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Liverpool picket of Widdecombe’s anti-abortion roadshow

Posted by charliegrrl on January 29, 2008

MP Ann Widdecombe is touring Britain rallying support for her anti-abortion agenda. She is holding rallies under the name of ‘Passion for Life’, to rally support for anti-abortion amendments to the Human Embryology and Fertilisation Bill.

She has already met with protest in Cardiff, and below at Glasgow University. Plans are underway to picket the London rally Wed 6th Feb

Feminists in the North wiil also be picketing her rally in Liverpool Feb 12th.

To join the picket, assemble outside the Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street (next to Lime Street Station) Liverpool. Tuesday 12th February, 6.15pm

There is also an organising meeting 31st Jan, Egg Cafe, Newington Street, off Bold Street, Liverpool, 6pm. For more info, contact Tom and Beck via nwfeminists[at]

See also Feminist Fightback’s picket of The Christian Medical Fellowship.

Photo taken by Duncan Brown, found on socialist worker website


13 Responses to “Liverpool picket of Widdecombe’s anti-abortion roadshow”

  1. Rachel H-G said

    I’ll be there.

    Ann Widdecombe’s views on women’s issues are really quite bizarre and sometimes contradict each other.

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  3. polly styrene said

    Yeah well I don’t think you can expect consistency from the anti choice lot Rachel. Wish I could go but I have to go to work (unless I develop a mysterious illness of course).

  4. Laura said

    Excellent, I’ll try and get some Sheffielders up.

  5. Dan said

    Yep Widecombe is indeed a twat of the highest order.

    Don’t think her views will ever get into law though.

    Which of course is a good thing.

  6. Gerard Damien said

    I’m a strong socialist but this issue trascends political boundaries. Abortion is morally indefensible, I’ll be there in Liverpool with many other left leaning friends. Compassionate abortion is an oxymoron, unless these ghouls who will be hanging around outside protesting for more abortions get to grips with the actual vocabulary they and the state use there can be no sensible debate about this horrifying practice.

  7. socialist2 said

    Gerard Damien

    Yeah, well until you grow yourself a uterus – fuck off.

  8. Nicely said

  9. Laura said

    Gerard Damien,

    Abortion does not disappear when it is made illegal. All that making abortion illegal does is result in the deaths of thousands of women – currently, approx. 80,000 women die every year globally as a result of unsafe abortion. Call us inhuman, but we ‘ghouls’ would quite like it if this didn’t happen.

    And, yeah, come back when you’ve got a uterus.

  10. Becky said

    Gerard Damien,

    Are you the same dick who sent me a text message telling me to ‘get your facts right, there will be many socialists at this anti-abortion, meeting myself included. Also there is no such thing as a dignified abortion thats an oxymoron’ ????

    As I said in my text reply to you, that fact that you call yourself a ‘strong socialist’ but do not support equal rights for women is an oxymoron. What type of socialist are you? What about womens liberation? ‘How can man be free if woman is a slave’?

    Illegal abortion is a ‘horrifying practice’.

    You and your ‘left-leaning’ friends are fucking ‘ghouls’, you in no way represent the views of true socialists/ the left-wing. I will be in Liverpool as well, with my ‘left-leaning’ friends, shouting abuse at you.

  11. Ben said

    I’ll be there. Should be a small-ish contingent of us Mancs turning up.

  12. Good luck everyone who goes to the protest.

    We will not be intimidated.

  13. Check out the Londoners!!!

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