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Campaign Material

Please download campaign material and distribute

Have fun!


Anti-Sexist Advertising Project

Misogyny: Hard to Spell; Easy to Practice

Sexism Is No Joke

Sexism: Don’t Buy It!

ASAP Logo and more

If you need advicce about printing stickers, give me an email. It is very easy- honest!

Lads Mags- Do you know what’s in them..? (amendable version)

Nuts about women?

Do you know what’s in Lads Mags..?

WHSmith Stop Selling Playboy

This is Playboy

Know your Nuts!

Lads Mags- not harmless fun

Stop Selling Lads Mags

Porn on Top Shelf Chants


Lads Mags and Prostitution

ZOO: Win a Boob Job

Readers Wives Porn Mag

Click here for Object Campaign Material

Below are more links to stickers:

6 Responses to “Campaign Material”

  1. Andrew said

    You are doing the right thing. keep up the good work.

  2. Dave said

    I agree porn should not be sold in newsagents.
    Porns constant fixation on schoolgirls is worrying,even though the models are over 18.
    The language used in these softcore mags is frankly terrible,all women are referred to as sluts,slags,whores,bitches etc & worse.
    Porn does dehumanise & degrade women,so much so that their is a risk its users will view all women as 3 holed sex toys to use & abuse both physically & verbally.

  3. didi said


    I feel really great and also excited to found out that there are still people like you to take a fight against all the odds for a better quality of life for all.

    I’m a male but I do share the same point of view and I would like to support your Bin the Bunny campaign, are there any bin The bunny T-shirt available to buy if so where and how?


  4. Wow! I found out about your site via a commenter on the Jezebel Website. You work is brilliant and so very needed!.

  5. Denise said

    We need an online petition which you can fill out online and send via email or print out to send to local schools, mps etc. The easier it is for people to do the more likely they are to do it, ie, have a list of addresses of the schools in their area. While personal letters are effecive, a mass letter with your website name on it will probably achieved more response.

  6. Denise said

    oh and also: send a letter to the Queen asking her if she thinks its ok for women to be treated with such disrespect when she is one of the most respected women in the world. Ask her to change things for the good of society.

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