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Reclaim the Night North

Posted by charliegrrl on January 26, 2008

Reclaim the Night North will be held in Manchester city centre
March 1st 2008.
The march is women only- congregate at 6pm, Sackville Street. There will also be a march for supportive men, starts at Sackville Street 6pm but wil march on a different route, and later will join the women’s march. Then there will be a mixed rally for everyone from 7.30pm, back at the University of Manchester Students’ Union.
The march is being organised by NUS Women, so for more info email
See ya there! 

4 Responses to “Reclaim the Night North”

  1. Arantxa said

    This is great. I’ll be there!

  2. Rachael said

    Will definitely be there! Really enjoying your blog by the way, really thought-provoking stuff!

  3. Liz said

    Hey, not sure if I’ll be there yet but I really want to go. Will have to sort out transport etc!

  4. Carrieann said

    As Womens Offficer At North Notts College, I Will Be There And Bringing Some Students… Not Sure How Many, Yet… But I Will Be There.

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