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International Women’s Day 2008

Posted by charliegrrl on February 26, 2008

Soon it will be International Women’s Day, so keep your diary free and go along to one of the many events all round the country. And if you can’t, make sure you celebrate March 8th with your women friends or treat yourself, cos despite all the shit, it is fab being a woman. Below are some of the events going on:

Million Women Rise

Join the women only rally in London to demonstrate against all forms of violence agianst women and girls.

Bolton Women’s Liberation Conference

The Bolton Women’s Liberation group that existed from 1971 until 1986 are forming an archive of their works and are holding a conference to inform feminists of their past activism and inspire us to carry on the work of feminists both past and present. Speakers include Julie Bindel, Baroness Ann Taylor, Jalna Hamner of Feminist Archive North, and women from the Bolton Women’s Liberation group.

Feminist Fightback picket against Yarls Wood

Yarls Wood is a detention centre aka prison that imprisons women and children seeking asylum in Britain. The detention centre is is Sheffield, but the private company that owns Yarls Wood is Serco, in London.

…up to 405 women and children asylum-seekers are detained at any time [in Yarls Wood]. These women, 70% of whom are survivors of rape, are held in appalling conditions. The women detained at Yarl’s Wood have reported being subject to racist and sexist physical and verbal abuse, confirmed by a recent government report investigating abuse at detention centres. They also state that the food served is inadequate, and that necessary items are sold at extortionate prices. As well, women have complained that staff members have interfered with their attempts to contact their lawyers.

No to the detainment of women and children seeking asylum
No to private companies making profit out of the imprisonment of vulnerable women and children
No to racism. Demonstrate, 4.30pm Serco Research Institute at 22 Hand Court London WC1V 6JF
For more info email Feminist Fightback via

Glasgow Feminist Network

Club night, V Day filming and Public Reading ‘Why I’m a feminist?’, spread out over International Women’s Week. Loads more links too to events in Scotland.

Faslane Peace Camp

For music, dance, poetry and blockading the military base

Helensburgh, Scotland 1pm

Women Centre Stage

A day of women’s creativity in celebration for International Women’s Day.

March 5th Swansea email

Act Together, Women’s Action for Iraq

10th March London. An event to share experiences and stories about and by Iraqi Women

And lots of others, feel free to link to any I have missed out.

Manchester Council events

Women in Palestine National Tour

TUC event in Leeds

Capital Women

Abortion Rights Demo


6 Responses to “International Women’s Day 2008”

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  2. Debs said

    Brilliant info – thanks Charlie! xx

  3. Polly Sytrene said

    If each of us kills one man on this day in celebration, it will make it a day to remember.

  4. polly styrene said

    Please note that the ‘Polly Styrene’ above is a fake MRA – so I’ll just stick to killing you eh? Cos I’d quite like my brothers, nephews, cousins, colleagues, friends and all the other men who aren’t a waste of valuable space to remain alive…..

  5. Charlotte said

    Just a quick note for info… Glasgow Feminist Network have linked to every IWD event in or roundabouts Glasgow that we could find. I’m sure there will be much more happening elsewhere in Scotland, but we have not included these on GFN’s calendar of events.

  6. neha said

    hi charliegrrl,

    thanks for making me aware of this events!!!!!!is that free entry for this events.

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