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Stripping the Illusion on Lapdancing Clubs

Posted by charliegrrl on April 11, 2008

OBJECT are launching a campaign: Stripping the Illusion: The Re-Licence Lapdancing Campaign.
Tuesday April 22nd, 12-1pm House of Commons, London, then 1-3.30pm protest in Parliament Square.

Our campaign calls for lap dancing clubs to be recognised as part of the commercial
sex industry and licensed as Sex Encounter Establishments, rather than in the
same way as pubs, cafes or karaoke nights as they currently are.

Current licensing is INADEQUATE and makes it easy for lap dancing clubs to obtain licences and
difficult for local authorities or residents to oppose them.

OBJECT is working with MPs, Peers and colleagues for a re-categorisation of lap dancing

This will take the power out of the hands of club operators and put it back in to the handsof local authorities.

Re-catergorisation would give local authorities the same licensing powers as apply to sex shops and sex cinemas. Importantly, it will also give people a greater say in the licensing of lap dancing.

Changing licensing is a crucial step in challenging the increased sexual objectification of women.

Speakers at the launch will include:

Baroness Gould
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
Gill Mitchell; Brighton and Hove City Councillor,
Julie Bindel; researcher and journalist
Kat Banyard; Fawcett Society
Professor Marion Roberts; night time economy specialist, Westminster University.
To RSVP email sandrine[at]
Join the Object Activist group

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