefully have not even the slightest impact on any of the clear thinking majority.

    More power to the true believers in equal rights. They are on the internet too. Seek them out, and stop hating.

  7. Rebecca said

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just because we’re ugly, because we want big fake plastic juggs as well, we are just in denial, trying to make ourselves feel better about our ‘personal inadequacies’, Oh god! Your right! I can’t believe I didn’t realize! I have wasted my life, with all this pointless feminism stuff, I only have an opinion because I am just a bit of a sad, frumpy stuffy, bitch. I am miserable, scornful, and unlikable, you are fucking stupid! Silly fucks like you should realize you need facts if you’re going to argue (or try to argue) because your arguments don’t stand up, what is your argument? Reading your (Hide the Truth, Scared of Debate) comments I pity you, are you really so detached from reality? ’more power to the true believers in equal rights’ equal rights to what? To attack people who have independent opinions? Who believe in something? Who don’t just except sexism, its everywhere, adverts, films, music videos, workplaces, newspapers, pole dancing in uni… I suspect Charlie must have deleted your comments not because she wanted to stifle debate or that because’ we know we are wrong’ but because you’re a fucking stupid hostile idiot, who we really don’t care about. We don’t care what you have to say because you’re not contributing anything constructive so piss off. Why do you even bother? go and do something else wank off, get a boob job, go pole dancing, liberate yourself! (By the way I am ‘scornful and rude’ because you are scornful and rude. Also just to let you know I am not a miserable, sad cow, I am a very happy woman!!,sorry to disappoint you! Reading your pathetic comments makes me laugh, because if this is what we are fighting against, if this is it, if this is all the argument you have, on an ‘intellectual’ level – ‘You know your position is unjustifiable and only borne of your hatred of your own personal inadequacies’, then you really are a sad deluded person.

  8. Fanny Blood said

    In this case though the evil is the advertiser. The advertiser, as usual, with this particular picture of the man looking overjoyed at her new, bigger breasts is tapping into women’s insecurities with their breasts, which is of course generated by feminine ideals & pornography in the first place. The advertiser is saying that as a woman you aren’t sexy unless you pander to your man’s porny/feminine ideal.

    Really, the amendment should say …

    FAKE BREASTS £5000, CONSCIENCE RAISING CLASSES £0.00 (just pick up a book/read up on the internet about effing feminism!!!)



  9. Fanny Blood said

    Go, Rebecca!!! Xxx

  10. Linda said

    Good idea Fanny – I just wanted to make the point that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper & much less painful/life threatening to ditch a knob head man than have major surgery……….Also given that the ‘festive season’ is nearly upon us, this wretched ad seems to be suggesting this is the ideal Christmas gift…

    ScaredofDebate – what’s your excuse then?

  11. Linda said

    And I’d also like to say that I’m indebted to Visa – though I got the idea from a Mastercard ad! Look arsehole – I’m very happy because I’m intelligent and witty – which is more than I can say for you…..

  12. Fanny Blood said

    Yes, Linda, and we all know that there are plenty of fellas out there all too encouraging when it comes to their girlfriends getting breast enlargements but some of them are brainwashed too. Others are just misogynistic pricks.

  13. ScaredOfDebate said

    Way to swear Rebecca. I fully support your standpoint suddenly. Actually, no I don’t. I do appreciate you simply MAKING THINGS UP that I didn’t say. That is of course, one of the more popular tools in the box of the extreme end of feminism. Actually rationally understanding what was said to you, clearly is not.

    You’re not actually a feminist. I know you think you are, and I know you want others to believe that too. But it’s just not true is it? You see a feminist would want to progress the cause of women, and they would want to find the best and most effective means of doing that.
    Resorting to overt hatred of men, and seeking confrontation at every opportunity, making things up and being as generally rude and obnoxious as is possible isn’t really going to win over anybody important. Sure, you’ll get your Lindas and Fanny Bloods, who actually could just be yourself posting under a different name for all I know, who gives a damm that doesn’t matter. The point is you are not going to find your Clair Shorts anywhere near a place like this, and the reason is blindingly obvious to anybody but yourselves. You make yourselves to damm detestable to be taken seriously.

    So you are not a feminist, because you can’t advance the feminist cause from where you are. You are in hate land, not help land. You can’t achieve your purported goals from where you are.

    And seriously, womens desire to get bigger boobs is really their problem. They didn’t have to buy into that media hype, but they did anyway.

    I suppose you think it would be the fault of women if I went for penis enlargement surgery. That is of course, the exact same arguement and position reversed without exception. The fact remains, no, you would blame me, because I am male, and you are irrational.

    And as Linda said, you might even find an advert suggesting implants as the ideal Christmas gift. As I Charlie deleted before, I in general would find that to be in poor taste, and it makes no difference whatsoever that I know a female who demanded implants for her birthday off her husband. And a new nose too. The point is, even if they did put out those adverts, there are people that want that service, and it’s not your place to impose your limited view of what a woman should be on other people. Because you simply do not speak for others.

    If they make implants mandatory. I’ll join you on your march. But you want to remove people’s choices with little thought to what that means for a majority of people that outnumbers you by a very large margin.
    73 signatures on a petition in one day does not make your cause popular or just. It simply does not. You speak from a tiny minority, and you should act accordingly, by finding better role models.
    Google awaits you. Give up the hatred and score wome wins.

  14. steven said

    They have them on tube escalators as well. They have a sad girl (before) and a happy girl (after! whoopee!)! And then we wonder why women have body confidence issues?

  15. polly styrene said

    But what you don’t say SoD is why you’re so bothered by Charliegrrl. After all as you say there’s a whole internet out there where you’re free to post your ideas, so why does it bother you so much if you can’t post here? As you say it’s unimportant and nobody takes any notice of it. It couldn’t be that – horror of horrors – you don’t like being ignored, or the fact that woman aren’t interested in you, could it? How very unlike an egocentric male that would be…..

  16. polly styrene said

    PS – how is stickering a poster imposing anything on anyone – any more than having an ad in a loo in the first place is imposing on you while you’re trying to have a piss/shit? Get a sense of proportion eh SoD………

  17. Tom said

    Just FYI, these adverts also target men, they’re in a lot of men’s loos advertising man boob reduction, pec, bicep & calf implants etc. I don’t think it’s so much a sexist advert as generally promoting poor body image and low self esteem.

  18. linda said

    Well now you know what to do Tom – I don’t use the men’s loos unfortunately so to you from failing hands etc etc…I agree that this is partly about body image, but I think you’d also agree that targeting women’s body image is still a lot easier than targeting men’s because woman are encouraged by society to define themselves by looks.

  19. Tom said

    I’m suggesting that there is an increasing push for both sexes to define themselves by image. There is certainly more pressure on women, even looking in mainstream women’s mags most of it is about clothes, makeup and celebrity fashion and what isn’t made up of that is gossip and real life stories that essentially have no value other than to let people be voyeurs. There is an increasing push to make everyone think this way now, with cosmetics adverts, plastic surgery increasingly being targeted at men.

    Please don’t think I’m trying to trivialise women’s issues with this sort of stuff by saying that men get it too, I’m just trying to say that it’s happening across the board, which is just more of a bad thing.

  20. For some reason I cannot submit a full length post here.

  21. :-/

  22. chewitt said

    No one should be encouraged to have unnecessary surgery – there should be far tougher legislation protecting clients on this and you should all lobby Harriet Harman and co on women’s behalf

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