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Bin the Bunny Film against Playboy

Posted by charliegrrl on December 4, 2007

The Bin the Bunny campaigners, in their campaign against Playboy, have made three short films called Bin the Bunny- The Trilogy, to highlight the true nature of Playboy.

Our aim is to illustrate the fact that Playboy, while being marketed to young women and girls as a ’stylish’ and ’sophisticated’ brand, is a pornography company. The films use satirical humour to expose Playboy Enterprises’ exploitative practices against women and girls as well as demonstrate some of the objections raised by the public against the company.
Bin the Bunny website

8 Responses to “Bin the Bunny Film against Playboy”

  1. Liked the ending very much – so Hef became a playboy bunny too!! I wonder how young women who are not wise as to how porners constantly promote porn as ’empowering to women’ respond when they see this film. As the film showed Playboy and other porners deliberately target young girls because it is all about promoting porn as normal and natural. Only it is called subtle brainwashing not ‘free choice’ as porners frequently claim.

  2. ScaredOfDebate said

    Well satirical humour was a huge overstatement.

    Film 1.
    What the deuce was that all about? Presumably there are people out there that don’t know playboy is muckier than it makes out and they are supposed to be shocked when they find out. Ok, fair enough. But you certainly overstated the case somewhat.
    I just pulled up the viewing schedule for the whole of December on Playboy Tv, the words “Anal” “Piss” “Virgin” and even “Teen” don’t even show their.
    Yes Playboy Internet / Tv is muckier than the magazines. But by >>this<>>not this much and them some more we just made up to make a false point<<<.

    Film 2.
    The response from the public in film 2 were clearly biased as they were 100% pro “your cause”, so they can’t be taken as evidence of a prevailing social attitude, next time, include all public responses so people can judge for themselves what the mood of the public is.
    Unless of course, heh heh silly me, you are trying to set the mood of the public, not read the mood.

    Film 3.
    Violence against males, in particular Hugh Heffner, who is quite possibly the mildest of all the pornographers.
    Well, using hypocrisy to win an argument, I am not sure that has a single documented success story anywhere, but feel free to point out where it has.
    Film 3 is just pure failsauce.

    The first two were just biased mush, much like any film made with an agenda in mind. Film 3 ruined the relevance of the first two. Unless you’re a man hater, in which case it magnifies it, but alas to no great effect.

  3. steven said

    The last film didn’t really make a point as such, but was a cool ending. Btw, there was a programme on BBC3 earlier about lads’ mags, and how zoo is taking over the world… it was depressing viewing.

  4. Well done to all involved. Wrt Heffner being ‘mild’ it’s purported by himself that he possesses the largest collection of bestiality in the world. So no he’s far from ‘mild’ he’s an out and out misogynist.

  5. polly styrene said

    In case anyone’s in any doubt what’s on Playboy’s TV channels (which don’t just include Playboy TV) go to www. playboy .co. uk (Omit the spaces, I just put them in to avoid a live link) and see for yourself……

  6. […] Via Charliegirrl […]

  7. April said

    I love this! It’s awesome. My only quip? The bunny hitting the guy. Violence replacing violence.

  8. stormy said

    Well done to all who worked on the film.

    Ber; could you perhaps squish any more clichés and mis-information into one tiny paragraph? Well done for your effort!

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    And we are expressing ours. Porn is a bad thing.

    Your just jealous that you can’t be a playboy bunny or look like any of those women.
    (I assume that is “you’re” as in ‘you are’?) No we are not jealous. Besides, you have no idea what we look like. I know quite a few anti-porn feminists who could EASILY pass muster for either Playboy or Lads’ Mags. That accusation (of jealousy) is very much an old one. *yawn*

    Playboy entitles every young woman.. any female to feel confident and feel sexy.
    Quite the opposite, my unlearned friend. By promoting a rigid stereotype of ‘what is sexxay’, any female who does not have that ‘look’ will be made to feel INFERIOR. Could you be any more wrong in one sentence?

    Porn is a great thing, for those who can’t get any.
    Why? Don’t they have imaginations of their own? Sex is not an essential for survival or well being, and there are many happy celibates out there. Besides, porn is primarily directed to men, and their ‘turn ons’, so by ‘those’ you mean ‘MEN who can’t get any’. If they weren’t such arrogant, conceited, entitled jerks, they possibly would get laid more often.

    Why do you have to bin the bunny. What do you think this will accomplish?

    Those girls are role models.
    Which ones? The very tiny percentage that achieve fame and some monetary wealth? Or the hundreds of thousands that get paid ‘the promise of fame’ and get paid peanuts?

    If you don’t like it get over it, playboy’s been here for a long ass time and playboy will stay here.
    Then it is hardly cutting edge pop culture is it? So all this fashion branding going on, they may as well have a logo of the Titanic on it.

    So get over it.
    I would say the same to you in reply.

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