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Happy New 2008

Posted by charliegrrl on January 8, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone.

At the beginning of the year I like to reflect over the previous year to see what I’ve done and who I’ve become.

2007 was a very busy year for me. I was involved in a lot of feminist projects with lots of successes, but this came at a price. I ended up spending far too much time on the internet, travelling too much to go to protests and neglecting myself.

I’m winding down now and spending far less time on the internet, which I recommend for all you bloggers. I’m thinking differently about the activism I get involved in. Instead of travelling to meetings in London, I’m looking closer to home. It’s easy to spend lots of time on the internet or reading books about feminism, but in the meantime neglecting the actual women in our lives, and what difficulties they are going through. So at the beginning of 2008, I’m learning to be a better friend to my women friends and learning to look after myself. I’m learning to cherish having found a stable home and learning to budget…and I’m learning to dodge train fares so I can still travel to the odd feminist meeting 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely New Year. I hope this is the year that men are finally criminalised for prostitution and I hope this is the year the government puts more money into Rape Crisis and no more close down.

Charlie x

13 Responses to “Happy New 2008”

  1. Happy 2008 Charlie and enjoy your change of pace. Remember, it’s all just a journey not a destination. It looks as though Norway Yay! For Norway (I’m half Norwegian) will follow Sweden with the criminalisation of Johns very soon…we will follow.

  2. chewitt said

    Criminalise John Major for starters

  3. Oh, and I forgot a x 🙂

  4. Dan Factor said

    Happy new year charlie.

    I be sure to buy as many lads mags as I can this year before you get em banned.


  5. stormy said

    Happy New Year, Charlie (and Sparks et al)

    A good NY’s resolution would be to ban trolls?
    Dudes, you bug me. Now crawl back under your bridge(s).

  6. polly styrene said

    or get some billy goats ( of the gruff type) maybe…

  7. Blackstone said

    Excellent and sound advice!

    Even though,it’s important to read, i think it’s also important to be involved in the day to day lives of those who we claim we are trying to help! Let’s not neglect those at home, by traveling out of state or the city for a function, convention or rally telling us we need to be active! ha

  8. Debs said

    Hope you have a good new year, Charlie x

    ps, I’ll second Stormy on the banning trolls resolution

  9. Tumbleweed said

    Hurrah! The hydra has been defeated! Another one bites the dust!

  10. Debs said

    Fuck off, Tumbleweed

  11. Eh..? Aint been defeated

  12. Tumbleweed, up thread I talked of ‘journeys’ not ‘destinations’ or is that what you feel – women who want a better life for women need to be defeated?

  13. polly styrene said

    I don’t get the ‘defeated’ bit tumbleweed?- for someone to be ‘defeated’by you they need to have been engaged in some sort of conflict with you. Or are you one of those characters who thinks the internet is the world as opposed to a way to piss about at work….

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